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The Best Vacation I Ever Had

  • Written by Paul.WWW
  • October 27th, 2004
  • 9 min read

I still own my own heart and I owed it to your invaluable advice and recommendation. A Thai bargirl named Mo almost stole it from me, despite your advice always rang clearly in my head during my entire stay in Thailand: “If you only remember one piece of advice, what ever you do, NEVER fall in love with a bar girl because if you do, you’ll be in for one very nasty ride.”

For 10 years I did not have any real vacation; sure I took a week off here and there but the most adventurous I did was going to Las Vegas for 3 days. I needed a vacation badly, so I took a friend’s advice and looking into Thailand as the destination. Stumbling upon your site for information, I really like the down-to-earth approach that you presented the info, although a little disappointed that your “Naughty Nightlife In Bangkok” page was offline. One thing did stick in my mind that you stressed of not falling in love with a bargirl. “How can I fall in love with a prostitute? and what would be the harm?” I asked myself. Thus, I took your recommendation and printed out the “Private Dancer” to read on the plane. With your advice, and the really great insights from the “Private Dancer”, I thought I was ready for my vacation in Pattaya. I thought I was ready for most of the tricks bargirls may have. I thought I just went to Pattaya, enjoyed the beach (not Thai’s best beach as you stated), some sightseeing, some nice bargirls, and went home stress-relief and happy.

I was wrong. What I got was the best 3 days and nights of my life, and almost left my heart in Pattaya when I left.

Do you believe in faith? In my case, I think it was faith that I met her. In Pattaya, I walked around a lot the first two days, exploring the soi (small streets), and had a couple of oil massage of 300 baht each. The end of second day, I went to Mystics A Go-Go bar. What a coincidence – there I met Dave who was from my same city. Dave had been going to Pattaya for the last 6 years; his advice to me: most bars are the same, check out Happy A Go-Go, and just do short-time. That night I paid 500 baht bar fine a pretty girl for long-time that cost 2000 baht. She had a nice tight body, pretty face; but she did not smile often. The sex was good for me – once at that night, and once in the morning; but I did not think she liked it. I wanted her to stay with me for another night; but she wanted to go home. So I rented a motorbike and dropped her off near her place.

On Tuesday night, after driving around all day, I took Dave’s recommendation, went to Walking Street, and went inside Happy A Go-Go bar. As soon as I walked in, despite all young and naked girls dancing on the center stage, I noticed a girl sitting next to the stage. I was sat down across the stage from her by the hostess. Although there were about 12 young sexy girls teasingly peeling their white bikinis off, my eyes instead kept glancing at that girl. She had an innocent face, long silky black hair, and a timid smile. She did not dress or acted like a bargirl – just a regular short sleeves blouse with white pants, and yet she was in a go-go bar. I kept wondered if she was a bargirl. We made several eye contacts until her friend/the hostess brought me over. After buying her a drink, and chit chat a little bit, I asked if she could go “long-time” and how much. She looked down a little, smiled a bit and replied with 2 fingers.

I said O.K. and that started the best time of my life. It was like I was on vacation with my girlfriend who really liked me, her purpose was to make me happy, and it did not matter where we went. Anytime I asked where she would want to go, the reply was always “Up to you” with a smile and a hand forwarded to me.

What I liked a lot about Mo? She had a cute face with very pretty eyes. She smiled a lot, small and sincere smiles, especially whenever I looked long at her. Her black silky hair ran down past her mid back. Her nails were clean and clear. Whenever I told her she was beautiful, she always gave a shy smile and said no.

We went to the Lucifer Disco across the street from Happy A Go-Go. We had some beers and danced intimately to the live R&B performers. The music was great, her body gyrated against mine, the smell of her hair mixed with the smell of sweat, the effect of beer; I had a great time. After the disco was closed at 2:00AM, we walked back to Pattaya Centre Hotel with her hand in mine. I felt the closeness with her already.

In my hotel room, she was shy to show her body. After a long shower, she took the towel off only after sliding under the bed sheet. Her clothes did not do justice to her body; I was nicely surprised to find out how big her breasts were and how nice her body was: curved back, nice firm ass, flat stomach, silky smooth skin.

I had great sex that night. Well, maybe partly because I was divorced for 4 years and had not had a steady girlfriend since, only some sexual encounters here and there but nothing as good. She was stronger than most girls I have ever been with since she did not display any discomfort after the sex with me. The bargirl during my first night did, and so often did my ex-wife. I’m not bragging, instead I think I’m not good in bed since if it takes me long to finish, I should be able to make the girl feel good. If the girl is not comfortable, she does not enjoy what I have, and, thus, my performance is not good. Also, don’t get me wrong that I have problem finishing. If wanted to, I can be done in a few minutes (it’s all in the head); but it would not feel as good to me. I like the sex to be long, sweaty, and really into it, and Mo satisfied my wants with enjoyment. I would never know if she pretended or not; but it felt real to me.

We took a shower separately (always), and went to bed naked. That night and the next two nights, we slept together like lovers: the nakedness, the closeness, the wantonness. I can still feel the heat of her body, and remember the smell of her hair, the smoothness of her skin. During the night, whenever she was half awake, her right hand always looked for mine, and her left hand took my other hand to couple her breast.

For the next two days, we were together 24 hours a day. We did not see each other only when using the bathroom or changing. We always woke up late, had great sex, took shower, had lunch, went to the malls, went back to the hotel to rest, went to dinner, went to the shows, went dancing, went to late night market, ate late at the hotel, took shower, had great sex, and slept together like lovers.

I don’t know if it is great acting or not; I don’t care if maybe she just showed her appreciation of me paying for her; I still miss her so much!

Once we went to the Irish Pub (?) next to the beach on Walking Street one early evening. It was so romantic sitting in the couch, massaging her feet, playing with her legs, drinking mixed drink while the band was playing “Hotel California” a few feet from us. I could almost still smell the air, hear the keyboard, taste the sour sweet of the Hawaii Blue, and feel weight of her legs on mine, and the texture of her white pants as I was sliding my hand down her legs. I miss her!

She took me to her apartment twice for changing. It was a very small studio with 1 room for bed, couch, entertainment center, closet, and 1 restroom. She and her sister kept it very clean and neat though; unlike my ex-wife’s back at the States.

We also went to the Tiffany Show; the transvestite performers were so great it confused my mind. They looked, and moved, lip synced, and danced so feminine and beautifully that my mind kept trying to believe they were real, beautiful women. I kept reminding myself that underneath all the flashy costumes, they were actually men with boobs.

We had great time at StarDice where young and energetic singers aroused the crowd with their talents. Actually I had a great time with her all the time, walking at the mall, shopping at night market, buying late snacks, riding the motorbike holding her hand with her breasts kept poking at my back. We joked, traded small chats, tickled each other, gave quick kisses, and held hands most of the time. Time seemed to slow down for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Three days and nights with her seemed like a month to me.

The time for me to leave arrived. On Friday morning, I told her I had to leave for Bangkok in the afternoon to be closer to the airport and to buy some software for my use. She thought I was making up excuses to get rid of her to find another girl. She asked me to stay with her one more night and without paying her. I convinced her by asking her for help to get a taxi to Bangkok and to check out of my hotel. She asked for my email and my address which I gave her; but I had no intention of keeping a long distant relationship. I knew it would never work.

On the way to Bangkok, I could not hold back my tears. It hurt leaving her and knew I would never see her, talk to her, hold her hand, stroke her hair, massage her legs, or kiss her cheeks ever again. I am sure that if it was not for your advice, “What ever you do, NEVER fall in love with a bar girl because if you do, you’ll be in for one very nasty ride!” I would certainly fall in love with her: the chemistry was there, the connection was there, the feeling was there; despite language barrier.

For the past week back in the U.S., I still wonder sometimes if the trip ever happened. It seems unreal to me; I’m missing her so much, and want to take care of her.

Thanks Mo for the best time of my life, and StickMan for you are the reason I still have my heart here with me.

I think …

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