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Thai Thoughts And Anecdotes Part 65

  • Written by Dana
  • October 23rd, 2004
  • 12 min read

Thai Thoughts And Anecdotes 65


The ripping and the tearing of the flesh isn't sufficient to cause me to blackout. The pain is severe but it is a case of 100 wounds rather than a single bullet to the brain. There is still the outrage of consciousness and the ability to fight back. The frothing hounds are on me! The horses ran me down. The terriers pulled me out of the hole. And now the denouement is the hounds tearing at me. Men on horses are blowing bugles. I can hear my own language. I am about to die. Run to ground by the moralists and the politically correct. I never really had a chance. It is hard to beat numbers. But I did the right thing. I ran.

A prostitute and I had relations. She got pregnant. She decided to have a baby. I was told that I bore 50% responsibility and was now part of a 100% lifetime contract. No, I'm sorry. This is nonsense. A shit sandwich I am not going to eat.

So I ran. That was all that was left. The only way I could show my humanness and my value and my dignity. Are you happy moralists? That you got me to run? Well, you made a mistake! Burning at the stake is much more entertaining. As the subcutaneous fat heats up it spontaneously rents the skin and explodes in a satisfying snap and sizzle and pop. Better than TV. Maybe next time. Because if I do get a next time on earth I am still not paying for some prostitutes baby. So start piling up the brush around the stake. Because if you do see me again I'll be running.

I do not feel and I refuse to accept any personal or financial responsibility for a bargirl's pregnancy or birth child. None. Think the above example is extreme? Welcome to my world. Welcome to my dreams!

OK, let's imagine something more reasonable.

Let's imagine that while flying at 35,000 feet over Thailand that some of your semen flies out the window of the plane (could happen). And let's imagine that at the same time there is a young fertile naked Thai woman lying on the ground with her ankles behind her ears. And lets imagine that after freezing and then thawing that your plunging sperm laden semen shoots right into her (could happen)! She gets pregnant and decides to have the baby. You are informed by EVERYONE that it is 50% your responsibility and a 100% lifetime contract even though you were not there and have no idea who she is. Absurd? No, that is the law. The law today is that a man's sperm is someone else's source of legal extortion as soon as it leaves his body. How many beers did it take to come up with this crap?

Still not convinced. OK, every man can connect with this.

A woman named Nom in Pattaya that I had been spending some time with informed me on our last day that since we had been having unprotected sex that she was going to get pregnant and give birth and that we were then going to get married and go to America. She stated this to me as if she was quoting a law of physics. This seemed completely reasonable to her because every woman and womanette (young stupid girl) and government official and smarty pants morally correct person she has ever heard or come in contact with has told her that this is how the world works. No need to discuss this with me. I am not really a human being. I am just a bag of money. Well, fuck her and fuck everybody. I ain't paying. Ever. If you are a prostitute and you make a living by fucking for money then one of the risks you bear is pregnancy. It is not my risk because I can't get pregnant (I bear other risks). If you get pregnant than you took a risk and lost. Most risk takers lose. That is the nature of risk. Well, do something about it. There are options. But don't come to me. It ain't my responsibility and I ain't paying!

OK, still not fully engaged in this. Well, that is obviously because you have never been to Thailand. But that's OK. I'll give you an example that only requires common sense. Let's imagine that you pick up a 10 year veteran prostitute called Boom out of the car park next to the Nana hotel. Later in a court of law it is not reasonable for her to say she does not know what sex is. That is the business she is in. She contracts (product, price, and delivery) several times a day. You and Boom have unprotected sex. Later in a court of law it is not reasonable for her to state that she does not know what a condom is or what it's supposed benefits are. Again, that is so integral to her business that for her to make this statement would be unbelievable. And since this statement is not believable it is also a corollary that she understands the risk of pregnancy is enhanced by not having protected sex. For her to say that she understood what condoms are and what they are for but that she had no comprehension of pregnancy as an occupational risk is absurd. Again, if she made a statement like this in court it would have no currency. So let's review: Boom knows what sex is and knows what condoms are and knows why unprotected sex may lead to pregnancy and accepts this behavior as risk behavior in her profession. OK, get ready for the ride. Boom gets pregnant and decides suddenly that she wants to participate in the joys and wonders of motherhood and because it is your semen you are going to pay. Suddenly Boom has forgotten what she knows and now it is just what she wants. And what she wants is for you to pay for her latest enthusiasm. You are not involved in any way in the decision to bring the baby to term. It's just your money she wants.

OK, now how do you feel? A little used maybe? Oh no, not you! You don't feel used because you know that it is really the right thing for you to do. Really? Let's consider something that you have not thought of; and that none of the moral powers and governments and do-gooders and right thinkers even bring up. You had risks in having unprotected sex with Boom. One of the risks was contracting an illness. If this happened and you went to Boom and told her that she bore a 50% responsibility for your illness and now had a lifetime job to help pay your doctors bills what do you think her reaction would be? That's right. She would think you were nuts! Because in this politically correct world today it is strictly a one way street when it comes to discharging responsibilities. Men pay. Women don't. Sound like a double standard? I'll help you with this. The reason it sounds like a double standard is because it is a double standard. Well fuck all women and the politically correct double standard mean spirited horses they rode in on. I ain't paying for the baby. The baby that you knew was a risk and that you have options to terminate. If you want to have a baby that's fine. It's nice to have a hobby. But you'll have to get some other guy to pay. You made a mistake with me. You thought I was a sucker because I was nice. I treated you with dignity and respect. I bought you gifts. I listened to you talk and took an interest in your affairs. You lay your head on the rails and thought you heard the sucker train coming. Well honey you made a mistake. Rice paddy people aren't the only tough people. I'm soft on the outside but I'm made of razor blades and barbed wire on the inside and I respond instantly and poorly to extortion. I ain't paying.

I believe that if a child results because of a union between a prostitute and a customer that the man has no responsibility of any kind–moral or financial. I can't be the only one thinking this thought but it is so politically incorrect a thing to say that you never hear it. So I'll take the hits. I'll be the mouthpiece for sanity and male dignity. I'll be the sacrificial node. The notion that a man is 100% responsible or responsible in any way (that's right, you read correctly) for an occupational hazard that the other partner was aware of is so ridiculous as to be absurd. If a race car driver has an accident during a race he does not expect all the other drivers to pay for his misfortune. He entered the race fully cognizant of the potential hazards to himself and adult responsible behavior requires him to accept the risks of his actions himself. If I am ever placed in this customer-bargirl situation there is no chance that I will pay a penny. I don't owe the other party of the contract for hazards accrued, a contract she entered into willingly; and she isn't getting any money.

I refuse to assume moral or financial burdens of a child that a prostitute decides to bring to term. I will probably end up having to pay because some entity bigger than me will make me pay. But that does not make it right. It just means I couldn't defend myself against something bigger and stronger than me.

In the future if I am held responsible for the child of a prostitute I will run and hide and lie as long as the blood flows in my veins before I will willingly pay the ‘moral(s)' bill. Ah morals, everyone's favorite word. But ask someone to extemporaneously talk on the subject for one minute and they can't do it. Because they haven't actually given it any thought and they do not really know what they think and why they think it and/or how they behave and why they behave the way they do. People using the word moral is like a dog barking. The first bark gets your attention but all of the other barks sound just like the first bark. Not exactly well developed thought. And oh so popular. Especially in fascist societies. Moral(s) is just a societal/personal coda for MY WAY. Different societies and tribes have arrived at startlingly different conclusions about moral behavior in identical situations. So clearly, morals are not absolutes–they are personal relatives. But try telling that to the holder of a moral(s) idea. You can't tell them because they can't listen. That is the seductive and the wonderful thing about morals—you don't have to listen and you don't have to think. Life just got a whole lot easier. When you were born; whatever tribe you were born into handed you at birth a big bushel basket of morals. Your thinking is done. Just learn to march. What's that sound? The knocking at the door! Oh yes, that is religion at the door wanting to come in and join the party. And babies are so cuddly and so cute, some of the most taboo morals are concerned with them. What's that sound? The knocking at the door! Ah yes, it is emotion wanting to come in. What a party we are going to have on planet earth. Morals are all about emotion–you either did good so you are moral, or you broke a taboo so you are bad. If babies were not cuddly and cute this would be an easier subject to discuss but we have an ingrown evolutionary engine to think that babies are cuddly and cute so that we will be predisposed to nurture them and protect them. This evolutionary yeast ultimately becomes part of the unfair social miasma that men are subjected to until death mercifully stops the bullshit. Just because another woman is grunting out another beating heart that the world does not need does not make her a madonna doing a moral thing–and I don't have to pay for it.

To get your jackboot on my neck and make me pay you will have to chase me hard. Under no circumstances will I belly up to the bar of life and toss over my money to pay for one more woman's destiny adventure so that she can have a sense of self-worth and prove that she is just as much a real woman as her sister and her mother and her girlfriends who have already had children; women already breeding like roaches and sending the bill to the man. Somehow, thousands of years ago men lost the extortion battle between the sexes; and we are now expected to take all the risks, and take all the blame, and pay all the bills. And just to add a demeaning insult frosting to this cake of social insanity we are also expected/required to hold the door for the little darlings even after they are no longer fertile or sexually appealing. Well, no woman is that good in bed that long. I ain't paying! I opted out of this fool's game years ago and have never been happier. I am the equal of any man and I am the equal of any woman. Equals don't pay extortion. Send your baby bills and your moral(s) bills to some poor guy who believed your moans and thought your saying NO was a turn-on.

All we have is each other. Human relationships are our greatest hope and the source of our greatest happiness. There is no room for extortion in these relationships. You want to have a baby Nid or Wan or Fa? Fine! It's your baby. I am not the half owner of something that you wanted and that I did not want. That is absurd and indefensible. The logic of predators and thieves. And using biology and moral(s) against me to get what you want is cowardly and mean-spirited. Sorry, I guess that is redundant. We are talking about the behavior of women. Sociopaths with pussys. Welcome to the new fascists. The biology fascists. Sociopathic women acting in concert with small minded politically correct people. A new tool to bludgeon men with.

I do not feel and I refuse to accept any personal or financial responsibility for a prostitute's pregnancy or birth child. None.

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