Stickman Readers' Submissions December 4th, 2004

My First Thai Girl Experience – Part One

Firstly I would like to thank Stickman for this excellent site and the information that he has shared with everyone. I am absolutely hooked on Thailand and Thai girls and learnt a lot from my experiences in the Land Of Smiles (LOS) but I still had unanswered
questions of which most have been answered by reading Stickman Weekly and Reader's submissions.

My First Thai Girl Experience was not in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket but in a small town in the south of England. About ten years ago when I was young and naive I worked as a Quality Manager in a factory and most of the work force on the production
line were female. One fine Monday morning the Factory Manager was showing around seven new girls who had started that day. They paused for a moment outside my office while receiving a brief description about the function of the Quality Assurance

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As slyly as I could and pretending to look at my year planner on the wall I scanned through the seven girls and immediately saw one with beautiful brown eyes and long straight brown hair looking right back at me. The Production Manager, who
I shared an office with, was also looking at the girls and asked me whether I had noticed the Oriental one. "Have I noticed her? I can't take my eyes off her" was my reply. I watched as they walked away and although they had all
been issued with overalls I could make out her curvy sexy figure as she wriggled away.

That week I had several visits to customers and suppliers so didn't see much of her but found out that she was from Thailand and her name was Lek (name changed). On Fridays the factory would close at 1pm instead of the usual 5pm and
I arrived from a supplier just after 1pm and jumped straight from the company car into my pride and joy, a Chevrolet Camaro. I stopped at a petrol station as I often had to fill up with petrol. From the petrol station I went straight on to a dual
carriageway and gave it some welly. The V8 roared and soon I was up to 90 passing everything in sight. Looking a long way ahead, as you have to at that speed, I saw Lek at a bus stop. I was straight off the accelerator and onto the brake, the
inside lane was clear so I moved over but overshot the bus stop, momentarily locking the front wheels. While wondering how I was going to back up on the dual carriageway to offer a lift she appeared at the passenger window with a big smile on
her face. She jumped in and we were off.

She told me she was going to see her friend, also a Thai but a lot older, near to where I lived. I didn't care whether it was near to where I was going I would have gone anywhere. We talked about work and other small talk when she asked
whether I wanted to go for a drink. While in the pub I was on the shandies because I was driving and she was knocking back the brandy and cokes. She wanted to play pool but there were two other blokes already playing so she offered to play the
winner to which they agreed. By this time she had had about four brandy and cokes but played well and won two out of three games. As she played I was sitting on a bar stool nearby and each time her opponent took his shot she would come and lean
against me. I was sitting with my legs open and she would just come and rest her lovely big rounded arse right on my lap and from time to time wriggle in time to the music.

I now realise, after having been to Thailand a few times and experienced the bars in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, that this is what the bar girls do. Anyway her hair would be brushing against my face and I could smell her lovely perfume and
she continued to wriggle on my lap and despite trying to visualise taking a cold shower and Margaret Thatcher by this time the big hand was at twelve o'clock. I managed to drag her away from the pool table and we sat down in the corner of
the pub. She was getting close and snuggling up against me and I was loving it. We talked some more and she asked if I was married or had a girlfriend to which I replied no. At that time it was the truth although I had my eye on the girl who lived
across the road and was close to persuading her to ditch her current boyfriend and come out with me.

I asked her the same question and she replied, as calmly as if being asked for another drink, that she was living with her boyfriend and had been married previously. It transpired some time later that she married another English bloke who had sorted out
her entry visa etc but things went pear shaped and she returned to Thailand. She met another Englishman and since she already had entry clearance it was easy for him to continue his holiday romance by bringing her home.

Being brought up by loving parents who have been married for 35 years and having seen my colleague, the Production Manager, get into all sorts of trouble by messing around with girls from the production line who were married or involved,
I decided that I should take this no further. It was also in the back of my mind that if the girl across the road saw me with her it would ruin my chances and waste all the ground work I had already put in. Sitting up straight I said that I should
take her to her friend's house as originally planned. She didn't want to go but I managed to get her there and thanked her for a great afternoon.

I went home alone and just couldn't stop thinking about her. She was beautiful and sexy and just my cup of tea. I kept reasoning in my head that although she was living with her boyfriend if I wasn't going to be the one who she
would see on the side then it would be someone else. Was her boyfriend a big bloke and would he find out? Should I jeopardise my chances with the girl across the road with this lovely and exotic Thai girl? I couldn't make my mind up what
to do but as with most men the decision was made for me by the old chap, the one eyed trouser snake, he who must be obeyed.

The following week I chose my moment and approached her, she smiled and I apologised for cutting short last Friday afternoon and asked her if she would like to go for another drink that Friday afternoon to which she agreed. It couldn't
have come round soon enough for me and it was almost a repeat of the previous Friday except we went back to my house afterwards. She was all over me like a rash as soon as we went through the door and I responded. I won't go into detail but
she was amazing and it was the best Friday afternoon I had ever had.

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Not only did I have a great session but afterwards she ran a bath for me and washed me a bit like they do at a body massage (soapies), cleaned and vacuumed the house and then cooked me a Thai meal. <I think the entire Farangland based group of readers are now droolingStick> I was in heaven and didn't want it to end. Unfortunately it had to end because she had to go back to her boyfriend. I paid for her taxi and she left. Over the next few months we saw each other every Friday afternoon
and at other times when she would tell her boyfriend that she was seeing a friend.

Please don't judge me, I felt terribly guilty about seeing Lek behind her boyfriend's back and I would hate it if it happened to me. I just couldn't resist and she was doing most of the chasing. As I got to know her I learnt
a lot about her life and why she acted this way. I also learnt from other people that I wasn't the first and certainly not the last. If it wasn't me it would definitely have been someone else but I wouldn't have missed my turn and
the experience for the world.

Thank you for reading my submission. If you would like to hear more and Stickman would be kind enough to allow me another submission then I will tell you about the following four months of seeing Lek.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow…it sounds like Christmas came early for you that year!

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