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Five Star Village Fun Part 2

Just A Week

By Water Buffalo

I have read many good stories from Stickman’s site and I feel I have to write mine. English is not my own language so please forgive me for the mistakes.

I visited Thailand for the first time year 1999. Did not do any homework before the trip so I did not know what to expect. I had a good friend living in Pattaya. He had a Thai girlfriend living with him in a condo near the beach. I had divorced last year
and had a new girlfriend in my farang country. So the plan was to see my friend and have good time in an exotic country. It was late evening in Bangkok when my plane landed. I was excited and a little bit nervous how I can find my friend and his
Thai girlfriend at the airport. Everything went fine and soon we were driving to Pattaya. His girlfriend was very nice and friendly. It was difficult to understand her English at first but soon I could follow.

They had a nice home with a sea view of Pattaya bay. My friend had a few days free from his job so they showed me some places in Pattaya and nearby. Everything looked nice and we had a good time. In the first evening I had a haircut from a ladylike man
in a beauty saloon. We walked around and went for a beer in a bar. Friend's Thai girlfriend did not want to go but my friend wanted to show me a beer bar.

There a nice looking girl served me and we played some games and talked a little bit. She was a stunner and there was something special in this lady. I did not know what it was but I felt good with her. I did not want to go away but my friend's Thai
girlfriend wanted to go home so we left. When we left I turned around and gave a 20 baht tip for the girl and said I will be back.

The next night we went out with my friend to look really at Pattaya nightlife. We went to a place where was some kind of shows. We sat down and soon two ladies come to our table. The one who took care of me was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever
seen wearing only small pants. Beautiful was her sister too. They were among other thing fire-eaters. I asked this lady when is her workday over. She said 01:00 and I promised to come back to take her out. I wanted to see some other places and
so we went. I could no find this place anymore so I never saw this lady again. In the night I found another lady and took she to friends home. She was my first bargirl. She could not speak any English but was nice. Next day we went to Nong Nooch
and when we ate in restaurant I did not have to eat myself, she put the food in my mouth. In Farangland this could never happen and I was surprised, relaxed and happy. Felt this is some kind of Disneyland. In the evening I said goodbye to her.

butterflies bangkok

This nightlife continued with different bars and different ladies. I had good luck with bargirls, I mean they were all beautiful, nice and honest.

Anyway I went also look for this girl I saw first night. Mamasan told she had gone home and but she had been asking about me. I did not believe she had been asking me and of course I thought she were with another customer.

But late one night I went again and there she was. I still remember when I walked to her. Like I said there was something special with she. She was dressed differently than the others and acted somehow differently. And looked like a film star in her simple
black dress. Lets call her P. We spoke together and I felt very good with she. Her English was not good but we understood each other and when I asked her to come with me she said yes.

The other girls in the bar were excited and clapped their hands when we went. I did not understand why.


We walked into the night and then began the biggest adventure of my life. We stopped in a small bar because I still wanted to drink one bear. She drank cola. A taxi took us to my friend condo and we sat on the balcony and looked the beautiful view of
Pattaya bay at night. I was a little bit drunk and happy but same time sad because I knew this moment wont last long and I really felt something special at that night with this beautiful lady.

In the night we had sex together. It was good but gave me another surprise. She seemed very inexperienced. In the morning I asked about this how she doesn’t know much about sex as she works in the bar? She told me that she had sex before only with
one man and only four times in her life. She had been in the bar less than one week and had not gone with any customer. This is why the other ladies were so noisy when we left the bar together.

What the hell is going on here? This can not be true. Nobody believes this kind of story. Up to you but this is true, said P. I did not believe but left this subject.

Things worked really well between us as we spend the rest of my holiday together. We visited tourist places and had good time together. I have to say that she really could make a man happy. I slowly learned more about she. We stayed in Bangkok some time
before I had to go home. The last night she wanted to show me Patpong and so we went there. She had not seen a sex show and we went one upstairs bar. She saw ping pong ball show and some airball shooting with small arrows.

It was a bad mistake to go there because she got upset and drank one beer quickly. Now this lady did not usually drink alcohol at all. So I thought we better go away quickly and this was right decision. She got drunk and hardly could take a taxi back
to hotel.

So here I was in the last morning with this girl who could not drink alcohol. I knew her story and reasons who she was in the bar.

We said goodbyes in airport and I tried to promise we will see again. Did not believe this even myself.

Going back home I had a lot of thinking to do. Should I go back to my farang girlfriend and tell that nothing special happened. This was the strong and safe option.

I try to be an honest man in my life so I told my farang girlfriend that something had happened and we could not be together anymore. This was not easy because she was a decent girl.

I liked very much P and I was thinking that I want to look if anything can really happen with us. On the other hand I was thinking I am crazy to think about her anymore and she probably tells me only sweet lies. But I could not leave this matter. I wanted
to play my cards to the end and not give up, what happens, happens. So I asked he if she could visit my farang country. And this also happened. We spent one lovely month in my country. Shortly after that I visited Thailand again and all the time
we were learning more about each other. I stayed at her home and I really got to know her life and history. And I slowly started to understand and believe her.

Some very strange things happened after this and we also had our share of problems.
But after all we got married and live a quiet and peaceful family life in my Farangland. When thinking back almost 6 years it is still a miracle for me to
be married with a lady from another country and culture. I never thought it would happen to me. We are still in love and happy together. Somebody in Stick's site asked for positive experiences of farang / Thai couples and here is one.

But I have to say that I consider myself as a lucky one who accidentally met the right girl and just could handle it. Also I have learned that everything can change quickly with Thai people and marriage does not guarantee anything. So what you can do
is take care of your family and try to live full life every day. We don’t know what happens tomorrow.

Stickman's thoughts:

Good on you!