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Thai Girls

  • Written by Stick
  • September 29th, 2004
  • 4 min read

Anonymous submission

In my experience, again I don't profess to be an expert, the 'normal looking ones' can indeed be more dangerous, certainly in my experience. A bargirl while being more business like, at least you know where you stand and it's a 'contractual'
thing, quick and clean with no feelings to mess with. Perhaps her education is lower, and she has not been afforded the things others have, but this makes her no less of a person to be reckoned with in fact. Like the vast cross section of Thai
womanhood, there's good and bad. [in any country for that matter] You take your chances similarly however with the jean-clad bar beer/go-go girl, or the mysterious and beautiful girl sitting pretty in the Hyatt Erawan bar in a Gucci dress….
Know it, because it is true.

As indicated, in the more expensive bars and restaurants, Planet Hollywood, hotel bars and yes, Starbucks too, lurks a cleverer, more predatory female. Her profile is that she has a day-job, well paid, a condo and probably a car…. She may
even have her 'own business' but watch out! Her 'business' may have been financed by a series of German/British/Italian boyfriends and her business 'status' earned lying flat on her back than hard graft! Some Thai
women have earned substantial amounts of money selling themselves and have been able to finance their own business's and travel on their immoral earnings, – beware. They will often put up a facade of being completely 'innocent'
even utterly aloof when approached, all the time sending out 'signals' and dropping hints of promise, until the hapless farang is hooked!

billboard bangkok

To be fair there are those who have risen on income on far more honest terms, but due to financial hardships and the dog-eat-dog economics of living in Thailand, she's often looking for a financial prop-up. There's no financial
safety net or social security in Thailand, it's swim or sink, – or is that sink or swim??

Enter an unsuspecting farang who maybe be wooed first by her oriental beauty, her grace and 'status' and be lured into some business venture later. He'll even tell his envious friends he's dating a Thai ex-model or fashion entrepreneur.
These girls don't 'hit you with it' early, they allow the relationship to 'mature' and it becomes infinitely more expensive than a relatively inexpensive encounter with a Bar Girl…. It's almost a 'sting'
operation in low gear.

The 'punch line' here if you will, is that in experience I have found that bar girls and some so called hi society {Hi-So} girls have the same basic mentality. The difference is that with a bar girl you know where you stand right from the beginning.
However, this should not colour or taint the image of Thai women altogether, there are some really wonderful women out there with genuine reasons for looking for farangs. Let us not forget that.

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One thing that enrages me in the utter disrespect some farang tourists and ex-pats alike show towards the Thai's and their womenfolk alike, and I see examples of this everyday almost. The ex-pat Bars are full of disenchanted, loud bellicose
men who know the price of everything and the value of nothing to quote a book, and who are often married to Thai's, but with 2 or more other 'mistresses'. Their cynicism is unparalleled and they demean everything about Thai life
and values when they speak, and every utterance seems to criticise those around them, or the Thai way of life.

They show little respect for their spouses by doing what they do, squander their situations and their money in bars and clubs, – without their spouses often, and I often wonder what they actually contribute to the country, if anything at all. With the July crack-down on long-stay Visa's and associated resident incomes and collateral, I can only assume it is they who are being targeted by an ever growing impatient and intolerant Thai government? Good for them.

I hope this measure weds out the elements of farang mafia too, who only serve to taint Thailand's image and perpetuate the relentless sex trade. Let us say goodbye to the army of rude Teutonic tourists and other fakers and loafers to the paedophiles. Having said that, please don't turn Bangkok into another 'clinical' police state like Singapore? That would be going too far!

One bar I used to frequent in Bangkok sported an amusing reproduction 17th Century Inn sign which read: "No thieves, fakers, loafers of philanderers, and leave all Flintlocks, Cudgels and Cosh's at the door afore ye enter." Quite appropriate I thought! Given the calibre of tourists and ex-pats I have so often seen….


Stickman’s thoughts:

Given the huge differences between Thai culture and "farang culture", I think neither party in such a cross cultural relationship really knows what the other's motivation is.