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The Way It Is

  • Written by Nightrider
  • October 16th, 2004
  • 3 min read

I like Thailand and the Sukhumvit Road pretty much, and since 2000 I have been there a couple of times and had a lot of fun with the girls.

Because I am lazy I don’t like to change the girls and stay with them mostly for about 2 weeks. In 2003 I spent 4 months in Bangkok and developed some nice relations with them.

One of them had a German sponsor who sometimes sent money and had ideas of taking her to Germany, but he was married and was drinking too much. The girl liked to gamble and lost a lot of money.

What I was really wondering about was that this guy, because he was sending money, expected her to stay at home and worried she was going with other men. She really liked him and was not very happy about this situation.

My basic principle is not to expect more from other people than you are able to deliver on your own. I am quite sure next to no one would stay at home and wait a couple of months for a person you never know if you see again or maybe get an email, ”sorry I fell in love in my home country”.

So there were occasions she stayed with me in my hotel-room and called this guy to send her money, and he was suspecting she was not at home (he was right), she promised she was at home but her landline phone was not working at the moment…

At the end of the day for me, when I give money away, I don’t expect anything in the future from her. This girls only have their body to make some good money and it is fair enough they make as much as they can as long as they are “competitive”.

But most of them loose the money as quick as they make it, with gambling, ya ba or lending it to friends. (O.K. the customers lose it with the girls.)

For me I accept it as it is, I went with them to illegal casinos in Bangkok, the only farang there, it was like a movie, with metal detectors and so….

I tried Ya ba and had card sessions for about 24 hours straight through…

The girls liked this because they didn’t need to make a show about their vices and for me it is really adventure. I don’t expect them to tell the truth or be on time , makes things only complicated. I cut money then they are late, it is far more effective, and the girls accept this, no big deal.

I am a guest in this country and I have to adopt to their customs, if I am not happy I can go anytime and go to other places in the world or stay at home.

Maybe I am lucky, I don’t have much money and I tell this the girls straight away, I don’t like to raise false hopes. Most of the times I have a great time and the girls are quite happy, for them it is like holiday, they don’t need to chase customers and can do what they like, as long as they keep me happy of course, but for me I like to take part of their daily lives and get to know their troubles and worries.

So I have my next flight booked in November and hope I won’t have too much trouble with this kind of holiday, because the boys in brown are not too happy about some activities, but life is always a risky business.

Stickman's thoughts:

Lowering one's expectations often results in a positive outcome.