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No Plomplem

  • Written by Billy Budd
  • November 10th, 2004
  • 4 min read

The title of this story is a bit of a misnomer as I'm now sat back in England after two glorious months in the LOS with "Big Plomplems"!

Let me explain: I've been to Thailand a few times now and each time I've been I've kept my wise head on. Have a good time, plenty of drink and sunshine and food; and of course girls. I've always managed to keep the girls
at arms length, you know, one night here, one night there then pay them to go away the next day – no hard feelings.

Anyway, my present position is one where I'm seriously considering starting the new year by moving to the LOS. I'm mid-thirties with a good education and teaching qualifications so I don't see much problem securing some sort
of work to provide me with a work permit. So this two month visit was more or less a quick stop to make sure that I am in fact making the right decision to move to LOS full-time. However, I hadn't planned on losing my heart as it has never
happened before, now though it has and that is where my big plomplem lies.

To cut a long story short, I met a sweet and very shy girl in a bar in Pattaya about three weeks into my stay. We chatted over a couple of nights but took things no further. I was going to do a bit of travelling in the South and didn't
want a companion so I was happy.

The night before I went south, I barfined my girl and we went for a few drinks down Walking Street. One thing led to another and we ended up back at my place for the night. The sex was OK. Nothing magical. My girl wasn't over-enthusiastic
either. Next morning I paid my way and went on my way.

butterflies bangkok

The next couple of weeks took me to a few new spots in Thailand I'd not been to before including Koh Samui, but I kept thinking of the shy girl I'd left behind in Pattaya. Inevitably I returned and went for a drink in her bar and
she greeted me with a huge smile and a kiss which was great as I was happy to see her too.

A bit about Aum. She is 29, a few pounds over fighting weight, but not much! Divorced with a 7 year old who lives with her family. Yep, not ideal I know! But on my previous visits to LOS I've had some stunners of all ages shapes and sizes – this
time though the feeling was definitely different.

I barfined her again that night and went back to the hotel. This time the sex was fantastic and we lay in bed all the next day laughing as she can speak very good English barring for some reason the word 'problem' hence the title.
I took the plunge and paid her bar for another week. She was delighted and it made me happy to see her so happy.

Now, I haven't spent more than one night with a Thai girl before. But I can honestly say that the next week was great and we spent another week together which again was great. I then left for England and Aum was very upset asking me
to hurry back.


And this is where my problems begin. Yes I want to move to Thailand in the New Year and yes I would be quite happy to have the company of a beautiful young lady but I have read the horror stories on this site before regarding bar-girls and
wonder if I should just leave her alone when I get back to LOS. The trouble is though that against my better instincts, I'm also torn by the fact that she feels like the 'one'.

So for the time being I'm stuck in England cold and confused wondering what to do for the best. Maybe you or your readers have some good news stories regarding bar-girls?

Stickman's thoughts:

Shifting country for one girl you spent a very limited amount of time with is a huge decision. Forget the bargirl horror stories, what about just the day to day things. She presumably would be supported by you so there goes a good chunk of, if not all, of your discretionary spending money. As has been mentioned on this site, the better teaching jobs are MUCH harder to come by now. Who's to say that things will be so magical when you and her move in together? So many ifs and buts… Whatever the case, I wish you good luck, and hope that whatever happens, you'll let us know how it all turns out.