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Getting It Up With Help

  • Written by Bob4You
  • December 14th, 2004
  • 3 min read

Prior to coming to Bangkok for my 3rd trip in 2003 I was not even aware of Viagra or Cialis. At age 60 I never felt any lack of ability to perform, in fact “premature ejaculation or wet dreams” were just that something nightmares were made
of and nothing I had a problem with. My 3rd trip I decided to experiment and did take ½ of a Viagra a couple of times and once even tried a whole one.

Sex wasn’t any better than my foggy memory recalled of 3 erection in 24 hours all with the same girl.

billboard bangkok

I had done that many times in my previous single life, OK I haven’t been single for 14 years and my memory is a little cloudy but I don’t need this stuff. I am one who does everything to excess and trip #4 I found that I still had 140 of
the 144 I bought of Kamagra so trip #4 had me determined to take Viagra as a multiple vitamin twice a day.

With all my trips to Asia and Mexico I never before had a case of “food poisoning” as I had often heard others describe but trip #4 I had my first case. I found out that even in the Malls not having TP with you in a Western or Eastern stall
at the Mall can be a distinct problem. It is multiplies by the fact that there is no one selling TP for 5 baht when I would have been happy to pay 50 baht for the convenience.

Because of the Bangkok trots I stopped taking my twice a day Vitamin Viagra supplements, after all it was doing was causing calluses. When you are 30 seconds from disaster you don’t dare invite someone to your room for musical chairs. I had an
embarrassing accident or two before the rumbling eruptions stopped and I went back to a normal life.

butterflies bangkok

I resumed the multi-day vitamins and trouble literally erupted again. I then read about some of the side affects of Viagra and realized I was experiencing some of them. I wonder how many others misdiagnosed “food poisoning”? I can still
say I have never had a case of food poisoning in all my years of travel.

I now occasionally experiment with Cialis but don’t see too much difference. Well to be honest I had dreamed of 6 girls in a day when I was in my 20’s but because it took a promise of marriage to get what I wanted back then I could only
promise to marry 3 in one day so it took until I was 60 to finally realize the dream. I did it in both Pattaya and Angeles city, yes I was high on Cialis but I convinced myself than my libido or fat wallet was to blame not that stupid pill, after
all I am a super stud. LOL

I still have a dozen of Viagra left from my gross and will be making trip #11 in 3 years and continue to convince myself I am not addicted, I just experiment with legal drugs. I also promised myself when I run out of my current supply of a gross of Apcialis
I am going to quit cold turkey and give all my business to my “Paraya”. She says twice a week is enough, if I want more I have to go to Pattaya or Bangkok but not in our home town. Maybe when I run out I won’t reorder and
will stay home for my recreation. LOL

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