Stickman Readers' Submissions November 25th, 2004

Searching For Miss Goodbar Part 6

Searching For Miss Goodbar Part 6 (The Homecoming)

(Part 6; The Homecoming)

Recently you may recall our intrepid traveler was amid the steamy jungles of the mystic river Kwai with his lovely companion 'Dan', when Simon took time out to share with us his feelings about staying in Thailand in Part 5 "Thought waves"… Now as we continue, we find Simon and Dan returning from their river Odyssey… Would they find love amid the streets of Bangkok now they had returned, or would the tauper of Bangkok taint their recent newly found feelings?…

He Clinic Bangkok

Traffic jams from hell…

The bus ride from Kanchanburi seems always so much longer, until further exhausted by the irrepressible traffic jams of which legends are born out of in Bangkok's jammed highways and Soi's. Transfer to a smaller minibus doesn't help either,
as there followed and endless hotel-to-hotel drop-off of the other travelers with us, again in those needless traffic jams from hell, between the drop-off's…Tedious… It's often at this point my nerves would give way were it not for
my tiredness, and should the minibus stop surreptitiously outside one of those ruddy infamous "Gem Factory's", – well, I would not be able to take responsibility for my actions… Edging our way slowly through traffic, the elastic
of my patience almost snapped as a Blue Toyota 'cut us up', – forcing us to veer into the hard shoulder nearby Silom Road junction to Suriwong, – and with a dull thud and accompanying sound of rending shattering plastic and trim, we
knew we'd made contact… We glimpsed the plumpish woman inside on her mobile phone…only putting it down after impact and when she pulled over. Obviously the conversation was faaaaaar more important than driving and overtaking us…


CBD bangkok

Dan, awaking from resting her head on my knee, looked out the window looking slightly amused at the mishap, which was apparently obvious to her even though she'd been dozing on my knee… The blue Toyota driven by a overly made-up plump Thai woman
pulled over, and she emerged slamming her door, to exact her anger, on our hapless minibus driver, – mid-traffic jam… Fit to burst now, my only saving grace was Dan's utter composure and typical Thai style 'resigned acceptance'
of the mishap, so commonplace here as to be quite mundane, even amusing out of the boredom. Thais, far from using the regulations of the road for driving, flaunt and ignore them with almost utter cheerful abandon. Motorist's laugh in the
faces of overly tight-uniformed cops looking helplessly on at the traffic melee in Bangkok's overcrowded streets in resigned apathy, often "looking the other way", – cos it's easier than writing out a ticket, unless it suits
them in the heat…

Overweight Thai businessmen in BMW's, Merc's etc seem to find a twisted sport form in [nearly] running over fleeing pedestrians on Zebra Crossings, or nearly doing so, God forbid that someone should try to slow them down. They're far too important to be slowed down by regulations or erring pedestrians… The Police, far from being a cohesive law enforcing deterrent, are considered more of a 'nuisance' or annoyance rather than anything else,
– just 'there' for their obligatory bribes, sometimes as little as 50 Baht for a minor traffic infraction, – or just enough for their lunch… Poor salaries make them highly corruptible and 'malleable' to otherwise affluent

Our hapless minibus driver was by now haggling and being lambasted on the hard-shoulder with this overweight overly-made-up female "Taipan" of a woman whom my eyes were by now 'boring into' like laser beams, – as she still held onto
her precious mobile phone, using it almost as a dagger in jabbing it and gesticulating with it against our driver as if a weapon or pointer. Rubbing my eyes with my hands wearily, I pondered how long this pointless road-side discussion might go
on for, given that it was that stupid woman's fault anyway, and viewed the sluggishly moving traffic wearily. It was already dark now at 18:55pm and Dan and me were looking forward to something to eat after a well earned shower in the Hotel,
and it seems natural we'd spend the night together as well. Meanwhile I was hallucinating about a cold Heineken beer in my hand….

The Thai woman driver's rage went on unabated, our minibus driver by now looked 'defeated' under the unrelenting diatribes of the irate women phone-caller/motorist, whilst my patience was running out as fast a ruptured gas tank by now, my temper boiling like an overheated radiator, – this 'woman' was about to feel my own special brand of annoyance, but as I went for the door, Dan seeing my 'motives' gripped my hand, pulling me back, "Mai pen rai Khun Simon telak??" she said. [Never mind] Anger was showing on my face now, my eyes were flashing red by now, it had been a long long day and here were were being needlessly held up by some 'stupid cow' who obviously couldn't drive properly anyway, – at least not with a mobile phone in her chubby hand anyway, and was now arguing it was our minibus driver's fault, – of course eh?…

wonderland clinic

I was reluctant to 'let myself go' seeing Dan's concern, she too, didn't want me losing my temper in front of her and everyone, to her detriment or loss of face, and possibly mine, and she gripped my hand firmer to make the point while
I was almost 'straining at the leash' (!!) Smiling first, Dan then frowned, "No! darling, no, no" she uttered. Purely for Dan then, I sighed deeply and flopped obediently back in my seat… "A few more minutes wouldn't
hurt" I thought, – hoping the woman's wheel nuts would fall off in unison at the next junction…Oh pleeeease Buddha, just for me eh?? A wicked smile curled up my lip as I pictured the ensuing traffic chaos at her expense!… Then Dan
asks; "What you think about telak??? – eh??"

Nothing darling, nothing at all…. :)….

It's at times like these I'm reminded of the Thais often unflappable composure as I was with Dan's that evening in the traffic jam, and my comparatively 'frail' patience levels to hers under duress. Sometimes its this very composure
and 'Mai pen rai' attitude that drives me crazy, – especially when in the process of knowingly being ripped off and being smiled at the same time… Definitely a 'Red rag to a Bull' that for me…

Finally, our minibus drew up outside our Hotel and we gratefully disembarked, the driver unloading our small carry-all bags from the rear door, and apologising and bowing profusely for 'his' inadvertently delaying us in the accident. 'Needless',
I thought, as it wasn't his fault anyway, and smiled while tipping him to let him know my gratitude, as Dan, smiling gave him a pronounced 'Wai' in acknowledgment of his efforts to get us home that night from the city's outskirts.
Then frowning, Dan mutters quietly to me; "Stupid woman"… Ahhh, finally a small display of irritance, – finally…!!!???

Dan and I practically 'flopped into our room', – throwing our bags this way and that, and just sprawled out exhausted from our days traveling, now contemplating when and where to go to eat, and Dan says "Up
to you" before I even ask the question… I drop my head back against my chair, – "oh no, not that phrase again?" I thought!… Dan sees my expression and pulls a Heineken from the mini bar we'd bought from 7-11 before, presenting
it to me with a small cheeky 'wai' then flouncing off to the bathroom for her shower. In spite of the myriad of restaurants in Bangkok, I'm always indecisive about where to go, which is best, and it as
much depends on traffic and timings as much as good food and service… You have to remember you need to get there preferably before closing time, – traffic prevailing…!

With Dan singing loudly out of tune in the shower some kitsch Thai song, no doubt looking quite demure in her shower cap, (!) splashing water everywhere, [moaning about damp towels everywhere later again?] I contemplate a quaint Japanese restaurant near
Thaniya Road's corner on Suriwong, set amidst a labyrinth of nooks and crannies inside, each partitioned off for diners and parties alike, whereby you sit in sunken seat-pits, ala Japanese style. The thought of a nice carafe filled with warmed
Sake beckoned me too… Dan and me were gonna get drunk tonight… Then afterwards, maybe hit the bars for a nightcap or two, or three?…Maybe Camelot again? In the meantime amid a gail of laughter, I joined Dan in the shower…!!

Steppin' out on the Pong…

Stepping out that night onto the ravenous streets of Bangkok later than usual, we went straight to the Jap restaurant on Thaniya, going inside & upstairs into one of the many dining 'cubicles' after ordering our food downstairs at the Sushi
Bar, so we [well me then] could see what I would be getting. Within seconds, our beers 'joined us', [Sake would come later] as we settled down, recounting our trip to the river Kwai and the people we met. As the raw fish dishes and Wasabi
[Mustard] went down, so did the Sake, and it wasn't long before Dan looked 'wrecked' as she leant back against the wooden partition for support, her long black hair falling down over her face, smiling… Yep, – she was deliciously
drunk already, like me… As we mulled over things, a tall American guy walked by with his lady of the night, a big man with 'Cowboy' Hat'n boots, – regulation lady killer with tattoo's, she, a darkened Pattaya princess, a
tattoo of barbed wire wrapped around her upper arm…quite 'appropriate' I thought…

Dan was already 'late for work' technically by now, – we had to go along to "Camelot" to pay her Bar Fine for this night, and for her to placate the Mamasan who no doubt was waiting for her, or had 'missed' her coming to
work. Another thought heavily on our minds was that Pia was probably waiting too for our return… Although we weren't sure if she was back from wherever she went. [Chiang Mai?] From my point of view, Dan and I had established a friendship
now, but it remained to be seen if Pia would attempt to 'upset' that, and Dan's apprehension was showing, albeit subtly, – she was not looking forward to going into Camelot by her standards however inscrutable …

"Check-Bill doi Krup?"

– I asked the waitress, while Dan and me 'collected' ourselves, Dan coming her long hair and preening herself for the foreseen encounter with Pia, I could visibly see Dan was a bit apprehensive, but said nothing about her thoughts. She was probably
thinking her friendship with me, could be under threat in some way shape or form, from Pia. Pia was 'experienced', – a patient and skillful night-warrior, cunning, devious and very beautiful in a more sexy sort of way, and no matter
how many assurances I gave Dan, she was nervous about possibly 'losing me' to her again, – it showed in her demeanor. If Pia was there, she knew she'd be 'putting on a show' for me, trying to re-stimulate my interest if
she saw me, if only to reassert her 'authority' and territory in the bar…

Dan reached down, carefully ironing-out with her hands, stretching her satin dress and smoothing it out against her curves as she stood, straightening it to near perfection against her lovely lithe figure, while pushing out her breasts to fit, – giving
a meek smile, in recognition of my gaze on her loveliness, these girls know what they're doing, they really do… Dan too, a master of her subtle feminine craft, the 'seduction of man' – and guess who was being seduced…? Placing
my hand fondly on Dan's lower back in escort, we exited the restaurant into the Bangkok night, and it was raining again, ha!, – rain. – Rain, my almost constant 'companion and friend' on this holiday Odyssey… As if to assert her
presence, Dan found my hand and clutched tightly as we picked our way perilously through the ramshackle myriad of food stalls and vats of boiling liquids and fats, amid vaporised clouds of steam and smoke, a usual Bangkok night… Nearing the
corner of Pat Pong, Dan halts to ponder with finger on lips, over a massive Wok filled with deep fried Locusts' looking at me with cocked eyebrow for approval…"Eat one of those and I'm not kissing
you!" I said, – Dan flicks her hair over her shoulder and walks on, smiling at me over her shoulder, – Okay, – so it was a tease right?… Dan waits momentarily for me to catch up, standing now amid the lurid neon glitz that is Pat Pong,
eying some skimpy bikini's on plastic mannequins aligning a small fly-by-night Kiosk style shop, "Look sexy na?" she inquires. ["Haf one siiize" – offers a small female Thai assistant] I nod in emphatic agreement, – conjuring
up an image in my minds eye of Dan's ample figure squeezing into one, – "Yeah, wowww" I purr almost, "You want one?" I ask? "Noooo – only jo-king" she says smiling again but had again successfully drawn my attention
to her looks very subtly, in her inimitable fashion…

Small beads of light rain cascaded off of Dan's smooth shiny hair as we approached "Camelot" as she held onto my arm and hand, she was wearing heels tonight, and looked as sexy as hell, – as per usual I thought… Camelot's touts heralded
our approach and looks and smiles of acknowledgment from them announced they knew Dan and were pleased to see 'one of their own' returning, – with 'boyfriend' (?) in hand, and parted like waves to allow us to enter, Dan smiling
in an almost victorious return-smile. I was conscience of the fact it's a great morale boost for any girl returning from a trip with a boyfriend, no matter how seemingly 'casual' the encounter, a 'boyfriend' was a boyfriend
after all in this night-time chaotic world… Dan entered Camelot with a new-found confidence, – with me in tow yeah, but I was kind of feeling good about it too, Dan's confidence and demeanor were infectious, I too was feeling the bug, and
was happy to see Dan so happy… Dan sits me down, waving her hand for service, and orders our two Heineken's, – takes a swig, and gestures to be back in one minute, eager to go off and share her last few days with a waiting group of friends
and allies, – and 'enemies' alike too in this topsy-turvey sisterhood.

Dan, didn't seem to even notice Pia dancing just a few feet away, not in her usual 1st pole position, but somewhere mid-way, – sexily gyrating in front of some slack-jawed newbie farang, – Pia too hadn't even noticed our somewhat noisily heralded,
even victorious arrival…

Dan was 'electric', her invisible ego-feathers were 'visibly blooming' and bustling as she recounted our trip to her small attentive clan, and I felt a warm feeling seeing her recount the trip to the small delegation of girls who'd gathered to greet her, occasionally smiling over at me from obvious compliments coming from Dan's mouth. Whatever Dan was doing, it looked as though she was rallying friends, allies and yes, even enemies to her arrival, like a homecoming queen with that immortal of all prizes, – a 'farang' – a farang of 'boyfriend' status maybe…?? I was suddenly conscience of the fact, that whatever my intentions of feelings towards Dan were, it didn't matter right now, Dan was enjoying the moment, and I was more than willing to let her, after all I liked her a lot by now, and was even developing more respect than I had perhaps previously shown. Dan was for whatever reason, coming into my affections like a song, – softly at first, developing in tone and sound, working her way into my affections and esteem. Skillfully, patiently, tactfully and with feeling too, with my heart in the cross-hairs of her amorous sights. I too was barely noticing Pia's gyrating across the bar as I watched, even gazed affectionately at Dan's story telling, she too becoming excited at the return-news & gossip from her friends, flicking her hair back over her shoulder and smiling broadly to reveal a long row of whitened teeth and eyes laughing with her face, – meanwhile I was feeling great affection, maybe even feeling love in its infantile form… As the music belted out some 'Indie' hit, I looked momentarily at my Heineken bottle, avoiding Pia's by now heavy gaze, but surreptitiously raised my bottle in salute and smiled my 'welcome' to her at the right moment… Instead of smiling, Pia fixed me with a look, then glanced over at Dan and back again at me… Pia's face showed the look of loss, – Pia knew Dan had entered my life, that we were an 'item' and Dan was revelling in it, with her back to Pia's dancing position… If Dan felt Pia's eyes sporadically 'boring into her back', she didn't show it but merely went on talking to her small selected delegation of friends, legs astride, hand on hip, leaning on a small table, but was looking almost radiant, occasionally looking over and smiling warmly at me. I sat back wondering what kind of "Cabaret" might be played out in front of me tonight, but Dan's almost 'provocative' joy over returning with me was obviously a factor, set against Pia's apparent solitude. Already Pia's interest in her farang quarry were fading as she became more aware of Dan and mine's presence, and Pia glances at me in 'mock disgust' at my association with Dan, her former friend and ally… Dan, unconsciously 'timing' the dancing shifts by sheer habit, knew it was at near end, and surreptitiously came back to sit down beside me, robbing Pia of any chance of moving-in unannounced beside me in some territory marking exercise… He heee, I was lovin' it I tell you!!… 🙂

Almost on cue, "One Night in Bangkok" blares out with more of a beat than usual, and Dan and I 'clink' bottles in togetherness-salute, and Dan's leans over to Thai kiss me firmly on the cheek, further marking her territory against
any predatory moves by Pia, now looking over, by now abiding her time… Pia's last dance was an angry one, her face like a finely chiseled stone mask, grips her pole, bends then 'snaps' backwards almost double, then snap-tightening
her abdomen, flipping herself upright while rotating the pole, a masterful move which made her thigh muscles ripple almost, showing her supremely fit figure and hardened stomach to advantage, Pia was in 'signaling mode' and her body
language was telling of her inner anger, being usurped by a friend and junior member, her friend Dan… As if working out her aggression, Pia gripped and strained at the pole, shaking her whole body, her coffee'n cream skin shining from slight
perspiration in the light, her eyes taking on an almost devilish glow in the fluorescent lighting, glancing over as she danced, hair swinging, – almost as a predator might size up a kill…

I felt uneasy, a sort of feeling when you approach a pressure cooker that's steaming madly and making loud whistling noises, – about set to explode, – the same feeling I was having now watching Pia, as Dan, as if holding my hand wasn't enough,
held onto my arm instead asserting her mood and displaying unity…

Showdown at Camelot…

Dan made some brief exchanges with the Mamasan over confirmation of her Bar Fine, barely noticing Pia by now stepping down from the stage, eying Dan and me up as she does so. Pia suddenly changes direction though, – going into the changing rooms area
instead, with another girl, – to make war council maybe I thought?…

If Dan was feeling uneasy, she didn't show it, but kept looking towards the changing rooms and at Pia's inevitable emergence and arrival at our table, and one of Pia's friends emerges, a dark skinned daughter of Isaan, walking by unsmiling
as she goes towards the door, seemingly not noticing me and Dan, a bad sign I felt, seeing the small Scorpion tattoo on her arm as she passes us like a silent airship… A moment later, Pia slowly emerges wafting the curtain aside, visibly bracing
herself for our first encounter since that night in Tip-Top's restaurant, holding a cigarette packet and lighter in hand, Pia was obviously coming to sit down…

"Sawsdee Kaaa" she Wai's toward Dan, then they 'hug' each other briefly, "Where you gooo sister" Pia purrs, as Pia then leans over to kiss my cheek in greeting… Dan smiles warmly, even submissively in a way, – almost
behaving as a junior cub would heralding the return of its Superior clan member… Pia's standing legs wide apart now, eying Dan and me sitting there, almost as if judging, smiling as if a reptile ready to strike, albeit a very beautiful
one… Pia's calm, but eloquent with rage in her stance, temporarily 'unseated' from her throne in her own domain as it were, in front of all to see and witness in the bar, a 'heinous' crime committed by Dan indeed…??
Pia's gaze falls heavily on me sometimes, and I feel strange as though Pia's strange and flawed chemistry is seeking cracks of entry again, sizing me up and how best to achieve her mysterious and dark aims… Whatever those thoughts,
I could almost hear the 'bamboo cogs' whirring away inside her beautiful skull, plotting, thinking like a human calculator, tongue firmly in cheek, glancing away with flashing steely eyes but who's mind was always, always on her
prey and target… Pia's sexiness, sometimes ill-temperament and good looks earned her the nickname of "Warrior Princess" from me, (!) a silent nick name as she [or Dan] probably wouldn't understand the colloquial term or connection…

Pia and Dan exchange pleasantries, Pia saying something playfully like "Where you been you bitch"albeit humorously to Dan, laughing nervously in return, at Pia's playful 'barbs' about her and me going off together, – with an subtle
'edge' to it I thought… Pia's draws on a cigarette and listens to Dan earnestly, legs crossed while standing in her thigh length boots, with a belt of tassels and beads that seem to set off the tone of her skin on her thighs,
as they hung there, rattling gently, almost silently when she moved. As Dan talked, as if a student to her master now, I felt Dan was backing-down in front of Pia's presence, having already overstepped her mark in some way, even under Pia's
license formerly in Tip Top's restaurant… "Get up and dance?" demands Pia to Dan, "Have nooo costume naaa?" Dan winces, (A brief exchange) Dan turns to me, "Simon, – you can please give me 1,000 Baht Kaaa??

Not quite sure what was going on here, I handed over the 1000 Baht note to Dan, who stood, straightened herself, and ran or rather tottered on heels outside into the Pong… Pia just stands silently, smiling while stubbing out her cigarette in the ashtray,
blowing out a small cloud of smoke, as if letting out some unspoken emotion… Then giving me a broad smile and 'thumbs up 'gesture' says; "Khun Dan, she want [to] dancing you know?" Taking a swing from Dan's now
unattended Heineken bottle, "You will see Simon?" Then Pia's mood blackens momentarily, "Khun Simon, I want speak with you something, – I litten-bit angry you go away to Kanchanaburi, Dan tell me about you and she" – "Why
you did not tell me ka?"

Uneasily, adjusting myself in my seat, I volunteer, "Well Pia, you seeing someone else, maybe I too am angry with you!!??" I go on, "You must not be angry Pia, Dan is a good girl and your friend, – YOU let her go together with me – Remember??"
"I am 'together' with Dan now Pia…you must understand this…" "We'll see" says Pia…"We'll seee pom telak Simon…."

If I had any reason to feel uneasy, this was then the moment I would realise why, that few minutes with Pia were distinctly uncomfortable, and our past association seem to give Pia some leverage, or so she thought, and she was preparing to use it. Where
had Dan gone too? – to get some food perhaps??

Moments later, Dan enters Camelot clutching a small brown paper bag, smiling broadly, but like a naughty school girl, "Khun Simon you not angry mee?" she cooes walking by toward the changing room, leaving me to wonder what on earth she was doing…or
up to?

Pia laughs, smiles and looks at me as though a Cat who'd stolen the cream and gotten clean away with it, and almost 'swaggers' off to adjust her makeup for the coming dance shift… "Song beer Heineken na Krup?!" – I think I'm
gonna need one…. Dan, hmmm, she's already a bit drunk, who know's what she's like when she's drunk??? {Khi-Mao}

Sipping on my Heineken, pondering if it was a good idea coming back to the bar tonight, I nearly choked when Dan suddenly emerges from the changing room in a skimpy Pink shiny Bikini, – one of the one's we mused over earlier outside before coming!!!
Utter horror or shocked delight I wasn't sure, as Dan 'twirled' in front of me in sheer delight at her new 'acquisition' "Only 400 Baht, you like yes??" she beamed seeking approval. Er, er, 'wow' -ermmm,
'lovely I finally stuttered rather pathetically as my heart soared at the sight of her in that shiny material, her silky black hair setting off the Pink perfectly, and vice a versa. Amid claps, 'whoops' and cheers from her friends,
Dan twirls again to everyone's sheer utter delight, and even Pia is forced to smile shaking her head at Dan's beguiling beauty and sheer girlie enthusiasm. "Wheeee, look mee Simooon" Dan shouts, – oh God I'm thinking,
am I gonna have to 'carry her home' tonight?? Dan playfully wiggles her bum as she takes a last pre-dance swig of her Heineken, bangs the bottle down, twirls, claps her hands loudly, thrust her fist in the air, – her friends too around
her clapping and cheering, – "this is Dan's night" – tonight…

In last minute preparations, Dan looks over my shoulder, adjusting her Bikini top in the mirror, checking her now amended makeup, – heightened eye liner arches that give her an almost beautiful pixie look, darker lipstick, pouting at herself, looking
side-on at herself, her pre-flight checks maybe??…As the DJ winds out "Santa Maria" with its regular beat, Dan takes the stage, – or is that cat-walk?? Stepping up onto the bar, Dan unknowingly knocks over a neglected half empty Coke
glass to the annoyance of the Yellow-coated bar maids who look on disapprovingly, [Tsch tsch!] as Dan 'strides' in mid-air over her small frame as she looks up… 'Dancers' here enjoy a different status than their bar-made
counterparts in the pecking order, and tonight, Dan was very much the queen of her kingdom tonight. Pia too, was going to have a fight on her hands like none before, and this fight was gonna be won with beguiling beauty and tact…Pia was not
equipped for this type of combat on the dance floor… I thought it was almost ironic the way Dan gives way to Pia in ways, yet sabotages Pia's efforts almost with insolent ease when it comes to getting her man in the beauty stakes, and she
does it almost seemingly effortlessly, seemingly unaware of her own beauty and its effect, beautiful yet aloof sometimes. I sometimes wondered who out of Dan and Pia was, or could be, the more predatory of the pair…Pia's "Warrior Princess"
works well, ratcheting up sexual tensions to fever pitch as she did with me once before, and then foiled against by Dan's beguiling charms, and beauty 'from within' her as well as outward, – a truly 'formidable' combination
in the dating stakes of the vicious and uncompromising bar-world… Dan was perhaps the better equipped for long-term 'survival' after her bar-life…A better mate, marriage material, not just bar material…

Dancing Queen….

Amid pats, kisses and cheers, Dan strides up to her pole position, embracing it almost as a long unseen friend, jumping and gripping it and rotating round it while retracting her legs, slowly descending down onto bended knees, in unison with her friend
almost, on the next pole, but Dan the more stunning in her impromptu-bought Pink bikini costume, [white piping] which shone in the light, showing off her every inch of her lovely curvature intimately, almost 'lovingly' as its material
sheen adhered so beautifully to her smooth skin, – i.e. what there was of it! Momentarily, Dan stops to readjust the two side-bows of her Bikini bottom, pausing to look at me and smile as she does so, I raised
my beer bottle in salute, and if ever this common gesture was ever meant in actual salute, it was now…it was Dan's night, no one could take that away from her, – but in the sidelines and background, maybe Pia was gonna try…

As the night wore on, the bar became noisier and noisier as people got more drunk, and the cacophony of sound in the bar threatened the music, amid girly shouts, cheers, occasional shrieks and playful screams, and girl dancing even seemed to look down
enviously at the melee wishing they too, were a part of the floor fun… Dan carried on dancing, her attention either on me, or her dancing, and sometimes too, on Pia… Pia as not gyrating in front of a farang guy, looking up at her sliding down
the pole in mock orgasm as she does, licking her lips, [phony if you ask me!] but he was lovin' it sitting amid two other girls exerting her 'power' over him in her well practiced dance moves in sheer carnal seduction and provocation…
Quizzical looking Germans lined one side of the bar, looking so intensely through bespectacled eyes and blond spiky hairdo's at the vision of feminine beauty before them and around them, never smiling, always examining, always serious, daring
anyone to make a joke or say something remotely funny… One German was speaking loudly in broken English to a girl, apparently becoming vexed as she didn't want to go with him for some reason, his bruised ego and dignity shouting loudly
above the din and the music, lost in time. Clutching a wad of money, he slams it down on the small shivering table beneath, it barely standing up to the force, sending the plastic beaker tumbling and girls scattering for the protection of the
Mamasan, now approaching like a fire breathing dragon toward the unsuspecting farang… "What problem?" she scowls at everyone concerned, a small girl offer an explanation, but is cut off mid stuttering-sentence and sent fleeing for
cover by the by now irate Mamasan, in full war-mode, Dan looking on amused and winking at me from her higher vantage point, and making funny-faces behind the Mamasan's hackle-raised back… Like on overmadeup Tornado, the Mamasan send girls
fleeing for cover, leaving the German farang 'in the open' and answerable to her. Fumbling, he talks back to the Mamasan [bad move dude?] flirting with her wrath as girls look nervously on, some hiding behind their buddies looking over
shoulders as if watching a bad horror movie as the Mamasan's body language turn bad, causing the German guy to stand and storm out of the bar, after throwing the money at the Mamasan, not getting his way obviously… Dan makes a mock 'grimace'
and then laughs at the 'impromptu' floor cabaret, possibly the most amusing thing she's seen in Camelot for a while?

The fracas hadn't gone unnoticed too by Pia, who'd by now dismounted the podium and was stalking the floor like a beautiful stealth-predator, surreptitiously sitting beside me, lighting a cigarette, crossing her shapely legs beside me, and kicking-back
in the seat in relaxed don't give a s*** mode… Kicking her leg up and down customarily as she does, she says; "Dan very sexy na?" "Have big Meuoo na?" [big breasts] an often talked about point with Dan, girls always
commented on her 'ample' womanhood, as Pia was now. I smiled, and nodded in acknowledgment, – but I'm not really a 'breast man' – shapely 'legs' and femininity are my weak point, I love femininity over raucousness, and Dan most definitely possessed that almost indefinable 'quality' as far as I was concerned, but could match Pia in sheer sexuality when she wanted to, – turned on as if by a tap at will…

"I have Whiskey-Cola Please?" inquires Pia standing up, "Okay, no problem" I reply, but Pia's already leaning over the bar by now ordering her tipple, -on the hard stuff now eh, for what? By now, Dan's walking up the aisle
towards me, smiling while looking at Pia bending in obvious seduction over the bar, exposing her lovely rear, and tempting Dan into a hard Bikini bottom 'twang' on Pia's G-String; Ker-thwap!! Pia shrieks like a banshee, swings round
and playfully 'boxes' Dan at first and 'wrestles' with her, threatening to pull Dan's Bikini top off, Dan spinning round to receive a hard slap from Pia on her shoulder, Whackkkk! – Dan winces, – flinches, – obviously
hurting from the powerful slap, – frowns, all signs of playfulness evaporating, and approaches Pia with a tirade of harsh Lao, Pia turns, legs astride to counter Dan's sudden advance, shouting back in coarse Lao diatribes with eyes ablaze
in green, – then suddenly pushes Dan backwards…, following Dan as she stumbles backwards… I react, suddenly leaving my seat, grabbing Pia very firmly from further 'assailing' Dan, – then quickly 'maneuvering' my way in
front of Pia, and in between the two of them, – Dan coming at me from behind, trying to get at Pia… "Neow Neow, mi pen rai!!" I shout, when holding Pia fast to her spot. My anger at Pia is evident,
– how 'dare' she strike Dan at what was only a playful gesture by her? At that moment a knocked over beer bottle rolls and falls to the floor, shattering into pieces, – as if heralding and underscoring the end of Pia's and Dan's
friendship… Pia relaxes, 'lets go' standing still and loose momentarily, – me standing in-between as Dan begins to cry… as Pia slowly turns her back and walks leggy strides towards the changing room with angry finger-wagging Mamasan
in hot pursuit…

I sit down beside Dan who's now sitting, and put my arm around her to comfort her, and let her know who's side I'm on, defiantly hers for sure, as a tear rolls down Dan's cheek, surely, time to go?… Some girls follow Pia to the dressing
room, other sit and comfort Dan in her seat – like fight promoters fending for their charges and loyalties in different corners. I felt bad for Dan, Pia's jealousies had obviously boiled over, not necessarily over me, who know really what
goes on, but Dan's subtle beauty possibly had something to do with it, – and that super-sexy cossie of hers, knocking Pia 'off her perch' once and for all, for all to see, and igniting her hidden jealousies…

Well, that was it, Dan had put her friendship with Pia on the line and lost through her trying to impress or amuse me I'm not sure. She'd done that and lost her friend, although I really wonder as to the 'value' of Pia's friendship
toward Dan anyway. I could see Pia in her true light now, jealous and quite vicious at times, and shouldn't have been surprised, perhaps I was naive to think tonight would go off without a hitch given the potentially explosive female 'ingredients'?…

Stickman's thoughts:

The adventure continues.

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