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True Heartbreak – Update

  • Written by TG Lover
  • October 1st, 2004
  • 3 min read

True Heartbreak – Follow Up

By Mr. Anonymous

With reference to my letter – True Heartbreak… 3rd September 2004

Thanks mate for keeping me anonymous when I sent through my last email. I was a little worried whether or not to write my story but in the end, the feedback was fantastic. Most was very positive and helped me move on in my life. Many people who emailed me asked me for an update, which I shall now give.

The unfortunate problem for me at the time of last writing was that I could not see through that cloud of love that blurs so much reality and most things seemed surreal to me. I never dreamed that my wife would abort my four and half month old baby, spend all our money, fuck around or work in a bar, or dance or be able to sleep with someone whilst we battled at home to keep our life moving forward (that is me and my son). I have had all the phone calls from her, that she is ill, that her mum is ill, by the way, I found out her mum is an addictive gambler. Just endless lies and deceit and in the end the truth, or so she says. The worrying or sad thing is that she never called to speak to her son, how inhuman is that!

After leaving three and a half months ago, I had a wake-up call this week. My wife who by the way, is now working full-time (dancing and on the door) in Long-Gun / Lucky Star in Soi Cowboy has been calling for weeks on end (and up until yesterday) proclaiming her undying love for me and my son, whilst trying to kid me she was earning 10,000 baht on the door of the bar. She would tell me how hard it was and that she had never bar-fined! I could not believe it, I mean I wanted to, but it was just impossible to perceive. A pretty lady hard up in Bangkok and not even being tempted by a short time for some short-time cash!

Then yesterday, she called me and told me that she had sent 500 Euro to pay her debts off in Berlin, Germany to her Thai friends. I asked her where the money came from and low-and-behold, I think she enjoyed very much telling me that she has been bar-fining. Ten guys in the last two weeks to get the cash together. She also mentioned a married Australian rigger called Tim, who has decided he would like to look after her and seeing as he has more money than me and paid off some of her debts, she feels she will be better long-term with him. Must make sense somewhere – or am I missing something. I mean he has money and is in and out of Bangkok on business. Perfect life for her. She did say she would like to visit us at some time, for what reason I have no idea, but I will try to be as far away form here when she visits! Anyway, I am delighted, she is totally out of my hair!

And that's the end of the true heartbreak. I stay here with my wonderful son, move and move up and she stays in the bar, back to her roots, fucking a rigger who is married! I have filed divorce papers and custody papers and hope that that will be last of some very dead and old wood. And Tim (the Aussie rigger), if you read this, please beware, this woman is a monster!

Thanks again for all the mails, if you want to contact me anonymously, then please do through Stickman. Congratulations with the site, sure helped me along the way! Most advice is very good and very true, it just takes a big kick up the arse to wake up to reality.

Stickman's thoughts:

If ever there was a story that clearly showed how getting involved long term with girls of the night is problematic, then this was it. Very pleased to see that you are moving in a positive direction.