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Aussie Hell, Thai Heaven

  • Written by Aussie Ian
  • November 25th, 2004
  • 5 min read

I am sorry, but I just could not resist commenting on the following from your latest weekly posting.

Many Western guys begin to realise that all of the things that they used to enjoy when they first arrived or when they were here on holiday were the types of things you may enjoy once or twice on holiday, but that they have now become tiresome – and they crave something different, often some of the very things they left behind in the West."

Now whilst I can empathise with the sentiment of the above, and certainly whilst I am in the land of smiles I have experienced many frustrations that may not exist back home, I think I can safely say I have never been bored at all whilst
in Thailand – not once. I know that the movies are not always the greatest, most being crap from the USA, {we also have these back home} and I do miss the clean air and the fact that you can drink the water straight from the tap back home, but
I am more than happy to put up with this albeit on an extended visit of 1 or 2 months at a time. No doubt this tolerance would lengthen were I to venture to say Koh Samui or Koh Panghan for instance where the air is clean, the water you swim in
is relatively clean and the pace of life is a hell of a lot less frantic.

It really isn't until I have come back home to good old western society that I am reminded of the reason why I left the god forsaken country in the first place. THE WOMEN!

I have mentioned this to you in the past and whilst you did agree to a point, you were nonetheless a little circumspect. But my dear Stick- I really do think you need to get back to Farangland to really get a feel for what has happened, and
moreover what continues to happen at a pace. In short political correctness, anti anglo – celtic, anglo – saxon heterosexual male society at every level – even the media! Particularly the media. One can not pick up a newspaper today without looking
at what resembles a woman's magazine. They seem to be pitched more and more toward 20 something year old females. I should know – I work for one! And turn on the TV and you get such gems as "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" – a US
based program that puts down white heterosexual males as being hopeless in every department, with the gay guys being all knowing and having their shit and lives together. Jesus H Christ save me!

butterflies bangkok

It is a social desert here and for some very good reasons. We here have endured the western feminist movement for the past 30 or so years and the result has not been equality. Not at all. If that were the case it would be laudable. Rather, we have a society
that marginalises and seeks to make males irrelevant, except for paying child support / spousal maintenance or some such thing. Men are at the 150 metre mark of the 100 metre dash and we are getting further and further behind. It really is amazing
just how many "working girls" in Thailand are on top of this subject. They know who has the whip hand in western countries now. They hear from all their "boyfriends" the endless stories and no doubt the vast majority of these
stories are true. Little wonder so many of the bar girls and others are just breaking their necks to get hitched up with some unsuspecting or otherwise knowing farangs, taking them back to paradise and away from poverty. Paradise all right. Twelve
or so months in the land of endless opportunity and file for divorce, claim she was beaten up, and because she now has a child to the poor bastard, she gets the home, the car, the furniture and everything else as well – just like the white women!
Suddenly – HAPPY DAZE IN THAILAND should she decide to sell up and go home. And many do.

But I digress a little. Stick – I am never bored in Thailand. And were I to be, I can tell you that there are plenty of things to do to occupy one's free time – and I do not necessarily mean the bars either. There are clubs, NGO and
social groups to join, voluntary workers and a like. And if that doesn't take your fancy there are always books, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, golf and a whole range of activities to fill in a day. Frankly, staying cool is usually a
major consideration for me at least whilst in Thailand.

I just can not impress to much upon you the sadness that has enveloped my country – Australia. Men that once were happy with their lot in life, are now recognising that all is not well in the state of Denmark, or Australia for that matter.
More and more I am seeing once happy men looking at their lives and wondering 'where did I do wrong? Why do I deserve this'? And the rates of male suicide is sky rocketing in many western societies, particularly Australia.

You are right about the frustrations in Thailand. They do exist, but come back home and have a look around. The only things that keep me here are a good wage {I would be lucky to get one quarter of it in Thailand} and my ten year old daughter
who I love to bits.

red dragon

Take care and stay cool.

Stickman's thoughts:

Where's the travel agent's phone number? I am canceling my trip home. If it is happening in Australia, it's happening in Kiwiland too. So you're saying that I am stuck in Thailand, like it or not? I guess it could be worse!

(This was actually a reader's email to me but I liked it so much that I thought it would make a good submission and the author gave the ok.)