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Thai Girls And Older Farangs

  • Written by Anonymous
  • October 11th, 2004
  • 4 min read

Anonymous Submission

I am very puzzled about the way younger Thai girls think and behave in their relations to older western man. I am not talking about bargirls but girls from very decent and relatively rich (by Thai standards) families.

I live in Thailand and my Thai wife and I run an English tutoring business. As we have a large multi-storeyed building in the city centre we also have a dormitory for high school students. Usually there are between 6 to 9 high school students staying with us. They are girls only aged between 14 and 18 years. Their parents might live up to 100 km or so away in the countryside and they only go home for the weekends.

I am an old guy, now just turned 68, perfectly healthy, still have all my hair but now turning grey at the temples. I could not by any imagination be called very good looking or rich. Maybe we are quite well off by Thai standards but certainly not by western.

Now to the different stories, I warrant that they are all true and not exaggerated in any way.

1. One of our borders, a girl just turned 16, still with plenty of baby fat but otherwise nice looking, went to my wife and asked her if she would object if she slept with me. She wanted to be my mia noi. Now I have to make it quite clear that I never gave the girl the slightest indication that I am interested in her. I was friendly for sure, but not overly so and certainly not more then with the other young ladies. Needless to say we called her mother and she was gone the next day. I can not figure out what strange ideas she could possibly have had in her mind. We later found out that she had run away from her home to live with an older farang man as she was only 14. The family found her, took her back and the western man left Thailand very fast indeed. He claimed that he did not know how old the girl was. Maybe so, at least he managed to get out and nobody professed to know his name, so no prosecution in his home country (England).

2. One of our students, a girl 18 years old, very nice looking, quite small only about 146 cm tall. She looked like a 12 year old girl. One evening after a one to one class, I wanted to go to the night bazaar to do some shopping. She offered to give me a lift in her car; however she turned into a dark side road, stopped the car and came across to sit in my lap. She started to play around with me and suggested we go to the back seat to have some fun. I do not know what happened with me, but I agreed and the usual thing happened. I then found out that she still was a virgin and wanted to stop. But she was to far gone and would not hear of it. I am not proud of it at all; I am very happily married and do not need any other women. I later asked her why me? And why she went through with it? Something very interesting comes to light. During her high school days her parents always brought her to school and picked her up. She could not even go alone to the market, a family member never left her out of their sight. She never had a boyfriend at all, not even for talking. The result was that she was completely frustrated. She told me that she wanted to try out what it is all about. She had heard many different stories from her girl friends, and how it feels to be a woman, she also considered herself to be old enough. As I asked why she picked me; she said that she always liked me a lot, she know that I was happily married and that I was healthy without any diseases. She also knew that it would be an uncomplicated affair which she could break off whenever it suited her. Also she said that young Thai boys talk to much and brag of their conquests. This would get back to her parents and they most likely would kill her. Incidentally she is a highly intelligent young girl, and was number one in her high school. The Thai government sent her to a major European country on a full scholarship for 10 years or until she receives her PHD.

So if the parents are overprotective of their girls it might backfire rather badly as in the last case. This girl could never go out alone, not even at day time. No wonder she grabbed the first opportunity she had to experience to be a full woman. Maybe if the parents had given her more freedom she would never have tried to do anything.

I have many more similar experiences. I might write about them at a later date. I would like comments about the cases on the web site, especially from Thais. I will not give my E-mail, this is to protect the guilty (namely me).

Stickman's thoughts:

Times are changing in Thailand. So much for the so called "good girl"!