Stickman Readers' Submissions December 9th, 2004

Our Visit To Bangkok

By Australian Couple

I have recently stumbled across the Stickman, after having visited Bangkok four times this year (on business). Although I have been travelling to various Asian countries since the late 1980's, I had never been to Thailand before this year. I currently
live in Brisbane, Australia.

I was aware of the "nightlife" aspects of Thailand prior to going, but I've never been a barfly-type person. Escort services have had my attention in other places however, so I located a couple prior to my first trip and was well taken
care of by them. The girls they sent were excellent, young, attractive, and fun in bed. Made for some nice dreams.

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Three weeks ago I had to go back to Bangkok for business, and this time brought with me my 15 year partner – she's Taiwanese, as well as Australian. We've played together with both girlfriends as well as "rentals" over the years, and
she's truly bisexual. She asked to go with me because she had been reading about the soapy body massage places (I'd never been) and wanted to try them out. We also arranged for a wonderful bi-girl escort for us while there as a backup.

We went to one of the large massage places in the New Petchburi road area (the name isn't necessary). We entered and were met at the door by one of the men on duty (bouncers?) and were brought into the darkened area with the world-famous fishbowl.
Inside were several dozen girls; newbies on the left and "models" on the right. We selected two girls who were summoned and of course surprised to find out that they were going to be with the proverbial odd-couple! Both seemed game however,
and we went upstairs to some odd looks and comments and proceeded to have a wonderful two hours. I think under normal circumstances the girls would have been reluctant to be with another woman, the fact that my lady is Chinese made it all the
more interesting to them. A tremendous bargain at a little over 3000 baht plus generous tips.

And so much fun we went back the next day. This time, at least several of the girls in the fishbowl looked away when they saw who had arrived again! Clearly word had gotten around about the crazy couple who had been in the day before. This time the "bouncer"
had to have a discussion with one of the girls to find out who might not be so interested in us – however two stunners were still secured and another even more exhausting 2 hours ensued.

We discussed the difference in the girl's reaction to us on day 2. Is it possible that "entertaining" a couple instead of a single guy meant NO opportunity for additional cash, marriage, emigration? I don't know, I haven't spent
as much time as many of you in this country. However the two girls that made themselves available on day 2 were very open to the entire situation, and a good time was had by all.

I have read most of the letters here to Stickman, and think it's interesting, sad, and unfortunate that so many have had negative experiences in Thailand. Perhaps it isn't a proper venue to search for a "life companion" when one comes
from a western society. In many ways the Thai culture is far more alien and contradictory to western society than the Chinese, I think. I can't imagine trying to build a relationship and a life with someone from this culture – and the desperation
that comes thru from most of the Stickman letters is obvious and quite frankly very sad.

In Australia, we often see what can only be described as elderly "farmers" from the rural areas with 20-30 year old Asian brides. Quite often toting little half-breed children. I would guess that the majority of these are Filipinos (a much more
compatible culture to westerners, IMHO) but I also see Thais as well. All of these people look miserable. Virtually no conversation ensues when you observe them. Are they happy?

I'm sure we'll "vacation" in Thailand again, together. Clearly sexual entertainment is something the Thais excel in. After you've seen on temple, you've seen them all.

Stickman's thoughts:

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I had to read the bit about your Taiwanese girlfriend twice. For a moment I thought it said 15 year old….ha!

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