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Pattaya 3 Star Suites vs. 5 Star Bangkok

  • Written by Bob4You
  • October 18th, 2004
  • 9 min read

3 Star Pattaya Suite vs. 5 Star Bangkok Part 1

This vacation started like many of my other vacations with the first few days spent in Pattaya followed by a rest period in Udon Thani at my home there with my GTGF. Next plan was a few days in Bangkok, Ayuthya and on to Koh Chang with my future Thai wife.

My dynamite little (4’6”) TGF has a heart of gold, owns my heart 100% and so appreciates how I have tried hard to learn the Thai ways of doing things that she has promised to try to understand and accept the differences in Farang lifestyle and culture. Since she is in the middle of final exams for the second to last semester of her Sr. year at Udon Thani University and desiring to get at least a 3.0 GPA she suggested that I take the first 3 days of my vacation in Pattaya and come home to Udon after her exams. Being one not to argue with a Thai lady, I agreed and started my search where to stay this time. Last trip I stayed at Eastiny on Soi 8 I wanted to find a hotel with a nice jacuzzi bath tub because I enjoy relaxing in a sudsy bubble bath, after a hard day of exploring the sight and scenes of a entertainment area such as Pattaya. Last trip to LOS (June 04) I took 4 nights and escaped to Angeles City in PI and had a great 400 sf room with jacuzzi built for 5.

Searching the internet this time I found a few places that fit my needs and settled on one whose name for now I will keep a secret. While one of my daily talks with my TGF (Mini) she informed me she was wrong about the days of her exams and they would not be finished until 2 days later than she originally calculated so I would have 5 days to “Butterfly” in Pattaya, not 3. Originally when she offered I was skeptical of her sincerity but when she increased it to 5 days rather than get suspicious as some of you would I accepted graciously. I negotiated with the hotel and got a very generous rate of B800 per night for 5 nights which I quickly snapped up as this was exactly what I had paid at Eastiny.

Before I could catch the plane Mini informed me that she would like to catch the bus to the airport to greet me and spend the first night wearing me out before catching the early bus back the following morning. I really do love her and had no problem with the change of plans as I had no plans of meeting anyone at the airport or in Pattaya, just visit some of my old hangouts.

We met up at Don Muang airport as agreed, shared a cab to Pattaya with Ting Tong and checked into the hotel at approximately 7:30 pm. Wow what a pleasant surprise when I saw the room. It was about 425 sf in size with couch, chairs big bed and a couple of tables along with a very nice jacuzzi built for 2 complete with leg rests for both parties to intertwine. Only negative was the jacuzzi was in the bathroom, and not in the living room as my room was in PI. If you ever want a similar situation ask for room 6A.

The other amenities included in this fine establishment included pool tables with dedicated assistants along with a beer bar with draft beer all day long for B50. From 3 pm to 3am the facilities also include a great go-go bar directly beneath my room. Yes if you are a light sleeper you might find this a problem, but I’m neither a light sleeper nor bothered by noise since I take out both hearing aids when I go to bed anyway. I am the Realtor’s dream client trying to unload a home next to the airport or railway.

The staff at this establishment, while many lacked English skills their hospitality left little to be desired I was treated like royalty as was my Mini. She opted to stay another night, with my blessing with her sincere promise to go home next day, which she did. The next morning the Manager let me know the better room had become available and since we spent a fair amount of money at the go-go the night before they were offering me a free upgrade. This room was only partly over the go-go and even had a window that looked out over the street and flashing Neon sign. The room was about 50 sf bigger than the last with the jacuzzi located in the main room rather than the bath which I preferred. All of the floors were ceramic tile to no worry about splashing water out of the tub.

The bed was the same as last room, big enough for 4 and even if it didn’t have sheets on it you could bounce a quarter off of it, it was so hard. I like large spacious rooms and while I did not plan on, nor do much reading in bed the lighting was very poor for that anyway. The treatment for the remainder of my stay was nothing but courteous for me or any short term guests. When I paid my bill was my final pleasant surprise, not only did they not charge for the upgrade they also gave me a courtesy 5% discount for being such a good customer. They have won my loyalty and in future all of my stays will be at ___________________. (see part 2 for the name of this establishment)

After going to Udon Thani for a couple of days, visiting Mini’s classmates, grandma, papa, sister and brother in law we booked our flight for the next part of our semester break together. One thing transpired during the night that convinced us we should spend a day or 2 in Bangkok before continuing to Ayuthya. When we got to Bangkok and went straight to my favorite Suite hotel called Xxxxxxx Suites on Soi 22, one of the large group of hotels run by XXXXXXXXX Group. Last time I was there without reservations I was only there for 1 night, arrived late, manager had gone home and they insisted on charging me a exorbitant rate of B2200 which was B600 more than I paid last time. When I got home I wrote to the manager Mr. Sid and expressed my displeasure at the overcharge, he wrote back and apologized for the overcharge and indicated even though he had been promoted and no longer was the manager of that boutique hotel he entered me in the computer for a “special rate of B1700” whenever I came in. I accepted his apology and told him he gained a loyal customer again. This is the opposite of what I had been led to believe would come from a Thai establishment. Recognizing that Mr. Sid is not Thai and is in charge of Marketing I accepted this as to being assured. Unfortunately I was wrong.

The girl at reception informed me that only room they had left was “deluxe room” and I would be charged B2400 like anyone else. She could not do what Mr. Sid might have said since he was not her boss, it was Sunday and her boss was not available, and she did not have Mr. Sid’s mobile number I could take it or leave it. I took it with every intention of taking the matter up with Mr. Sid on Monday. The room was a major disappointment, the bathroom was 30% smaller than our normal room we usually stayed in, the high speed internet connection that was additional B200 did not work as fast as my telephone modem connection and the engineers chalked it up to the fact that too many children were on line on Sunday playing computer game. LOL

We left the room around noon and started our planned activities. During these activities we were introduced by an associate to our 5 star accommodations. We choose the Deluxe Room that was over 450 sf with a floor to ceiling marble and granite bathroom with a shower big enough for 4. A welcome basket in room contained soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, talcum powder, a box of Kleenex and two washcloths. In addition they provided pajamas, bathrobe, slippers and a set of towels with the establishment’s name on it that were the largest most luxurious towels I’ve seen in my 60 years. They were at least 4’ x 8’ in size. The reception area was massive with uniformed employees to assist you in every level and detail, fill out a 1 page registration, copy passport and I was accepted like royalty. The only time I have encountered a similar welcome and check in was at the Ritz Carlton in Hawaii. The uniforms throughout the establishment were immaculate and very tasteful with at least 12 different uniforms depending on the responsibility and management level. Also talk about beautiful women, I have never stayed anywhere where the % of women 8 and above were this high. Unfortunately the smiles while many, warm and sincere were not the kind of smiles that I am used to where a smile back leads to provocative conversation. Perhaps the fact that my TGF was with me 90% of the time had something to do with it or maybe it was the training they received before employment.

I got a room on the 10th floor with a large balcony overlooking a manicured garden The room consisted of 4 sections, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room all capable of being separated by curtains. With 9’ ceiling, inlaid wood cabinets, TV and VCR mounted on ceiling, 2 waste baskets that could hold a 24 pack of empties I soon learned the meaning of you get what you pay for.

While I only registered for 1 person I was assured there was no extra charge or joiner fee for my TGF. The furniture was all upholstered in real leather and a two bulb florescent lamp extended the full length of the rather small, soft, comfortable bed. The bed even had electronic controls for television viewing or private gymnastics. Downstairs did not have a go-go bar, but did have a Thai / American restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Italian restaurant, a French restaurant, a book store, pharmacy, 7/11, florist and even its own McDonalds and Starbucks.

There are over 300 rooms here spread over 12 floors with 2-4 floor attendants on duty on each floor at all times to take care of your every request. The cost of this luxurious lifestyle was only B5300 per day including 3 meals a day from a set menu that offered sets in Thai, Western, Japanese, and Italian. They even serve you in bed if you so desire. We were so impressed by this establishment that we booked our room immediately even though we were already booked on Soi 22. I am writing this report on the early evening of the second day and will finish with “the rest of the story” if I may steal a line from Paul Harvey, after I check out. The name of this establishment will also be revealed in Part II.

First person to correctly identify both establishment wins a free B500 bar tab at establishment #1 next time I am in Pattaya (January) I will leave it in your name. Send e-mail to me direct [email protected]

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The Pattaya establishment is easy…the other I am not so sure about.