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Employing Johns

  • Written by RH
  • November 30th, 2004
  • 3 min read


I'm writing to register a strong note of protest against the two recent contributors to your site who maintain that anyone patronizing the "naughty nightlife" scene has no business teaching.

At first blush, yes, these fellows may well appear to have morality and decency on their side.

Consider, if you will, though:

1) Doesn't an interest in ADULT WOMEN suggest that the teacher in question is probably NOT, in fact, a pedophile?

In other words, the fact that he's messing around at Nana Plaza might well suggest that he's not into messing around with the teenaged gals at his school.

2) Isn't it only natural to pursue a sexual outlet of some description, however moral or otherwise?

If the teacher in question is unmarried, unattached (for whatever reason), how much can he really be blamed for looking for sexual fulfillment where he can get it?

Seriously, Stickman, I beg you:

If you were not married, if you had no girlfriend, if you were lonely and frustrated and etc. (just imagine–okay?), would you not at least feel TEMPTED to have a look into the naughty bars? Come on!: You KNOW you would, and I don't blame you for

In case you haven't guessed, this topic really "pushed my buttons." In fact, it got me downright angry–though I hasten to add that my anger is directed solely at your unenlightened letter writers, and not at you, Stickman.

Here's why:

I teach children.

I've also been to Nana and the other nightlife venues many, many times.

That having been said, I can swear to you on a stack of bibles, on my mother's grave, on anything and everything sacred, that I would never in a million years think of sexually abusing a child.

Why? Because I just plain wouldn't.

Because it's just plain wrong.

Because unless you're that one person in a thousand with no sense of morals at all, you draw certain lines in the sand. You will never, ever, ever rob a bank. You will never, ever, ever kill in cold blood (though you rationally can't rule out
the remote possibility that if forced to defend yourself you could seriously hurt the aggressor).

In summary, to the fathers of teenage girls out there who are so damn insistent that any teacher caught "bouncing a prostitute up and down on his knee in Nana Plaza" must be fired immediately, I would like to say, Jesus Christ man, are you out of your mind? HE'S WITH A HOOKER, YOU DUMBASS, NOT WITH YOUR DAUGHTER–AND YES, THERE'S ONE HELL OF A DIFFERENCE!

Finally, will you agree with me, Stickman, that it is possible, after all, to be SCRUPULOUSLY MORAL in most everything that life may throw at you, while nonetheless being tormented by sexual desires, which, for the single unattached man, are very, very
difficult to deal with except within the narrow semi-legal bounds of "naughty nightlife," etc.

I've never had so much as a parking ticket in my entire life, rarely give offense of any sort to anyone, and still, YES, I will indulge in sex with the occasional STRICTLY ADULT woman who may be willing to provide the service on a STRICTLY CONSENSUAL
basis, and I am very, very sorry that it has to be this way. If I could find a wife, the whoring would be done with forever tomorrow.

And THAT'S the honest-to-God truth.

That's all for now.


Stickman's thoughts:

A fair argument indeed.