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My Thailand Story Part 3

  • Written by Ant
  • October 15th, 2004
  • 16 min read

As I mentioned towards the end of Part 2, as a result of my break with Beer and starting teaching full-time, my life suddenly became really quite brilliant. I was waking up in the morning, looking out of my (slightly skanky) apartment window at the blue skies and heavy traffic thinking, “Wow! I live in Bangkok!” and generally feeling pretty good about stuff.

I know that you’ve all read submissions about English Teaching in Thailand. The pitfalls, advantages & disadvantages, poor pay and conditions etc., but, when all is said and done, there are precious few opportunities here to obtain a position, which would enable someone to stay here legally, but, through the Language Institute, I obtained a Work Permit and a 12-month visa, which negated the need for monthly visa renewals.

I’ll offer a little advice here if I may. I arrived in Bangkok, as most do, on a 1 month Tourist Visa, so, if I intended to stay legally, I would need to renew my visa on a monthly basis. To this end, and, not really wanting to travel out of the country, I engaged the services of a “Visa Agent”, whose number I obtained from the Bangkok Post classifieds. Located off Sukhumvit, Visa renewal was simply a case of handing him my passport and paying the money. I did this on numerous occasions and only ever had a problem once, when it took longer than usual (around 6 weeks) to obtain the visa. Most people would agree (I think), that 4 years ago it wasn’t too risky to utilize this kind of service, but, if you’ve been following developments here, you’ll know that it’s become much more dangerous to try it now. Advice for those who need a visa renewal – 2,000 baht (all in) and a daylong bus ride to Cambodia and back is the quickest, cheapest and safest method. Don’t hand your passport over to anyone.

Everyone has heard the tales. Just recently, an American (friend of a friend) obtained a visa through a company and, upon presentation of the visa at the border (the visa doesn’t start until it’s stamped), he was arrested for presenting a stolen visa. Spending several weeks or months in a Thai prison before you’re deported, would spoil your holiday somewhat. (Read another of my submissions: “Dealing with the Police – My Experience”).

Right then, now that’s said, I’ll get on with the good stuff. Just to tease you, you know that fantasy you have about two girls? Well, read on…

Things were going exceptionally well for me. My classes were a joy to behold. My popularity ratings were going through the roof and I had enough money to survive too. I was made the “Academic Manager”, a fancy title, which, basically, meant I became the DOS’s assistant. I also spent time helping other teachers, preparing activities for everybody’s use etc etc.

For all of you who think that teaching might be for you, I would suggest giving it a go. In my (5 year) experience, I have learned an awful lot. I’ve met many different types of people from all walks of life, all of whom range (as in almost any walk of life), from very, very good to very, very bad. I would suggest that (again, in my experience), the guys who are the best English teachers have similar qualities (not necessarily personalities), i.e., enthusiasm (not doing it because it’s the only thing you can do, but because you really want to do it), responsibility (yes, it might feel like a holiday, but it’s not, not all the time anyway) and diligence (a little hard work goes a very long way). There are obviously many other qualities, which help i.e., friendliness & approachability, understanding and, I suppose the most important, an ability to communicate – just because someone is educated, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they have the ability to pass on the knowledge, which they have acquired.

I had one class, which must have started about the time that I had split with Beer. The class (as is usual with most classes) consisted mainly of ladies. In this particular class, one lady Whan, appeared to be particularly “anti”. Try as I might to “win her over”, I just didn’t seem to be able to. One thing about teaching, you might, naturally, tend to dwell on the negative students, thinking that you’re not doing well, if they don’t appear happy. I would suggest, however, that if the majority of students in the class are happy (and learning something), then you’re doing your job well. “You can’t please all of the people, all of the time.”

Well, Whan, although giving the impression of disliking me and taking almost every opportunity to disagree or even belittle me in the class, was also coming early to class and hanging around me all the time. I didn’t realize it at first, but she was, in her way, trying to tell me that she liked me. Now, if you’ve been teaching at all in Thailand, you’ll know that many students become attracted to their teachers, as I would suppose they do in most places. There’s no shortage of opportunity to become familiar with students, if you wish to, although this kind of relationship is, obviously, frowned upon.

Whan, however, was 29 years old, pretty with a few spots, quite flat-chested but with a large, firm arse, that had the DOS dribbling whenever she wiggled by. Both he, and another teacher, Paul, had the hots for Whan, and were pretty envious of the fact that she preferred me. I will say, here and now, that I never gave Whan any particular encouragement, but that, perversely, was encouragement in itself!

The main problem with Whan was that, although she was educated, pretty and had her own car, she had absolutely no experience of dealing with people (particularly the opposite sex). Although she was a woman in her body, her mental capacity (as far as relationships were concerned) was that of a child. Her attraction for me was rather like a teenage crush! This raised two issues. Firstly, I didn’t want her (although she would be a good friend) and, it also introduced me to the “stalker”.

Stalkers are something you hear about on TV, certainly not something someone like me would ever expect to come across. However, she admitted to me that she would follow me, hang around outside the Institute and my apartment to see what I was doing, who I was with etc. Quite scary I can tell you. Incidentally, she wasn’t the only one. Years later, a teacher told a student that I liked her, as I’d briefly mentioned that she looked ok. That incident was followed by invites to watch movies or eat, accidentally bumping into each other on numerous occasions and telephone calls when she would ask, “What are you doing?” and upon my reply, she would say “I know, I’m watching you.” (Shudder)

Things with Whan continued in much the same vein. She would come to my apartment, where I would try to be nonchalant towards her. This didn’t seem to work particularly well, so admitting defeat I finally decided to be friends. Now, she had never had a boyfriend before (a situation not altogether uncommon in Thailand), she had never even held hands with a guy! I can imagine her feelings must have been very similar to the feelings I had when I first became interested in the opposite sex, although that was at the age of about 12! She would try to kiss me all the time, her lips and body would be shaking just like a child’s first kiss. I didn’t really want to accept the responsibility for teaching her everything, but she just kept on. Pretty soon she was coming to my room almost every night and, inevitably, she asked if she could sleep with me. I told her that she could, but that I didn’t want her to be my girlfriend. It didn’t make much difference of course and she slept on more than a few occasions.

During this time, I had been visiting the bars quite frequently, although I wasn’t taking any girls home with me. I was just going out to have some fun. I had become very wary of the dangers of falling for a bar girl, so I would just go to watch and relax. I visited Pussy Galore a few times, I knew most of the girls in there by now and I wasn’t getting ripped off any more.

Whan really wanted to have sex with me and, on many occasions, overtures were conducted, which consisted of her going down on me, which she was becoming quite proficient at, and her climbing onto my face etc. However, she was a virgin and, despite the best of intentions, she would always become so frightened at the point of penetration, that I would (being the gentleman that I am) withdraw, feeling frustrated. I suppose I didn’t really want her virginity, as I had no intention of having a long-term relationship with her. She continued to pester me for six months, until events overtook us, but I’ll get to them later.

Nok was a student of about 28-30 years old. A moneylender. She was of slight build, with a good-sized chest (my thing). She wasn’t actually my student at the time, but a word dropped into the right ear can always bring results. When she heard that I thought she was nice, she, rather too quickly, latched on. She would call me (singing love songs) and sit talking to me when she should’ve been in the classroom studying. We saw each other outside a few times but never progressed beyond a stolen kiss in the car park. That brief relationship ended one day when, after picking me up from my (new) apartment, we were proceeding along Lad Phrao road, towards the Institute, when a motorcycle taxi pulled in front of us forcing us to stop. I was more than a little perturbed when a big guy (for a Thai) leapt off the bike and ran to the passenger door, which he opened. Nok and the guy were shouting at each other and the guy grabbed my arm and pulled me out. I decided to let it go, as this chap certainly seemed to know her. He got into the car and drove off. The next day I received a phone call from the boss, who said he had received a complaint from the “uncle” of a student, complaining of my advances towards her. His story didn’t hold water as the student didn’t exist (he claimed it was a teenager) and, upon being pressed he would offer no other details. Shortly thereafter, another, similar complaint was filed, this time about the particular lady involved, by her “husband”. He complained that I was, in fact, making advances towards his wife! Actually his “Mia Noi” (minor wife). I had received advice from many people regarding a relationship with a moneylender, and decided that those kinds of people are probably not the kinds I want to be associated with. I will just add that it wasn’t the last time that I came across the Mia Noi phenomenon.

One of the best things that happened during those six months, was meeting Ann. She came to the Institute to study English and I pre-tested her English conversation. She had a slight speech impediment (it’s amazing how many people you meet who have), but it was endearing. Not as endearing as her enormous chest though. She was really quite attractive, 35 with pale skin and she and we stared into each other’s eyes whilst I tested her. Her English was passable and I think I placed her into Level 3. I bumped into her and her family later that day walking around the mall. When she started studying, she was friendly with me, but I didn’t think anything would come of it. However, she took me home one evening after class and asked to come up to my room. She slept with me that evening and left the following morning. She was very open with me and we talked about many things. One particular subject was our fantasies. The age-old fantasy of sleeping with two girls was mentioned (one can always hope). Things at the school became quite interesting at this time. During the evening classes, Whan was in one classroom, Nok in another and Ann in a third! At break time I would disappear into the car park for a cig, just to be out of the way! Ann would tease me in the Institute by rubbing her huge (but false, I’m sorry to say) breasts against me and grabbing “Junior”.

Anyway, one Wednesday evening, Ann called me. She knew that Thursday was my usual day off, so she asked if I would like to go out that evening. I felt tired and not particularly enthusiastic about the idea, until she mentioned that her friend “Lek” would be joining us. “Two ladies”, she whispered, giggling on the phone. “Pick me up in 20 minutes”, I said. She arrived in her car with Lek. I went outside and they both got out of the car. Ann introduced Lek to me. She was gorgeous, dark skin, which contrasted with Ann’s, a great shape and big tits.

I drove the car with Ann next to me, with Lek in the back. We went to the Hard Rock Café, which I’d never been to before. It wasn’t my scene really, but the music was good and we had a great time, all three of us dancing together, taking turns to get in the middle. As you can imagine, we were getting more than a few looks from some of the other farangs in there and sure enough, around 10:30pm, some guy tried to hit on Lek. Although she wasn’t impolite, he soon found out that it wasn’t going to be his night that night! That boosted my ego somewhat!

I was niggled by his attempts to pick-up Lek so I suggested we leave. Whilst driving back to my apartment, Ann was getting frisky in the front and, jokingly, she suggested we go to Pattaya. We all thought that’d be a great idea, so we did. I’d never driven there before though so we didn’t actually arrive until the middle of the night, around 4am I think. We managed to find a room and by 5am we were all on the bed. Lek was beneath the covers, but peeping out to see what we were doing. Ann was exhibiting her oral prowess and, generally, things were going pretty well. It wasn’t until I was threatening to enter Ann that Lek’s peeping got to me and I erupted into fits of laughter. I couldn’t perform whilst she was peeping at us and Junior was just as embarrassed. Ann said something to Lek, which I didn’t understand and Lek pulled down the covers to expose a pair of breasts, which would’ve made Jamie Lee Curtis envious. “I give you these to play with.” She said, as Ann’s eager hands and mouth leapt all over them! SPROING!!!! That did the job very nicely thank you very much and for the next two exhausting hours, I did my gender proud.

I slept with Ann and Lek together on a couple of other occasions and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I never actually penetrated Lek, as she was (quite rightly) extremely worried of STDs. It didn’t stop us having a lot of fun though. However, as I mentioned before, events overtook me and I (to my everlasting regret), lost touch with them. I know where she lives, but no, I’m sorry, I won’t tell you.

Although it may appear so, I wasn’t just out to lay all the students I could get my hands on. Many ladies became my friends and nothing more. Sa was one. We would go out regularly, sharing the bills and having a wonderful time together. She had an (apparently well-to-do) English boyfriend, who was supporting her English studies (and several other ventures he didn’t know about). She was a really fun lady to be with, but like many of them, a little crazy. I saw her recently, she looks exactly the same as she did 4 years ago, beautiful, sexy, bonkers.

One night, whilst at a club in Patpong (I remember dancing there until 6am one night), I stepped outside for a pack of cigarettes. After purchasing my cigs, I turned to go back to the club, when someone called my name out loud. I turned around to see this adorable little thing, with long hair (a wig) and a gorgeous smile looking at me. I didn’t recognize her from Adam, but she, apparently, knew me. One of the girls from Pussy Galore (I’m a friend by then) saw us talking together, and dragged us back into the club. To cut a long story short, she went back to my room with me and spent the next few days in my bed. Her body was absolutely flawless. (Almost untouched?) She told me that she was 18 and an ex-student of mine. Bear in mind I’d only been here about a year. I couldn’t remember her until, during the three days, I saw inside her handbag (no, I wasn’t spying or anything), her purse, covered in those little photo stickers they all love so much. I couldn’t resist looking at the photos and, upon so doing, I remembered her. She had actually begun to study during my first week teaching. I remembered her quite vividly, as she had actually talked to me. I also remembered her school uniform. I would’ve estimated her age, whilst lying in my bed, at approximately 18. However, not quite a year previously, I would’ve guessed about 13! And hot. Way too hot.

I haven’t seen her since either, but I wouldn’t mind. After all, another 4 years have gone by since then.

I think that’ll do for sexy stories for now. Although it’s by no means the end of them. Many other interesting things occurred but, if I tried to recount them all, I’d never get to the end of the story.

So, despite all the fun and debauchery, I felt that I’d like to find just one lady, towards whom I could direct my love and who would reciprocate. Not too difficult a request you’d think (unless you’ve lived in Thailand of course).

Next time I’ll tell you about Mam, Bob, Noi, Andy and myself. I would just mention one thing; only three of those people are still alive.

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