Stickman Readers' Submissions December 6th, 2004

My First Thai Girl Experience – Part Two

A brief summary of part one – My first Thai girl experience was not in Thailand but in a small town in the south of England. I met Lek when she started work at the same place as me and it all started when I picked her up from a bus stop on her way home
from work. I was supposed to drop her off at her friend's house but we went to the pub first. Anyway, the story continues…

At the time I had never met anyone like Lek before, she was exotic, different and exciting. Since my many visits to Thailand I now realise that she was typical of a bar girl. When I asked her which part of Thailand she came from and what she did there
she told me that she came from Pattaya and she used to sell cigarettes around the bars. I had heard a few things about Pattaya at the time and thought it strange that such a beautiful girl would be selling cigarettes when she could be making much
more money by dancing or being a bar girl which I now know she was.

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She had the obligatory scar on her shoulder and shins from a motorcycle accident and a large tattoo on her back which she used to like showing off in the summer by wearing backless tops. When asked about it she would joke that she had fallen
asleep on a newspaper and the newsprint ink had stuck to her back.

One day after seeing her for about a month she started to cry and tell me about the way her brother had abused her when she was young. She was very upset and told me that she hadn't told anyone before, not even her boyfriend. The story
was a bit fragmented and I didn't want to push it but ultimately she burnt her brother's house down and ran away. Shortly after this I saw a documentary about young women who had been abused and they usually went one of two ways. To
totally close up and not have anything to do with men or sex or to become very promiscuous and have many partners. Lek was the latter and it was explained that this was a defiant act to the abuser by allowing many men to be intimate with her but
not the abuser. I immediately felt closer to Lek after this for two reasons. She had shared something very personal with me and no one else (so she claims) and I felt very sorry for her.

Another thing that she did was to imply that her boyfriend was treating her badly. In hindsight I think this was because the first time I went with her I took her home straight after I found out that she was living with someone. She led me
on a bit and I thought and hoped that maybe she would leave him for me. Later on I found out that he was a decent bloke and treated her well but she just wanted a bit of fun on the side.

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She would contradict herself frequently. On one occasion she would tell me how she would sleep in the gutter with the man she loved if he had no money. The next time I saw her she would say that I was not rich enough for her and would not
be able to keep her in the way she had become accustomed to. She would say that she had big plans to start up her own business and become successful herself but nothing ever materialised, not even enrolling in a college course.

Quite often she would make up stories that she had seen me with a blonde but I would reassure her that I was only seeing her. Although she was living with her boyfriend and seeing other men as well she wanted me to be faithful to her. As
soon as I found out that she was seeing other men I detached myself from her and just saw her when she wanted to see me. We still had a great time but I was not close to her anymore.

On one occasion two of my colleagues had met her at a nightclub without her boyfriend and she was clinging on to one of them persistently asking for a dance. She was not his type and he knew I was seeing her so he turned her down but from
what he said I'm sure she would have gone home with him. I was also told by yet another colleague that he had seen her several times at his local pub playing pool with various locals. This was before I started to see her and he explained
that he would often see her disappear with one of them.

I remember one Friday when I went out with Lek I was told by a colleague that he had seen her with another man the previous week. When I went out with her she looked stunning in a figure hugging dress and I could see all the men looking at her. Despite
this she didn't even glance at any of them and only had eyes for me. She was affectionate, stroking my hair and face, pinching my arse etc and didn't take any notice of any of the men looking at her. Since reading the submissions on
Stickman's excellent webpage I realise that this is how some of them are. For example, seeing one Farang off in the departure lounge and going straight to arrivals to meet another or planning the visits of each boyfriend with military precision
so that no visits overlap.

Although, when she was with me it was fantastic, and if she had wanted to live with me I would not have hesitated, I am glad it ended when it did. It wasn't an abrupt end but the Friday afternoons petered out with more and more excuses
why she couldn't make it. At the time I was totally fed up with my job due to the horrendous workplace politics and planned to leave. Instead of finding another job I planned to travel the world for a year and my first port of call would
be Thailand followed by Hong Kong to work and finance the next part of my journey.

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I wouldn't have missed my time with Lek for the world but I am truly glad that I didn't end up living with her or losing a lot of money as so many other Farangs have. Has it put me off Thai girls? No way, it has only strengthened
my appetite for them but made me very cautious. I would like to add that I am truly sorry for Lek's boyfriend, I would hate to have been in his shoes. I hope that he and Lek have found happiness and have a great future together.

What about the girl across the road? I continued to see her as friends but she was reluctant to leave her current boyfriend despite me asking her out and making it clear that I like her. It was only after I left to travel the world that she
wrote to me saying that they had broken up and she wished I was still in England because she realised that she loves me. It was too late, I wasn't going to cut short my world trip but I would see her at Christmas. I wished she had been more
independent and confident on her own rather than like a swinging tree monkey (she wouldn't let go of one branch (boyfriend) until she had a firm hold of the next).

Thanks for reading my submission. If Stickman is kind enough to upload this to the web site then I would like to submit another account entitled Magical Thailand.

All the best

John McCoy

Stickman's thoughts:

Great stuff!

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