Stickman Readers' Submissions September 11th, 2004

Help A Fellow Farang In Trouble

I am a 41 year old Caucasian male from the USA, moved to Bangkok with my family two years back. Sounds great, almost like a dream doesn't it? Well like most other farangs that write here, it was great for a while, yes like a dream. BUT, there is
always a catch to everything in Bangkok.

When I first moved here I did the normal Nana, Cowboy, and Patpong nights, sometimes the wife would join me, she enjoyed it as much as I did. Like a dream come true, a kid in a candy store. About the same time I started getting bored with
the tourist places and started drinking at normal Bangkok bars. Haha what ever that is. Actual pubs with a pool table or two and of course bargirls. Before I moved to Bangkok I had heard all the stories and warnings on the internet like here on
Stickman’s site and having lived here for four months now considered myself a veteran knowing all the games and was sure I could always outsmart the local bar girl that I thought had am IQ like a buffalo.

He Clinic Bangkok

Over time I got very close to one bargirl in particular, (I will call her Noi) we played pool every night and did the discos on weekends. I started thinking this one was different than all the other bargirls and actually started having nice
times and feelings for her, after all she was different not a normal bargirl and would never do me wrong, she loves me and I do not have to pay for sex, taxi, or food. (Wife material) Remember by this time I am an old Bangkok veteran and know
all the scams. Yeah right.

I finally started getting bored with her, seeing her less and started drinking in another bar a couple sois down. From time to time I would go back to the old bar to get her for a night of drinks, pool and fun. She is still fun to be around
and not the same as the other bargirls. Hahaha.

All was going well till summer before last, when the family went back to the States for 3 months on holiday, and I remained in Bangkok. This was great, because I was shagging everything in sight, including Noi. One day during this time while
out for lunch I met a sexy little lady that looked like she had a little class (I will call her Nana). I thought I could get an easy shag from her also, but learned very quickly this would not be the case, so I tried the wine and dine approach,
which went well for a while. We were having a great time and spending a lot of time together, but she would still not give it up. After time we started falling for each other, or maybe it was just me (dumb farang), and I stopped seeing Noi altogether.
To my surprise Noi started working in the bar I normally drink in, and we started playing pool together again, but nothing else. My newfound love Nana and I decided to get a room together so we could stay together more often. (Yes we were shagging
at this point, and wife out of the picture but we were staying together for the children). A year has passed now and we are living together Monday through Friday, and I spend Saturday & Sunday with my children.

CBD bangkok

This is not much different from most married farangs living in Bangkok. Here is where I think my story is different than most, but I am sure there are some reading this that have been through the same.

Summer again and wife away and I are enjoying temporary living arrangement with Nana, life is great and the relationship is perfect, I hope the wife never returns to Bangkok. Nana decides she is going to go back to see her family for the
weekend and ask if I would be ok alone for a weekend. I assure her I will be fine catching up with old friends for a beer or two and playing pool all weekend. Here I go for a weekend of fun alone.

Noi has continued all this time to send e-mails and SMS telling me she loves me and wants to see me. My wife and her know each other well and she must have known the wife was away on holiday, because the e-mail and SMS increased. While out one night alone
I decided to go by the pub for a beer and a game of pool with Noi. When I get there she was extremely happy to see me and proceeds to tell me she is not working tonight and was about to go out to the disco alone. After a few games of pool, a couple
of gin and tonics I say ok what the hell, one more night in the disco with Noi would be fun. Next thing I know it’s 2:00 AM and both of us are intoxicated. I am not sure how the next part happened, who initiated it or even mentioned it,
but we ended up in a hotel spending the night together which I had done before, but had stopped some time back because of Nana, the steady lady I was with. Two shags that night and two shags in the morning later I am hoping no one saw us in the
disco and surely hope no one saw us enter the hotel. Well here we go, the farang now has an IQ like a buffalo.

Noi informs me 17 days later that she is pregnant. NOTE: She tells me she has known for five days already, which would have been 12 days after the fact??? She has now informed me she wants to keep the baby. I think in her mind she thinks
this will get us together and she will be taken care of forever or in a worst case scenario receive child support for 18 years. The reason I say this is that she has known about Nana for a long time and is always commenting on how Nana has it
made, not having to work and having a farang take care of her, which is not true, but this is what Noi thinks nonetheless.

We have discussed this issue many times and I now may have convinced her to terminate the pregnancy, but she changes her mind daily.

wonderland clinic

Here is where I need your help guys. On the day she agrees to terminate I need to be ready with a clinic located and ready to go, but I have no clue where to take her. Any ideas?

She is going around telling everyone she is going to have my baby and I will soon realize we are meant to be together. THIS IS NOT TRUE, WE WOULD NEVER WORK OUT. If my girlfriend or my children find out it would destroy them emotionally,
especially my 8 year old son. Maybe I deserve what I get.

If anyone can assist with advice on a clinic that will perform a termination safely please send to my e mail.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Partying without a party hat….tut tut tut. There is an abortion clinic in the building next to the popular Cabbages and Condoms clinic in Sukhumvit Soi 12 that is considered reasonably priced (around 2,000 baht for a termination) and that is supposed to be clean and up to standard.

While abortion is technically illegal in Thailand, many hospitals will carry them out, but the costs are a LOT higher.

I believe that the clinic in soi 12 will only abort within the first 12 weeks, though I could be wrong. Beyond that, it becomes dangerous, or so I believe. Actually, it is time for me to shut up because I am starting to speculate about stuff I really do not know too much about.

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