Stickman Readers' Submissions December 15th, 2004

8 Years And Still Mai Khao Jai

After much persuasion I've finally decided to tap out a piece for this column, if anybody values my opinions then fine if not then this is also fine…one of the most common phrases you will ever hear in this country is “Leu te Khun”
..up to you ….

Iv been coming here for around 8 years (double entendres in this column will just make things exhaustive so we’ll end them here). In this time Iv lived here for up to 6 months at a time though more often than not Iv been here month
on month off . I'm now married to a fabulous Isaan lady whose 8 years my junior (she's now 29) and I have a terrific little daughter, both of whom live in the UK. I'm in the rather unusual position of discovering the naughty nightlife
scene “After” 5 years of marriage and not like most guys do by falling strait off the plane into the arms of a BG Teeruk.

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So this is how we start back in 97. I arrived at Bkk international with only the number of my hotel (Ambassador soi 11) and the cell phone number of a “ Beautiful Girlfriend “ of my mates Thai wife (how rare then for anybody
to have a mobile here at that time !!). Well on arrival at the hotel I called Nok and after a brief chat we agreed to meet in the hotel lobby in a couple of hours after I had freshened up, about 3.00pm was the time we agreed. Of course the first
thing I did after the call was turn on the TV and pop a couple of Singhas and within minutes I was fast asleep, after all I had been flying all night from the UK without sleep…..I was shattered !!

I was woken by the room phone at around 6.00 pm and they passed the phone to Nok who the said she had been waiting for me…well I told her to grab a drink on my room tab and Id be down in a few minutes ….a quick ”S+S+S” and
I was sitting with her 10 minutes later. She was lovely, short black hair, slim, great figure sparkling eyes and a fabulously addictive smile. She spoke excellent English as she had a sister who was a translator for the Government and she was
also quite well up on goings on in the world, oh and she was also a head cook at a great mixed cuisine restaurant near Pratunam (as I was later to discover)….all in all perfect !!.

We drank coffee together in the Ambassador lobby and fell into each others company in minutes. I must add now that she was completely the opposite of what I expected of a Thai lady. Then she suggested a bite to eat and to be honest I was
famished and we headed out of the hotel and into the now burnt down and bulldozed inside restaurant in the market/beer garden complex of the Ambassador. On the way there I could help notice just how much taller she was than any of the other Thai
Girls around, in fact she even towered over tall Farang and Indian ladies …I'm 6ft 4 in and she was not far off eye level with me (though she was in heels). Also just about everybody was looking at her as we walked along. The food was superb
and she was very impressed with my knowledge of Thai dishes and my ability to eat everything that was dished up to me. We had a few beers there and she suggested that we go to a Thai entertainment bar, which I still after all these years am not
sure exactly where it is, I think past MBK on the way to the river and through a few side sois….anyway there we were at this brightly neon light “ Barn “ and being gestured to a table near the stage where there was a pretty decent
singing show going on with stunning singers and spectacularly sexy dancers. Nok ordered the drinks and some nibbles and we began chilling out and enjoying the superb show.

On going to the toilet I looked around and noticed I was the only Farang in the place and as such the whole place seemed to be watching me, though not at all in any threatening kind of way. In the loos I was mobbed by guys keen to rub my
shoulders and towel down my face (and look at my knob as I later realised)…..I just thought in all innocence that this was normal and the guys worked in the place..fine but not for me and after the 4th visit I was getting a little pissed off
with it all and decided to take better control of my bladder and keep it all in. Anyway the night was going really good, I was enjoying the show, enjoying the company of Nok and getting on pretty fine with the Thais on the tables around
really was great in there, though I made a decision to keep me out of the toilets I would Hit the short drinks and went on the Johnny Sodas, Nok carried on with the Double Sized Heinekens (again quite the opposite to what I was told about Thai
Girls…She could hold her Beer down like a Navy).

Well nature took its turn once more and I just had to go back to the toilet again and on the way back one of the singers from the show stopped me and began talking. (I'm not kidding she was spectacularly beautiful…just stunning !!)
She said “ I notice you looking at me “ (was it so obvious ??) “ and then you send money to me “ (bit of a tradition where the punters baht their favourite singer or dancers), “ then you look me all night again
“ she continued “ you like me so much but do you only like Katoey ?? “ …

“A What “ I said “ what's a Katoey ?? “

“Ladyboy” she said

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“ NO I don’t really like them “ I anxiously continued “ why do you think this ?”

“Well you sit with Katoey all night “ …”you must like her”

Well I talked with the singer whose name was Jin and within a minute or so she had got out of my name, Age, Job, hotel, how long here and that it was my first time in Thailand and she continued to insist that Nok was in fact a Ladyboy……I said my goodbyes
to Jin and returned to Nok who by now was on another Big Heineken (maybe her 6th in this bar). I told her that the travelling had finally caught up with me and that I needed to get back to my hotel and hit the sack. As the tabloid newspaper investigative
journo’s bleat “ I made my excuses and left “ …though not quite so simply. It seemed that Nok lived just a few yards from this bar and I walked her home, by this time she was staggering a bit and her voice was to be honest
getting a bit deeper. I dropped her off at her apartment and got into a taxi and headed off back to my hotel. a journey that wasn’t helped by the fact I had forgotten the name of the hotel !!!….so eventually I got back to the Ambassador
after trying Jew's, Landmark, Nana, Grace, All 3 Bkk Amari (except the airport one) etc etc ..I paid off the driver what I now know was around 4000 Baht (he told me the meter was 10x the figure i.e. 400 x 10 is 4000) ….so after tipping
him another 1000 for his patience I drifted into the hotel….oh dear !!

By this time I wasn’t really ready for bed and I ordered a drink in the quite busy lobby. On my second Tequila Sunrise I heard a sweet voice calling my name only to look up at the stunning singer from the Club …yes it was Jin !!!

“Hi baby “ she said as if we had been an item for a while “ where your Katoey ? “ she whispered…

“ I say bye bye to her/him “ I say “ what are you doing here “

“ my friend have party in the hotel bar, they have band playing there…really good ..want to go ??”

That was it…off to the show again in the “Secret” bar at the back of the Ambassador

A great night even though I did not see any of her “ friends” …as if !! …I now know this was just a ploy to excuse her following me back.

Needless to say we ended up in the sack for more than a few hours that night and most of the next day, Jin was and still is the most gorgeous girl Iv ever been with and we stayed “ in touch “ for a while after. She never asked
me for a single Baht. Turns out that she was singing to pay for her uni fees and had always wanted to bag a Farang…..Just glad it was lucky old me.

I never did hear from Nok again until I bumped into her at Panthip a week later when she did look very man like…we had a coffee together and had a laugh about things, She's now a dancer at a cabaret in Pattaya according to her other
sister who works at the restaurant I mentioned earlier near Pratunam.

As for Jin, she continued her degree and graduated with flying colours, had a stint on a TV game show as a Hostess (Using a different name) and now is married to a wealthy Korean Business owner.

So that was my first few days in Bangkok…..Very Many more to come.


Stickman's thoughts:

I would see comments to follow, but they seldom do, needless to say busy doesn't even start to describe how things are.

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