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Hello Sucker

  • Written by Mars
  • October 16th, 2004
  • 19 min read

Finally I do it, after one year to decide it, I send my first reader submission. I have written at least 10 but never send them. Always find one excuse to report it.

I present myself, I live in Belgium, I am 29. I speak French, so I am sorry for my English. I don’t think I am handsome but hope to not be ugly. I am very shy with the girls I like (and more with girl I love). I never finished university.
I am presently working for my father’s company at a low salary but who allows me more holidays and more free spending than other job. I used to play stock market to have extra money.

billboard bangkok

I have already travelled a lot all around the globe and Thailand was one the place I appreciated the most. But, after 10 and 1/2 years and 11 times my love passion for Thailand turned to love / hate and finally mainly a hate passion now!

I don’t have the time to say everything now (Maybe I will do it later, I have already thousand of word and 5 or 6 story ready to send as submissions).

The first two times I went to Thailand, I was still a student and never experienced the girls of the night. Having a relationship with a prostitute, so pretty she can be was really not in my mind. I broke this rule the third time. I had started
to work and had much more money than the previous holidays, I stayed also more time in Thailand!

butterflies bangkok

One night in a disco I met a girl who was ½ Thai and it happens that I finished the night in her bed. In her room, she told me that she was a bargirl. At first, I did not want to have sex but in the morning the kisses became more and more passionate,
sex came naturally. I can not say it was good but I never paid for it, she never asked for money. I stayed with her for 3 days and I paid for everything except sex (not better). After 3 days she went for an AIDS test and when the result came back
negative she started to say that she wanted to have sex without condom, the only result from my part was that I never had sex again with her. Because I can’t pay her “I had more money than the previous time but not much and it was
the end of my stay, so I can’t afford her and she knew it”. She went with other men but came back many times to me.

I am not proud about this relationship because I had no feelings for this girl (she was 5 years older than me) and if I don’t think I treated her badly. I made her cry 2 or 3 times. At that moment I clearly knew that she was there for money, she
had baby and a money hungry mother (ex bargirl, the ½ non Thai coming from a customer who ran away). I was there for holiday and had no intention to spend my life with her. She gave me one address to send her letter but I never did.

I can say it was the best holidays I spent in Thailand, not only from the time I spent with her but I learnt a lot about Thailand!

Maybe not enough because 2 years later I came back again to Thailand for holidays and made a very stupid mistake, I fall in love. A powerful and blind love for a freelancer in the Banana Disco, Phuket, a place where I spent too many nights
dancing and talking with girls. I spent 5 of my last 6 days of holidays with her. She was 18 (she said at first she was 20!), she didn’t speak good English (and my Thai was horrible), too beautiful, didn’t smoke, drank only a little,
don’t take drugs, no tattoo, hated gambling and the sex was good. When I left she gave me her phone number and her address. But, when I call her she didn’t use the number anymore and she never received the letter (or do like).


The story doesn’t end there, it has just started!

I worked really hard one year and had a lot of luck on the stock market. It meant that I came to Thailand with a lot of money (for me) to blow and also the hope to see my love again! I went in to the Banana only the third night without the
hope to see her. But she was there and very happy to see me. Before the disco closed we went to her room where we talked a lot first (her English was much better) and made love after (the best time ever for me).

The problems come very quickly after that. I had made a deal for 21 days at 2000 each more the room, food, drink, close and a gold coin (1 ounce) I had brought from Belgium. Maybe too much because when it happens that I paid her one night without sex
she started to do everything not to have sex. The day after I paid her one month in a guesthouse room she went with another man in front of me (still not sure why but friends talk about 10,000 baht for the night). 2 days after she put my clothes
out of the room, saying that her Thai boyfriend came to see her.

One more time, the story is very far from stopping here!

Maybe I will give the details in another submission but it happens that one week after I had drunk a little bit too much and I went again with her in “my” room to have sex. I don’t think I can blame the alcohol because
I was happy to be there. She was very clear all long, she didn’t love me and had no intention to have a serious relationship with a farang (she said she had seen and experienced too many bad stories) <Stick's translation – she knew you didn't have enough money to keep her….Stick>.

It happens that one night I asked her if she could live with me when I come to live in Thailand and against everything she said yes with a very big smile. But at first she said she wanted to come and see me in my home if I don’t lie and she wanted
also to go school a little (she had stopped at 11 to work). I sent her +- 60,000 baht for 3 months and to make passport. I don’t think she stopped working, she told me that she was going with customers (and someone else told me also).

3 months later I came back with the papers to apply for a visa. Customers never stop calling her even when we had sex (she always answered the phone, always). It was also her birthday and I could go and visit her family for the party, a very short time
with both good and bad memories. I wasn’t the first farang she had taken home and they where not impressed at all! One sister of the father was also living with a rich farang (a far relation who is still working now, I never see the girl
go with another men but she play card a lot!)

After that I came back home and sent her money, waiting for the answer about the visa. It happens that the answer was negative and our relationship started to go down. But 6 weeks later the embassy said yes to the visa application (I admit
that my family sent a letter for that!) and we bought airplane tickets for her and for me. I go and spend one week with her family (a much better time with the family but a really bad time with the girl) before taking the airplane back home. The
week was a real nightmare with perpetual requests for money (she told me that she would leave me if I did not send her +-50,000 baht every month) and never stopped telling me that she didn’t love me.

The worst and best thing was when she left me alone for 2 days. It gave me the time to think about the relationship clearly and I decided that too much is too much. I was determined to told her it was over and that she should take the airplane back to
Thailand. I don’t have to say that the sex was non-existent during that time (and she pretend to have period 3 time in 20 days).

If at first her holidays in my country were not good at all (for me and for her), we spend a good time. We visited many things with one of my friend and his Thai wife (not a bargirl but coming also from Isaan, the same as my girlfriend),
go sky, shopping, see friend of her (who married a Belgian man), cooked for me every day and changed the date for her airplane ticket. At first she must stay 2 weeks and I was hoping she can stay 2 more weeks if she liked it but finally she only
stayed 8 days (she left 2 days before Valentine's Day). My friends and family didn’t understand at first and I had to explain what happens in Thailand. <I'd love to have hear ho you tried to explain it allStick>

The final day came and after she told me that farangs are stupid to go with bargirls I told her it was over. She didn’t have much reaction but it wasn’t easy in front of everybody at the airport (not nice from me but I didn’t see
any other solution to be sure it was over).

As soon she was in Bangkok she called me to say that she had think in the airplane and was sorry for everything. She said that she loved me (for the first time) and didn’t wanted to finish with me. <What she means is that she could see you still had some cash that she wanted to get her hands onStick> I told her that it was too late and too easy for her to say that so far away! During the next 2 weeks she called me every day. After 2 or 3 days working at the Banana she told me she was bored of farangs and that she
had found a Thai boyfriend to pay for everything. This story is true because another freelancer I helped later and who is not a friend of her told me the story (she clean him before go away).

She changed phone number and I didn’t hear from her for about 3 months.

But, one more time the story is not finished… <You fxxxing idiotStick>

When I went to change her airplane ticket, the lady at the travel agency talked about the ticket for Thailand I took 2 months before and my girlfriend had not forgotten that I was coming back again for holidays. So, she called and said she
was staying in her family and wanted to see me when I came 2 month later. I sent her 20,000 baht for start a small company with a member of her family. One more time, not a scam (I have to say that she didn’t lie a lot and when she lied
it is very easy to see) but they didn’t get a lot of money and she had to go work again in Phuket (she old me also that she had words with her family. Never wanted to say why but I think I know why…money!!!).

When I get out of the airplane in Bangkok I didn’t see her and was thinking that maybe she didn’t want to see me finally. But she was waiting for me in the domestic terminal, more beautiful than never. I have to say that the
first week was wonderful but the second week turned again into a nightmare. I learn that she was addicted to gambling (she was afraid to play before because she know her reactions), a heavy drinker and she was taking mushrooms every day!

I paid also for her English course (and Thai for me in the same time to be sure she will go!) but she didn’t go very quick. She refused also most of the time to talk in Thai with me. Everything was good also for not having sex with me again.

One day (night) that I was walking alone really sad I met a German men (hello Sven) with his Thai girlfriend. We talked a lot and it happens that I finally talked more with his girlfriend than with him. I had my birthday a few days later
and my brother had arrange a small party where my girlfriend come only 15 minutes and was in a very bad mood. She clearly refused to go out that night and also to go see a movie the day after. I spent the night with my brother, his girlfriend
and the girlfriend of the German men. She got heavily drunk that night and try to have sex with me. I refused because my story with my girlfriend wasn’t finish and she wasn’t also my type of girl (tattoo, heavy drinker, smoker, loud
speaker) but she was clearly different, taking more care of me and money.

The day after I left my girlfriend for the new girl. I stayed only 2 more days with her and didn’t have the time to anything special. She took good care of me but we never had sex together!

Come back home, my girlfriend was still calling me, doing same as nothing happens and only stopped when I told her that I had a new girlfriend, but only for a few month.

The new girl had a more better English and we can exchange e-mail and SMS very often. After a few month I make another big mistake. This girl was looking more correct than the other and I needed holidays (I had work 7/7day +- 12 hour every
day), so I ask her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and stay with me one week. Like you think, the answer was yes.

I make it clear that I wasn’t ready to engage in a full time relationship as I can’t come live in Thailand before 3 or 4 years and only if I see that everything is OK between her and me.

Except that she come to pick up me at airport 30 minute too late (never happens with the other!) and that her son had to go see doctor (she don’t leave to see him but was very sad), the time we spend together was really great. Exactly
like I was thinking a girlfriend and a boyfriend live together. One exception, still no sex; I didn’t try but she didn’t try also. But a lot of kiss and also a lot of touch.

Still have one thing that I don’t take too serious but that make me think a lot (not enough); she had a new tattoo that I really didn’t liked who said : “Fuck and Forget”. (Not sure it is a good idea to talk about that because
it is same as give a name to the girl but it is important for the story.)

Because she seems (I say she seems) to be more better than many other bargirl I had see before and also because she was very sad that she can’t take care of her son I make her a proposition : 12,000 baht every month (not too much for
me but enough for her if she really want to stop) and we will see next time I come if we can live together a long period and maybe later live together, marry her, have baby…

At first she say she go back 2 weeks in Phuket to say goodbye to her friends (she stay more than one month and loose her phone after one week). For after, I am still not sure if she had a serious work or still work in Patong sometimes (she lost her phone
3 more times, maybe she had other sponsor). Maybe I had to pay Stickman for make a research but I know that if she was lying me I know it very quick when I see her!

I really believe that at (least) the end she have work in an office in Bangkok but I am not sure because it appears that everything she was saying was most of the time untrue!

I come back only 8 month later. A lot of time but I wanted to give her and me the time to think. She had planned that I stayed in her family most of the holidays to know her family (and them know me) and see how it happens with her son.

Her family was really fantastic, never people were so nice with me, I had also a very great time with her 5 years son. I think they really like me also. Never money was asked and they offer me food many many time, I had also many great time with the father
who try to explain to me everything (my Thai is still really bad and he don’t know any word in English).

The problems come with the girl! And not small problems! The first problem come when I try to have sex with her (we were kissing each other and maybe I go too far), she take it really bad and do everything for not give me one occasion (she
didn’t take shower the evening and sleep with the same closes). She also get angry at any occasion the word sex (or any word who mean it) come in the talk.

After one week very contrasted in her family, we go 5 days in Chiang mai. I was hoping that it will be a better time but it just happens to be much more bad!

She started to beat me, not strong at first but more and more harder (I still had trace 1 month after). She get angry also one time and never stop after. And for a reason I think was frivolous, she don’t give me back my money when she go pay something
for me (she had make many joke about that the day before) and I insist that she had to give it back to me.

I didn’t take attention at first because she wasn’t talkative since the “sex episode” but in the evening she start to be really angry and beat me a lot (alone or in front of people).
After have ask her many time
she told me what I just say and more; she accuse me to be a bad man (same every man), thinking only about sex. That she was hoping I was staying with her forever and I was going back again at home 2 weeks later. That she prefer to stay alone,
etc…the meaning of the tattoo start to take sense for me 8 month later. I have to say it is very hard to live and I had to live a little bit more because the family was really nice with me and I had promises to take care of her and don’t
let her alone in Chiang Mai (a promise is a promise). I think the family had see that something was going wrong.

We come back in her family but stayed only 3 days there because she wanted to go see one friend in Phuket who open bar. I didn’t wanted to go but she say that if I didn’t go with her she will go alone.

In Phuket, she get really drunk the first night and spend a lot of money for that (I forget to say that she refuse to take my money after what happens in Chiang Mai!). The day after, she let me alone 5 hours in the rooms to go see friend. When she come
back, she start to play with cigarettes and try to burn me with! I told her that if she do that I will finish with her and change room. It happens that she do it, and that I change room.

One more time it didn’t stop there but it is finished soon!

At first I was happy to don’t stay with this crazy lady but a few hours later one of her friend (who is also one of my friend) told me she wanted to see me. I go but she say nothing.

The day after she give a letter to the receptionist who give it to me. I go to see her to try to talk but she close the door when she see it was me!

After a few days like that, I decide I had to stop these mind games and I go with a girl for long time (2 days). She wasn’t pretty (I was scared to fall in love again) but had a good heart, we exchange SMS sometimes.

My girlfriend take it very bad the fact I was with another lady and we had one explanation the last day (no boxing for one time, for the first time I talked seriously with her. I learn that most of what she had say was lies. After more than
2 month of thinking I still don’t know what she really wanted. She send me one e-mail to say goodbye and sorry).

My first Thai girlfriend is still calling me now (more often than before now that she know I am alone again), most of the time when she is lonely (the days she have period or when she is sick, don’t have customer. I have also to admit
that when I say she call me, most of the time it is for say “call me back”). She pretend to have a decent work (but still spend a lot of money) and want to see me next time I go in Thailand.

She surprised me last week, I wanted to test her and she refuse any money from me!
I believe she has a sponsor.

I have no idea if I will go in Thailand for holidays this year or not. But I am sure I will not go there to live soon!

PS : In my title I wanted to say, of course you have to be nice with the girl, but don’t be a sucker (as me for example). I know also that not all of the girl are like that but I need to have feelings for have sex with a girl and it
seems that most of the girl I have feeling for are like that!

Stickman's thoughts:

I couldn't read the second half, the first half was painful enough.