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The Eden Club

  • Written by Anonymous
  • November 22nd, 2004
  • 5 min read

Mary Jane patpong

This is a submission on my recent experience with the Eden Club on Soi 7/1, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand. It has taken me a long time to finally sample the mystical pleasures of this house of sin and I can confirm in no uncertain terms that I was
not disappointed in the least. I would also like to add that I was rather nervous when I took the leap of faith into the unknown arms of the wenches at the Eden Club. It is not a place for the meek or feint hearted.

Firstly I shall start with a bit of an initiation for those less well informed individuals who are not as knowledgeable of the impeccable sexual services offered at the Eden Club. The Eden Club is owned by a middle aged French gentleman by
the name of Marc and he was away at the particular time of my visit but I did have the pleasure of meeting him on my previous visit to Thailand. However on that occasion I was being a good boy and not fooling around on account of my monogamous
relationship with that deceitful ex-girlfriend bitch of mine. Marc is an amiable sort of unassuming guy and he aims to run the best professional service in town (perhaps on the whole planet). He proudly advertises that any client who is not completely
satisfied with the service will be offered a full refund no questions asked. I doubt he has ever been asked to make good on his promise. I really get the feeling that he expects the best performance out of his ladies but he achieves this by being
respectful to them and not by threatening them.

Marc has many rules at the Eden Club (all good rules I assure you) and one rule in particular I asked him about last time I saw him was the rule that gentlemen must always take 2 ladies at a time. His simple answer was “why waste time
on 1 lady? It takes more than 1 lady to fully satisfy a man”. I gotta say this is one bloke who knows his stuff. The French don’t make good soldiers and they haven’t won a war for over a century, but they sure make good lovers.
And I’d rather be a good lover than a good fighter.

Marc's other rules include the fact that all ladies are bisexual and skilled in the art of satisfying each other as well as you the client. His ladies are also skilled in the art of fantasy role play and I have no doubt for this they
could each win an Oscar. The time allotted for service is 90 minutes but I get the feeling that this is really only a rough guide. There is a yellow line on the wall in the Eden Club and this is to signify that the ladies to the right of the wall
like regular sex and the ladies to the left like it both ways. Needless to say I was there for the ladies to the left.

I should also add for those of you planning to go where I have already tread, the Eden Club closes rather early. The reason for this is because Marc is only interested in servicing genuinely serious customers and he does not want the drunk
scum crawling out of the discos after the hour of midnight and treating his girls poorly and most of all not fully appreciating what the Eden Club is all about.

butterflies bangkok

So on to the adventure itself. I walked in to the humble establishment with 3500 baht in hand and 90 minutes to spare before my limousine was due to take me to Pattaya. I have to admit I was rather nervous with anticipation and knew only to expect a sensuously
erotic life changing experience. I was met by about 25 ladies who ranged in beauty from average to stunning. I noted that most of the truly stunning ladies stood on the wrong side of the yellow line but I didn’t let that deter me. I ordered
a Cointreau on ice and took my time to carefully select the right ladies for the job. In Marc’s brochure he suggests you choose the first lady then allow her to choose the second lady who she would like to accompany you. I guess this is
only fair as she is the one who is going to have to go down on the girl and perform all manner of deviant acts with her.

I chose a lady named XXX because she had big tits and I was in a bit of a tit mood. She also was quite attractive but she looked a tad shy and reserved. That wasn’t a problem because later on she sure fired up like a tiger and I wasn’t
disappointed in the least. I offered to XXX that she choose a second lady of her liking and I was waiting for her to pull out a toothless wrinkled old granny but to my great pleasure she chose a hot looking short haired girl hiding down the back
named XXX and I knew I was up for a great time.

So off we went upstairs to the room. I was expecting a shabby room with a dirty shower and a flea infested mattress but I was dead wrong. The room was nothing short of superb. Well it wasn’t the Sheraton but it was really very nice
all the same. The girls had brought with them a medium sized black brief case and when they opened it, out sprang an astounding assortment of sex toys and strap on sex contraptions. These girls could have opened a sex shop for the most deviate
of sinners.

The girl’s training was impeccable and they worked perfectly in unison together, they understood each other well and more importantly they understood how to please a man better than any other professional women I know. Nothing was
too much trouble and absolutely nothing was taboo. These ladies have seen it all and they can willingly do it all. It was plain to see that not even the wildest fantasy was beyond their capabilities.

red dragon

I would have to go so far as to say that my experience at the Eden Club was probably the best professional sexual experience I have ever encountered in my lifetime and it goes without saying that the Eden Club has my thorough recommendation.
It really is quite amazing the service that Marc has been able to create at the Eden Club and I am completely hooked. I am gonna have to work up the courage and strength before I am ready to face the ladies of the Eden Club again and I will not
be asking for my money back!

Stickman's thoughts:

The Eden Club does have quite a following.