Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2004

My Take On Singapore

By SGPDaze

Having returned from Singapore less then a few months ago, I was quite surprised to read the submission “Overtaken By $ingapore”. I lived in Singapore for many years and as of my point of departure, there was still a thriving night life.

On Orchard Road there is the famous Orchard Towers, AKA “Four Floors of Whores”. This building is chock full of nightclubs with nothing other then ladies of the night vying for your money. All be it some of these ladies have
a little more to their anatomy, or missing from their anatomy than most men would care to discover. The ladies like to watch the men entering early in the night from a restaurant on the first floor of this building. They also like to have you
buy them food there on the way out to the hotel and then return there again after they have made their earnings. The clubs in this building cost money to enter and they off you a choice of drinks for that entrance fee; just like common clubs else
where in Singapore. Of course all the girls want you to buy them drinks and will actually follow you around waiting for you to ask them to sit with you. In Singapore it is illegal for them to proposition a man for sex. So they just try and make
eye contact and follow you. I must say however that this is not my favorite place in Singapore and for the money spent there and the quality of the product you really are not getting much, or rather getting more then what you want in some cases.

He Clinic Bangkok

My favorite place in Singapore is Geylang Rd (pronounced "Gay Lung"). On the Lorong’s (Malaysian for street), somewhere from Lorong 8 to Lorong 24, there are a plethora of establishments which cater to men.

First there are the girls who walk the street. I would suggest leaving them alone, although they are the cheapest of all. So if you’re on a tight budget you’ll find them every where. Most of them are Malaysian and Indonesian, are not very
pretty and / or are older. They will also have there boyfriends / husbands / pimps watching over them nearby. I think they are just trouble and have always kept away from them. Also to note; these girls will be rallied up by their pimps when the
other places in this area close and lined up so men walking by can choose one.

When one walks down the Lorong’s they will notice there are red lantern lights with numbers. These places are mostly the fish bowls and private houses. In my opinion the best deals in town, but if you are new to the particular address
then they will charge you double. If you meet a girl there and frequent her then she will make them lower the price most of the time by half.

There are other places in this area like whore houses, clubs, and hotels. So you will have to search around a little. One thing you must know in this area, it is very common to meet ladies that are not prostitutes, and they will be very upset
if you proposition them for sex. Oh and if you’d like to eat some good food try some of the places in this area.

CBD bangkok

If it’s clean fun you’re looking for then there are great places like Mohamed Sultan Road which had several nice clubs and the locals go. As well, there are some places in Clark Quay for nice clean fun.

Stickman’s thoughts:

I can remember when I was walking down a street in Singapore and chatted very briefly with an Indian resident there. He said to me that Singapore was the best place to live in Asia, and Thailand was the best place to party.

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