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Political Correctness ???

First of all, it looks like the phrase "political correctness" should be defined, so that we know what we are talking about. It's one of those buzz words people use with different definitions.

According to the Encarta: Politically correct (adj) deliberately inoffensive: marked by language or conduct that deliberately avoids giving offense, for example, on the basis of ethnic origin or sexual orientation

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Through use and abuse, this definition is extended to mean something that is said/done with the intention of getting agreement from the majority of the audience, regardless of one's actual thoughts.

For instance, a guy talking of equality while he actually think Blacks are stupid, or Thais are a lower race. Or a guy that pretends to love kids while leaving his own in the ditch. Politically correct refers to those are things that can
be said broad and open.

In other words, "political correctness" is a social lie to protect face and appearances.

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So I find it funny that you would consider Thailand "not politically correct", considering the importance of face out here.

The reason why you think Thailand as "not politically correct" is that the local culture and values are different to yours.

Look around, and you will see that Thai people are extremely PC…based on their culture, not on yours.

Politically correct is very much a matter of audience. Who you are talking to.


What is "politically correct" here, on Stick's web site, would certainly not be politically correct at a White American Female meeting (is there such a sad thing?).

I said that I wasn't politically correct merely because I expressed *my* view of the thing, without trying to conform with the rest of the submissions. I just say things the way I see them.

Now, just for the fun of it, tell me how you make these 2 statements of yours fit together:

"Political correctness is like a hole. There’s no such thing as half a hole – it’s still a hole. Same same with Political Correctness. You can’t have half PC – it’s still PC."


"I’ve lived in Australia for 20 years and have experienced increasing levels of PC, such that today it permeates all levels of society."

So, what is it gonna be? A hole or a level?

Everything is a matter of degree. Even a hole. Take a metal plate. It's solid, right? You look at it and it's just a plain piece of metal. No hole, right?

Well, at molecular level, it's full of holes. (just like your morals 😉

Same goes for political correctness. There are varying degrees. You can be more or less politically correct, depending on what you say, and to who.

Thailand has an heavy share of PC.

Kiss your teeruk in the street, in front of policemen, with people around. A good, long, deep throat kiss with your hands a little bit all over the place just like many do in the West.

Do that experience a couple times, then let me know if you have changed your opinion about the "The almost total absence of any form of political correctness in Thailand". 😉

Now, if you are in awe because some moron insulted a fat kid, it's no wonder to me you would sing Dana's merits – you are very much alike. You like Dana? Good for you.

About "…while all his detractors use words like morality, what they are really talking about is political correctness."

No. I wasn't talking about Political Correctness. I *was* talking about morality.

You say that "we know from his previous submissions that he supports underprivileged kids."

Well, that's nice. Now, stretching it a bit more on the same line, what about Dana supporting his own kids? Wouldn't that be neat?

Don't be ridiculous. The guy is not ready to help out his own kids, and he doesn't care about making new ones as long as he doesn't have to see them or pay for them.

That guy doesn't know what "caring for others" really means. Period.

"Caring / supporting" has to do with "being there when the others need you". Not just when *you* need them.

If Dana is moral or decent to your standards, fine. But it doesn't say much about your standards.

Stickman's thoughts:

Being told that you are not politically correct is often a badge to be worn with pride. But that is not to say that one can be decent while not exactly politically correct. This PC movement has gone WAY too far.