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Be Careful Guys

  • Written by Anonymous
  • October 29th, 2004
  • 3 min read

Anonymous submission

I'll start off to tell you people out there a little about me. I'm 28 year old British guy and I've been living in Pattaya for 5 years. I work in the Middle East in the oil industry 1 month on and 1 month off. I have my own house, truck and bike which are all paid for and up till 5 months ago my life would of been an envy for lots of you out there who would probably dream to be in my position. Then the nightmare.

I see lots of girls in Pattaya. I guess I feel like I'm living a dream like some kind of movie star / millionaire. I am quite well off with my job so I do live it to the max every, second month. I always wear a condom when I have sex until one night I saw this new gogo girl in one of the most popular gogos in Pattaya. She is only 19, unreal body and a great person as I speak fairly good Thai I get on great with a lot of these girls but always telling them it won't go much further than a few nights. I'm just too young to settle down at 28.

Well I took this girl home and for the first time in 5 years I never wore a condom. It just felt like I didn't have to wear it. We had a great night and I saw her a few more times during that month. I started to like this girl but somehow got a kick out of watching her get barfined by other guys. She always told me she always got the guys to wear condoms.

I've always been the type of guy who was never scared of dying. I just said to myself when your time is up it's up, especially with all the traveling I do. This all changed when I got back to work 4 months ago and noticed I had inflated lymph node glands in my groin. Lymph node? What is a lymph node? Well that was the word the local doctor told me at work so I went to and seeing what it was and to my horror all I seen was websites saying HIV. I started to panic I thought that was it I'm dying I read all the symptoms – night sweats, coughing, fever, rash, vision problems, tiredness and I was convinced I had most of them. So I took a test and it came back negative but there is a 3 month wait for this virus to show on tests so I had to endure the longest 3 months of my life when I took another test which again came back negative. I said to myself then that I would never ever sleep with a girl without a condom again.

Well what did I do??? I took her again a few weeks back and again I did not wear a condom. Someone needs to shoot me. I'm now at home writing this with a bad cold and a cough and I'm back on square one again. I've probably got nothing wrong with me but in 3 moths time I will go for another test.

I hear lots of stories out there in Pattaya and meet lots of people but I have heard a pretty bad story involving a 19 year old, good looking English guy who came to Pattaya a year ago, caught HIV from his Thai girl and is now roaming the bars round Pattaya trying to fuck girls without condoms. Think about this, a Thai bar girl with a young good-looking farang. I would say 80% of them would let him fuck them without a condom so its only going to get worse.

So my final thought to you guys are come to Thailand have fun with the girls but always wear a condom I tell you this I don't want to die a horrible death over 10 mins of fun. The virus is out there don't be a fool and put yourself through what I have put myself through.

Good Luck !!!

Stickman's thoughts:

I hope that 19 year is found floating in a klong. Seriously.