Stickman Readers' Submissions November 18th, 2004

Thailand: The Land Of New Emotional Horizons

America; for now we can choose to do almost whatever we want but that’s only because the Socialist and Christian tyrants still have relatively equal power, thus that balance of power still keeps me free.

I’ve never been able to properly attract any girls from my ethnic group (White). Oh I could attract the fat ones or the ones that have some other problem, but none that were genetically comparable to me. I’m about 6 foot, 180

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At the age of 36, I gave up on American girls and went on a two week vacation to Thailand! I saw hundreds of girls, and went out with a few of them. A few days into the vacation I saw one girl with the type of face and personality that I
really liked but I rejected her because she told me she had a baby, thus I knew she had the usual symptoms under her clothes. I went down and found a slender sexy who did not have such symptoms, but I then rejected the slender sexy and went back
up to the girl who had the baby because I liked her face and personality too much – I knew she had what I needed.

I spent five days with her. I knew there was nothing for me back in America. I had a couple of silly arguments with her regarding me thinking she’s hanging out with another guy while with me because she wanted to leave sometimes (she
had a baby, I didn’t get that.) On the fifth day she pointed to a word in the dictionary that meant something like “I could never really love her because I’m not happy with her lifestyle” and this communication exchange
was taken to mean that our fun was over and let’s move on. We shared the “love” word with each other some but I explained to her that I didn’t believe for a second that she really loved me. She left and pushed me out
of the elevator – OK done. I thought about my life up to that point and became upset (OK, I cried) that I could not even find proper love in a place where it’s so flowing. She called me 30 minutes later and said “I love you,
why don’t you believe me.” Well, to resolve this, I went to a “Thai bride” visa service and called her from there. She was shocked, but showed up in about one hour. We had a long discussion with a respectable translator
and by the end of the day, I paid for the visa service (1700 US).

She’s been living in the United States for a while now, visits Thailand on occasion thus making me temporarily single, in America, again. That’s a plus!

It’s an interesting life. She enjoys cleaning and cooking and even cooks good enough to make a living at it at local restaurants. I still long to create some kids within my ethnic group, but I am emotionally happy with my Thai girl
(she’s 23, I’m 38).

Friends, she wants me to buy her things, she jokingly says she'll go back working in a bar if I don't provide enough money to her; she seems jealous and perhaps even scared of me getting another girlfriend. Recently, she seems to
have calmed down a bit and even jokes that she doesn’t think I could get another girlfriend if I tried… but she could easily get one. I think I can use this to my advantage. I treat her well and am not negative towards her at all
if she talks about another guy. She’s younger than me so getting her to “want” to be with another guy isn’t a stretch. It doesn't bother me if she talks with other guys and she doesn't mind if I enjoy the
appearance of a girl walking by.

Her father and mother died when she was an adolescent because the father brought aides home to the mother. Like so many other Thai girls, she wanted to earn money for her family, in any way that she could to help them buy medicine, to keep
her parents alive – but for her parents it was too late, she was too young to "go working." a couple years later she went working, and helped out her grandmother. She got pregnant with a Thai guy and had the baby, she found her
guy sexing another girl and upon remembering her father's big mistake, she told her guy "game over, get out." Some time after that is when I met her. I have provided to her, what not not one girl in this insane media driven culture
in the United States could ever provide me – simple, caring love. I love and respect her, and I won’t hurt her.

But eventually I will have real discussions with her regarding how "I don't really think being with other people should be a big deal really (as long as you don't catch diseases)" If I can convince her it's OK, then

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Stickman's thoughts:

Those "real discussions" you talk of will be telling…

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