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Jimmy has broached a subject that I have been curious about for some time.

Given that a 20 year old Thai girl has the physical and emotional characteristics of a 12 year old farang girl from the U.S, I'm wondering if this could mean that all sex tourists are REALLY attracted to female children? It would seem

(I remember being in a restaurant one morning when this horrible ugly man came in with a girl so tiny that she appeared to be no more than 8 – 10 years old. I am certain she was probably 18, but there was nothing on top nor anywhere else
for that matter to indicate that. This guy was without a doubt a pedophile as there was nothing sexually appealing (at least to me) about this small female. DISGUSTING!!!!!)

I suppose one could say we are attracted to their long silky black hair or their large dark eyes or as Dana says, their wide, flat, brown feet. Or maybe it's their tight little butts we love so much (I do). Maybe it's their playful,
giggling, smiling and childlike qualities that suck us in.

Let's face it, whatever it is about the above, we are still describing a 12 year old farang schoolgirl.

Maybe it has to do with male domination. In America it is not unusual for females to be almost as tall as their male partners. Maybe these smallish Thai ladies don't threaten us so much. Or it could be that because of their size we perceive
them to be "fresh" and "unused" – you know – VIRGINS!!! And virgins are the holy grail – right??

I guess one should sincerely ask oneself what we're really about OR just forget about it and have a good time. After all – we're on vacation. Vacation meaning – we're vacating everything that binds us to our reality at home,
including our Puritan morals which have nothing in common with natural law.

Unless God was playing a big joke on us humans, it's pretty silly to think that we were given the ability and desire to have sex and then wait for 10 years until we're married, to do so. But that's what the farang woman lives
with (or did in my generation) and it's the reason they demand foreplay. Foreplay allows them to become "lost" in their passion and absolves them of their guilt – that is – until the next time.

And that's what I love about my Thai wife. No guilt – no gifts – no fancy restaurants – no diamond rings (although a baht of gold goes down well – but for different reasons.) When she has an itch – she wants it scratched and vice versa – pure and

Much has been written about the changes coming to Bangkok and while I am no expert on Thailand, it doesn't surprise me that Thaksin would want to confine the naughty nightlife too a certain area or areas. This is quite common throughout the Western
world and makes a lot of sense to me.

The first thing Thaksin's got to do is pay the cops a living wage. While a living wage is no guarantee against corruption and bribes, you have no chance at all without it.

Next he's going to have to create a safety net for the elderly, a social security, so that parents don't produce more children than they really want in order to secure their old age.

And finally, he's going to have to find a way to keep those beautiful Isaan girls behind their water buffaloes in the boondocks.



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