Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2004

45 Year Old Bachelor And First Trip To Thailand

It is with great interest that I have read some of the posted stories as I have just started a long distance relationship with a lovely 24yr old Thai girl. I am a 45 year old UK born Aussie bachelor that has never married. Not for lack of trying. I have
had literally hundreds of bed friends and girlfriends. A couple actually lasted nearly 4 years. Fortunately most only ended in emotional pain and not financial like the majority I have observed. I have had an interesting career, being in commission
sales most of my life. This has offered me plenty of opportunity to meet Farang women in Aus and do my best to romance or bed them. Yes being a typical bloke I have been driven by my other brain most of my life. I have been very philosophical
about the lesson learnt (being involved with Yoga 20ys) and I clearly except my part in the failings.

Now, my trip to the land of smiles. I had a trip planned to the UK with a mate and he had made to idea of breaking the trip up a sensible option. So I came up with Thailand. I had heard all the stories. The sex, the girls and the shopping.
A decision was made to call into BKK on the way over and Ko Samui on the way back. We got to BKK airport about 9.30 and we proceeded to the Dynasty Inn, next to Nana Plaza which was recommended to us. I quickly grab my mate by the collar and we
went on the hunt. What an experience! It wasn’t long before we had a couple of bar girl’s under tow and I thought I had gone to bloke’s heaven. We decided to keep a hold on them as they would double as guides. It was great,
shopping, boat rides through canals, snake farm and zoo and of course the food. That night the girls asked us if we would like to go to a Karaoke Bar. So we said yes, thinking that this was a way of seeing outside the tourist stuff. After about
35 to 40 minutes of taxi we arrived at a well lit up barn. The cost, 65 baht. We realised then that this was the way to go, with local knowledge. The night was fantastic and the food and grog bill only cost us about 300 baht. “Again a pleasant

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The next day we said good bye to the girls and we tried to get a flight to Phuket, or Ko Samui. This was the busy season and we couldn’t get a flight, so my mate said why not Pattaya. I was keen, so we boarded the free shuttle that
was on offer from the hotel and off we went. On board was a couple of POMs that had been travelling to the land of smiles on a regular bases for 12 years and they gave us heaps of tips. I found it interesting that they both had girlfriends back
home. They claimed that these trips kept their sanity and their relationships together. Of course the girls thought it was just boozing trips. We got to Pattaya about 1pm and the hangover from hell hit us. Must have been the time lag? My mate
went to bed and I laid down trying to sleep it off. I was too crook to sleep, so I decided to take a walk around town. I had gone down to the beach and experienced the hawkers etc. I was able to shrug them off as I had experienced them in India
a few years before. As I was about 20 metres from my hotel I spotted a Thai girl standing on the steps of a bar, looking, smiling and waving at me. Our eyes met and my heart melted. I smiled and waved back, then went up to my room for a shower
and a heart starter.

Later I grabbed my mate and said I want to go to this bar next door and see if this heart melting girl was there. Yes she was and I couldn’t resist paying the bar fine and taking this incredibly beautiful Thai girl with me. Her English was not
good; however I have since found out that this is a good sign of not being around the traps a lot. I found out that she had been working as a bar girl for only about 4 months. She had been working in a sweat shop in BKK until her older sister
lured her with her friend to Pattaya for a week end holiday. She then told her, she was not coming back to BKK as she would earn more money in the bar which would help support her daughter that her mother was looking after. Same old same old I
suppose. I got to know her quite well in the 5 days that I kept her around. She stated that she like her job in the sweet shop but could only earn 1200 Baht for 6 days a week. We went to the Sanctuary of Truth and whilst in there the guide took
her under her wing like a big sister. I knew that my girl had no formal religious training, so it was a surprise to me when on the way out she prostrated herself in front of a statue and prayed. My friend and I nearly choked as we witnessed this
innocent act. The guide had given her a prayer and instructions. When back at the entrance I asked her did she pray? I was not after info, just a yes or no. She then said to me, I pray for not work long time as bar girl and I find nice man. I
nearly started to cry as my heart tried to jump out of my mouth. The next night we had a few beers in her bar and she started to dance. It was like a cross between go-go and traditional Thai (Beautiful). I asked her fellow workers, was she always
like this? They said no, she is just very happy with you. I was touch again. That night while lying on my bed she said to me, if you want me short time it is ok, if you want me long time it is ok. There are good Thai girls, ok Thai girls and bad
Thai girls so you just be careful! This sealed my fate. I could not let her go. But all things come to an end. We were off to the UK. It was hard to leave her, but I was to come back in 2 weeks. She said that she didn’t believe me. However
I assured her I would and phone calls from the U K gave her some assurance. The U K was a shock after Thailand. Thailand is 3 times cheaper than Australia but the fuckin UK is 3 times dearer. My first experience in the U K was a car hire at a
130 fuckin pound (+a$350) for one day. No small cars left. I couldn’t wait to get back to Thailand.

We got back to Thailand and went straight to Ko Samui for 3 nights. Great time was had and we met up with a bunch of Aussies. We drank the bar dry 3 times in the Chaweng Resort. Then back to BKK. My mate went back to Australia and I had one
night on my own in BKK. I tasted the pleasures of a bar girl for 2 hours then I just had a few drinks and went to bed early so I had the power when I got back to my lady in Pattaya. I extended my trip for 7 days then a further 2. I didn’t
want leave. I had fallen for this girl and in my own heart, I know she is special. I now have a chance to do some business in Thailand and I will be spending time with her to establish the relationship. I understand the pitfalls and the challenges.
I am willing to give it a go and I am looking forward to learning the language. Yes she is out of the bar and I am now supporting her at 20,000 Baht a month. This will also give her money to train as a beautician and nail technician. Good trade
in Australia. I didn’t cop as much crap of my mates here in Australia as I though I would. In fact, being the oldest of 8, my siblings are all looking forward to meeting her. I have toiled over this now for 2 months and I know I am not
acting as a white night and I genuinely love this girl. Given my experiences with her and I believe, my good judge of character, she genuinely loves me. Yes she has an opportunity to better herself financially. But doesn’t all partnerships?

Blessings all

Stickman's thoughts:

Oh dear, another one has been reeled in! Don’t get me wrong, I wish you every success, but as regular readers know, the chances of survival are minimal. Write again in 6 months time and let us know how it is going.

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