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Pom Ben Kohn Lao

  • Written by Anonymous
  • December 4th, 2004
  • 4 min read

Pom Ben Khon Lao

By Con Artist

I just wanted to know that why the Thai bargirls treated me different? Let me tell you about myself. I have visited Thailand two times already. Both times, when I have gone out in the Sukhumvit area I get turned away. They told me that this area is for
Farangs only. I tried to reason with them that I have the money to spend, but they told me to go away. I overheard the Thai bargirls told her mamasan that this Laos guy have maybe 1,000 baht on him. Yes I have 1,000 on me but they were not baht.

You see I tried to speak Thai with them but they don't understand what I'm saying. My Thai sounded more like Laos. My parents is from Laos. I was born in the States, Fairfax Virginia, to be exact . When I speaks English with them they think
I'm a con artist. Anyway, so I left Nana and headed to Soi Cowboy got the same treatment but this time I was able to get in and have a drink. They demanded me to pay for my drink in cash. I told them that I wanted to open a tab, they told
me it's for the Farangs only. Here we go Farang only again.

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I tried to bar fine this dancer, she told me that I can't afford her. She wanted 3000 baht for short time. I told her I would pay her 4000 baht she demanded to see the money. I showed it to her and she agreed. I told her that I wanted to take her
to my hotel. She told me that she doesn't like to go to a guesthouse. I told her that I wasn't staying in a guesthouse. She was sceptical about it but agree to go anyway. Maybe it was the 4000 baht. We went out and eat 1st and I have
to say that I like the street food. For both of us I only spend 300 baht. Had little conversation with her, she told me her name was Lek.

I was getting dull with her so we went back to my hotel. I tired to tell the taxi driver to take me to Grand Hyatt Erawan, but he could not understand what I was saying. Lek told him to take us to the A1 hotel. I was thinking to myself cool she knows
where I'm staying. When we got there I told the driver this is a wrong hotel. He got mad and demanded for his money 190 baht. I gave him 200 baht and I told him to kept the 10 baht but he insist to give it back to me. He told me I need the
money more than him. So at this point Lek lost her face and did not want to come with me any more I told her I'll give her 5000 baht. cause I really wanted to fxxk her at this point. If I can get to my hotel.

Finally we arrived at the Erawan not the A1. Lek told me this could not be your hotel because it's a 5 stars hotel. What the hell is this bitch talking about. Anyway, got into the room and sex, it was not that great. We talked over 3 hours. She got
to know me and understand my situation. I asked her isn't time for you to leave? Cause I'm only going to pay you for short time not long time. She told me that she did not want the money any more and her real name is Noi not Lek. I asked
her why did she lie to me? She said it her MO (Mode of Operation). Noi or Lek also told me that she like me a lot and wanted to spend more time with me.

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So she spent the next two days with me. I had a lot of fun cause I have someone to show me around Bangkok and the best part was I did not have to pay for her company. At the end of the two days I gave her 10,000 baht for her time. Of course she gave me
her number and email address. She kept calling my room and leave me messages and I finally call her back. I told her I wanted to go hang out at the Nana plaza and she agreed to take me there. So I went the Voodoo club and waited for her. The mamasan
from Rainbow recognized me and she told the girls not to let me in so I got turned away again. Five minutes later Noi arrived and she asked me which club I wanted to go in at this point I did not want to party at Nana any more. She insisted that
we hang out over there. We walked by the Voodoo club and one of the girl call out to us and Noi told me wait just a minute. She walked over and had a brief conversation the girl and came back laughing. Noi told me that was her best friend and
they wanted to know more about me. At 1st I did not want to go in, but Noi insisted. Let's end it at this point.

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, if they think you're local, you won't have fun in the bars.