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Pattaya, A Bargirl And A Fridge

  • Written by TMS
  • October 18th, 2004
  • 9 min read

September 2003 I went with a good mate to Pattaya for the second time in two years and lost his company to a bar girl early into the holiday, took a girl from the same bar myself the same night, had a good night but I was on the lookout for a 10. He kept his girl all the holiday (4 weeks), I would go out some times with them to a bar and pick up, and we had good times. But it can get irritating being with two individuals, one who has lost his balls, and the other pretending to have lost her err..(ovaries)? My mate was really enjoying himself and his girl showed all the signs she was too, I just got a bit pissed off and often went hunting by myself looking for Miss 10 and finding her, but like all things in Thailand there was a small hiccup, an amusing one. This is why I love Thailand and those canny bar girls.

I’ve been to Pattaya a few times over the years by myself and always have an enjoyable time. Walking Street with its many go-go bars is a smorgasbord for anyone looking for company in Pattaya, heaps of bars, heaps of friendly girls…and I was right there! I left my mate and his paramour to themselves so I could sample the delightful smells, sights and of course girls and bars. I’m not into stick insects like most blokes, my choice is a nice curvy type with smooth unblemished skin, light or dark. I also have a self regulating rule “one bar one girl only”, I have never taken more than one girl from the same bar, if she is not there (bar fined or home in village, etc..) I will either finish my drink or drinks and leave alone and continue hunting.

Super Girl in Soi Diamond has always been a favourite go-go bar for me and I have always taken the one girl from there as I think she has the most perfect body in Thailand. Unfortunately that night she was not at work, mamasan tells me she was not working for a few days as she was looking after her sisters kid…well all right.. I can deal with that I will come back in a few days, this is “Walking Street in Pattaya”, I won’t sleep alone.

Polo go-go attracts glances from every one who strolls Walking Street, as they have gyrating welcoming girls at their entrance at the top of their stairs. Up I go only to be met halfway by a friendly welcoming girl tugging my arm, I didn’t need any urging though. This place really gets the crowds and the show the girls get up to is awesome. An hour and a half later and with a less dry throat and a stirring in the pants, and when the next buss load of Asian tourists arrive and melt into the audience, I leave. Next stop Electric Blue, a bar with the see thru mezzanine floor that the girls dance on and the customers sit under…too bad the floor is badly scratched and vision is annoyingly hindered. There is also a central dance stage and the girls dance a few songs and move up to the next pole.

With midnight about to happen I decided it was time to find company for the night. Now is when the serious business of choosing who the little lady to be my bed companion will be. One girl in Electric Blue caught my attention, nice mid length hair, good shaped body and unblemished skin, a close 10, all I hadta do was make a move. She was dancing and, well anyway, I smiled at her like a clown and gestured with my hand imitating me drinking, with the question ‘en suite’. She nods and mouths “I dancing first” then waved to a service girl to get her the lady drink I had offered to buy and place it at my side. A few songs later she had finished her dancing and sat next to me flashing through her beaming smile, the regulation sparkling white teeth which all Thai girls have.

This was the beginning of a great few days, I bar fined her again the next night and for three nights after that. The sex was great and the oily full body massages I gave her were great… excellent… fantastic. This girl had her head on right, she knew her job, she knew how to please, she always acted ladylike, everything was up to me, and she could speak quite good English. Conversations after the night’s bed tumblings were eye openers for me, she spoke about her plans after she quit the bar work and her thoughts about the money she makes. She said openly to me that she never spends money now unless it is necessary; she walks every where unless someone else pays for transport, etc. She lived a few city blocks from Walking Street and always walked to and from home to the bar, and ate only Bar-B-Que etc from street hawkers as their food is cheap. I never saw her bank account but I imagine it had a pretty hefty total amount. I paid 1500 Baht for all night plus 500 baht bar fine, this is pretty normal for Pattaya, I don’t think it is too expensive, even when we went to restaurants I always paid she never offered and I was not expecting her too, although I have had some girls offer to pay, but I have always declined though.

About the second night after I met her, after we had another good evening out eating in a Thai dance-restaurant she took me to, then later that evening lying in bed chatting before sleep overtook us, I asked if she had a shower in her own room, don’t know why but I suppose its what you call small talk, she said yes and she pointed to the dressing table in my hotel room and said I have this one too. I then pointed to the TV and asked if she had one of those, yes I have one of those, she replied. Now here is the rub, I sustained and asked have you one of those and I pointed to the fridge, no I do not have she replied. I suppose my small talk needs some work on its content and expected interpretation, because I had just unintentionally planted a seed of expectancy into my Miss 10’s head.

About 10 AM each morning we would get out of bed and shower, dress etc then she would ask if she could go, I always said ok and if I could see her again the same night, I was never rejected. This is the way I like to spend my time in Pattaya, female company at night and doing my own thing during the day. When darkness falls I then start getting the urge for the female company, so this worked for me.

I like the Vientiane Restaurant on Second Road and so do the girls I have taken there, I don’t think the food is too expensive and it stays open late. After eating we would catch a baht bus to Big C, a late night shopping complex in Pattaya, and stroll around the shops. Very happily I bought my Electric Blue girl a handbag one night and a pair of slacks and a top another night, while I bought toothpaste and some other bathroom stuff for myself.

One night we just happened to stroll past the section in the supermarket that sold fridges, (funny how just the night before we were talking about this very same thing, fridges!!!). Fridge doors were opened and inspected, prices were compared with some “requested” input from me while some deep thinking seemed to silence the chatter for a few seconds. Anyway no sale was made that night, and I was showing very little interest, we strolled on. The night’s entertainment activity progressed, then later back to the hotel for bedtime action.

The next day, late morning till afternoon, I relaxed for a good few hours in a beach chair under an umbrella on Pattaya beach being hassled by hawkers, and a mangy dog that stared at me for a short time and then limped away shaking his head. I returned to Electric Blue about 9.30pm as I promised I would that morning and bar fined my ‘Miss 10 out of 10’ again. We sat in the bar for a few hours talking to her friends and the mamasan even came over to be introduced, we drank a few drinks, I enjoyed this easy time just talking and watching the dancers with them. Close to midnight we go for food, my lady friend and me and end up at the MK restaurant in the Big C Shopping Complex.

Good food there too, seafood, vegetables and everything goes into a pot of boiling hot water on your table and you fish it out after it’s cooked. I think jelly fish and seaweed were put in the pot my lady friend. Well it all tasted good to me whatever it was. Too close to the supermarket though, unsurprisingly we ended up in the section that sold fridges again. Fridge doors opened again, insides inspected, colours compared, sizes calculated and prices contemplated with glances at me followed by requests for my opinion. Again I showed no interest and mentally noted that the Big C shopping complex was off the late night strolling list for us. No, I did not consent to buy the fridge, and still as good friends we parted company a few days later so I could spend some holiday time in Bangkok before the trip home to Australia.

Jeeze… I knew what was going on. Now I’m not inexperienced in human attitudes or the ways of women, to be shammed into accepting the bill for a fridge, especially from a bloody idea, that germinated from small talk I innocently and stupidly initiated myself. There was no real pressure to offer to buy the damn fridge, but the subtle inference too was glaring. Like I said before this girl had her head on the right way. Maybe if it was my first trip to Thailand I might have looked at this differently, perhaps with sympathy and bought the fridge. You can’t blame the girl for trying it on, I probably deserved the outcome due to my crappy small talk.

I’m hope I haven’t bored you and your readers shitless with this story but I still think it to be a humorous incident and I chuckle to myself whenever something reminds me of it. Now pondering as to what amusing incidents the next trip will bring.

Stickman's thoughts:

It almost makes you scared to talk to these girls about anything which has a price tag!