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Nobody’s Child

Dana is probably just the type of man I could murder without as much as a second thought. It wouldn't be hard. He is already half-way through. But I wouldn't go out of my way for that.

Am I politically correct? I guess not. Probably less so than Dana himself. Sex, egotism and perversion are the order of the day. Murder too. Pick any newspaper, and it's full of it. Not much of a taboo, is it?

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This article is prompted by Dana's latest thoughts and anecdotes, #65. A very entertaining series, if you don't mind the bullshit.

No way a man such as Dana would support a prostitute's child, he says. If a baby comes out, well, you just have to kill it. Simple and efficient. Pregnancy is an occupational hazard when you engage in the pay-for-sex trade. That girl
he f**ked is on the trade. She took the risk. She should have known that.

Well, here is some news for you, Dana. You are also in the pay-for-sex trade. She wasn't the one asking for "no condom". You were. And you knew the risks didn't you? You took the risk of having a son / daughter with a
prostitute. But that doesn't matter. A child like a toy, to you. Something annoying to dispose of, and if it is not disposed of, you certainly wouldn't want to have anything to do. He will be fine with that uneducated prostitute mom
of his.

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We are very far from the "I love children" propaganda of a few articles ago. Remember that article where Dana was gargarizing himself of being good to poor kids and buying them ice creams? Tell me, Dana, how many of those kids in
the streets are yours? After years of bareback, you wouldn't know.

Yeah, go ahead. Go buy one of them an ice cream. You are such a gentleman.

Thinking about it, in just a few years, maybe you will have the chance to teach the ropes to one your daughters. Think about it. You could meet her in Nana's lobby. I suggest you stock yourself on Viagra, just in case. Oh, and bring
a teddy too. Maybe she will even give you a discount, you being her father and all.

Dana loves bareback sex. Who doesn't? However, like everything in sex, 2 persons are involved. Not just one. And both take the risks of STDs. And both take the risk of having a child. And the fact that the child is in her belly doesn't
make it less yours.


Now Dana is asked for some responsibility of his acts, but noooooooo. Dana is an educated man. He is not blinded by any moral code, and he knows that his own pleasure and well being are the only things of importance in this world. Only an
ignorant, small-minded, self-righteous moron could conceive he has any responsibility in the upbringing of the child of a prostitute.

The child of a prostitute? Not exactly. The child of a prostitute and of a perverted punter. Yes, That's your child too. You would rather kill him and get on with it, but you didn't bother to mention it when you told the girl you
were going to go bareback. She should know in advance that any child of yours should be killed on sight, at her expenses.

She should kill it, or keep her toy, if she fancies it. It's just a toy, after all. An unwanted byproduct of a chemical reaction between an bargirl that opened her legs at the wrong time for a bit of cash, and a piece of Viagra powered
flesh inadvertently stuck in without condom by the unwilling Dana.

Obviously, Dana being unwilling as he was, shouldn't have to do anything about it, and certainly not pay – let alone be there for his son / daughter.

Surely, I must be narrow minded, because I don't see things your way, Dana. What happened to that proud benevolent father figure of a few articles ago, Dana? It was convenient then to tell us how much care you have for the children of
Thailand. But now, no. Now, a child is a toy for which only the mother has some responsibility, if any.

Anyway, many girls entered the profession with a child because their Thai boyfriend left them, so it doesn't matter. They should be used to it by now. They XXX, then they go to the toilets and drop their load with other excrements. That's
all there is to it. That's what they should do, right?

Is that wisdom or is it simply a total lack of courage and responsibility, Dana?

Now, I am going to discuss about one of the real taboos. Probably one of the most criticized subject in our modern times. Moral.

These days, hardly anyone can criticize a perversion, without the following disclaimer: "I don't mean to take it on a high moral ground, and I don't care about morals anyway, and should you find here anything even remotely
moral, …"

Hold it. What's wrong with being moral?

Moral is just a set of rules which have been found, by experience, to promote a better survival for the individual and the society. That's all there is to it. Doing things that won't fall back on your face in a couple years time,
and avoiding to do things that *will* fall back on your head.

These rules are not perfect, and some are outdated, but overall, it is the basic agreement on which the society is built. Moral is the underlying agreement that hold our societies together. And just like a business agreement, when it is broken,
things just go to pieces.

Dana attacks morals and pride himself of being amoral. Very well.

But then, that same Dana complains abundantly about the greediness of Thais and scams in Thailand. Each and every one of them is a breach of …moral. So on one end, you want to destroy moral, but on the other end, you want *others* to respect
moral, to the comma.

And don't anyone tell me that Thailand's moral code allows for stealing or cheating. It doesn't. Of course, thieves will tell you that stealing is all right. Murderers will tell you that there is nothing wrong with killing someone occasionally,
and Danas will tell you that impregnating a prostitute and letting her on her own is all right.

Talk about double standards! You reject morals, but then complain that others don't respect it.

Moral is not perfect, but it got us somewhere. Moral is a guide. It doesn't always works, but it can help to differentiate the things that are right and the things that will destroy you and people around you.

Here is a small fictitious story, that couldn't possibly happen. Completely unrealistic, not something obviously practical like your "sperm off the plane window" theory.

It's the sorry story of a guy called Dan'.

See, Dan' went bareback on a bargirl and she got pregnant. At first, she didn't know, but after a few months some of her friends realize what's happening. So here comes back Dan', and she figured that around that time,
she was very much going bareback with that old melliferous weirdo.

Damm. That's the one. He was ugly, but not unfriendly, and after all, quite old already, so she figures it's time to leave the bar for a while. She can't really keep working much longer like that, and regardless of what they
say, it's her child.

She has a Thai boyfriend too. He wanted to leave her, so she told him that it was his, but that she will have a farang will for it. He is lazy and comfortable, so he stays. After all, the farang will pay for him and his kid, so he is fine
with it.

And now comes Dan'. She tells him and he runs away.

Now, she is in deep shit. Really. In a couple months, baby is going to drop, and her Thai boyfriend is not exactly the naive type. He will know it's a farang baby (can't really hide that). Her life is f**ked up.

When baby drops, no luck. He is white. She tells her boyfriend that she was raped by Dan', but that she didn't want to kill the baby. Now the Thai boyfriend leaves her, like he did for the last girl, but he remembers Dan',
the guy who messed with his income. So does the girl and all her friends, and their boyfriends.

1 year later, down below the necrology column is a small note. Dan' was found dead, castrated, in a room of the Nana hotel. He committed suicide by stabbing himself in the back 24 times.

We know it's a suicide because he left a note "Me sorry too much. Want die".

Of course, it wasn't his fault, he didn't have anything to do with it. Just an old guy in a quest for a bit of entertainment. What could be wrong with that?

Baby is upcountry, amongst people who know him for what he is. His chances for a good life are fairly thin. The bargirl has a scar across the stomach and hardly makes half of what she used to. The Thai boyfriend works now as a hitman. One year later,
he got caught and was awarded 50 years of free accommodation in Bang Kwan*

Am I narrow-minded to think that if *all parts* had used a bit more judgement, and -dare I say it- had a better moral sense, they could have had a better life? Right things are things that improve life for you and the people around. Wrong
things are the things that destroy your life and the life of other people around you. That's all there really should be to moral.

So let's stop blaming moral. It certainly wasn't moral's fault if Dana banged a prostitute bareback in the first place.

Stickman's thoughts:

First class entertainment.