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Drugged And I Still Want More!

  • Written by Lone Palm
  • September 22nd, 2004
  • 12 min read

Well I made it back to OZ after seven weeks in Asia and I still want more. I spent the first two weeks in the wonderful Hong Kong, then to the duller, but more like home Singapore where I spent a month in three afternoons.

The women in these two places, especially Singapore are gorgeous. I won’t say better than the Thai, but not worse either. They are just different and dress in a more demure and sexier way, if that makes any sense whatsoever. People
watching and drinking is all this loser did in Singapore due to having been there a shitload of times and having already seen the half dozen attractions they have.

billboard bangkok

I realize this is a rather strange way of traveling (OZ – HK – SIN – BKK – SIN – OZ). But the saving of 15 000 Baht or ten girls (Long-Time), is reason enough.

Arriving in Bangkok for the second time went like a dream. Fifteen minutes from stepping from the plane to jumping in the taxi (at least eighty minutes the first time). The taxi got me to Sukhumvit without even stopping and the driver was
a gentleman with good English. The staff at the hotel were prompt and the room I booked was ready to move into straight away. The girl at reception noticed I booked a room for two and that I was alone, so she said straight out that it was fine
to bring in girls and that no fee was involved with her being in my room, she just had to hand in her ID at the front desk. I thought fantastic.

I know it seems I’m having a lend of you, but that’s how it happened. The ensuing nine days with nine different girls in Bangkok went perfectly. I was straight up with each and said I was a butterfly and wouldn’t be with
them past lunchtime the next day. I never paid them till the next day and made sure that each and every one of them knew exactly what I expected that night and the next morning or the 1500 would be reduced. This strategy worked well and made the
girls more relaxed and even, dare I say it, truthful (or as close as they can be).

butterflies bangkok

Their stories of how they got into selling their bodies for money were varied and not as sad as I expected. The real sad thing was their hopes and dreams for the future, which I hope happen for them, but in reality they seem unattainable.
From one doing a University course in communication so she can be on TV, to the usual rip off a farang stuff with two even asking my advice on how to achieve this. I didn’t know how to answer that, so I just told them what I don’t
like. Dramas (like the girl I barfined on my first trip, who after giving me a good blow ran into the bathroom crying and yelling out, “I kiss you, you no kiss me.” incessantly for five minutes, because I wouldn’t go down
on her. I stayed in bed and turned the TV volume up. She eventually came back to bed like nothing had happened.), Tattoos (I’m probably showing my age) and Breast Implants (soft is better).

After a smooth nine days in Bangkok, I went on down to Pattaya for nine days. The hotel booked me a car for the trip and I paid 1200 including tolls (I got them down from 1500 with no mention of tolls from them, but they agreed to my price
a bit too quickly for my liking). The car wasn’t as new as the picture they showed me but it was only about three years and one model off. It was very clean with no smell and comfortable, and the driver didn’t even try to rip me
off with extra money for tolls.

The trip down was pleasant and again the staff at the hotel were efficient and got me into my room in reasonably quick time. The receptionist told me it was 300 every time I took a girl into my room even though I booked a double. She told
me this straight out first thing and I didn’t argue (I have no idea how this works – I really don’t mind paying a small joiner fee, but I think they should advertise the extra charges).

Nine days in Pattaya made me feel twenty years younger, so it was lucky that I only stayed nine days. Drinking and whoring like a twenty year old is not good for a forty year old body. Everything went well and everyone I came across during
my binges was there for the same reason I was, so we got on better than fine. The amount of Poms I came across was staggering and most of them seemed to either be living there or staying for months at a time. A farang even came up to me begging
for money on two occasions – Have you got a spare 500 Baht he said each time – He smelled so bad and I’m sure if he’d asked for a more reasonable amount and showered occasionally he might have a bit more success.


At the entrance to Walking Street I came across those assistant Police, or whatever they are looking down their noses at the sex tourists in their spiffy little outfits, hanging around the caravan thingy. I gave one a howdy as you do, on
the way past and he just looked straight through me. The looks they give the punters is beyond arrogance. Hitler and Brown Shirts came to mind. Walking Street was good, but I spent most of my time on soi 8 and places in between.

At about Midday on my nineteenth day in Thailand I jumped into a car for the trip back to Bangkok (if I could remember my thoughts at that time, they probably were positive). The next fifty-two hours didn’t go as well though. It took
six hours to get back to Bangkok in this apparently new car which broke down four times with the dick of a driver not even bothering to tell me what was wrong (when I asked, he just basically shrugged his shoulders). The problem was the cooling
system, it was leaking like a sieve. He refused to get me another car and really without a phone there wasn’t much I could do about it. He must have had twenty litres of water in the boot, so he definitely knew beforehand about the problem.
If that wasn’t enough, he also refused to use the tolls. Our average speed over the last thirty kilometers wouldn’t have been ten kph. When we finally made it to my hotel I was that pissed off I told him to fucking leave my bag alone
as he made to get it from the back seat. When he stood there waiting for a tip like nothing had happened, I was stunned to say the least and just walked away with my fists clenched.

As I walked into the Soi 22 hotel, I was like a bomb ready to go off with a forced smile on my face. After a 30 minute wait at reception while the girl was mainly just talking on the phone, I got to the front of a queue of two. She looks
at my voucher and after filling in the usual forms she says, “There is no fee for the first girl but 1000 Baht for any different girl after that”. Not being in the best of moods and thinking that I was booked here for ten days I
said, “Not a fucking chance, cancel the booking.” Her reply was basically that I had to pay 3200 baht a day until I produced a new voucher stating that I was canceling. Being just before 7pm I said how the fuck is that possible,
but wait, I’ll just pick the voucher out of my arse.

Twenty minutes and lots of swearing later (I’m sure all their ingrained dislike of farangs and their behaviour was proven correct by me.) I’m sitting in my room at the Soi 22 hotel thinking what a bloody idiot I was (Believe it or not, I’m a very relaxed, laid back person who never lets anything stress him out.). The reason I stayed there that night was because I had to pay for it anyway. (2800 if I stayed and 3200 if I didn’t – I’m still confused about that.)

Well after the three S’s I went to the hotel I stayed in the week before and booked another nine days there at 1100 with no joiner fee. This place is more than adequate, with good staff but the décor is old and the TV channel selection is nonexistent, basically a half dozen Thai channels plus BBC World. (BBC World is good but when you have it on all the time you start to see stories for the twentieth time.) You would think being in Bangkok wouldn’t leave much time for TV, but actually I think I watched more than I do at home, due to being in bed 12 hours every day.

After I got my accommodation organized I was feeling better and went out to find the love of my life. Lots of beers and great conversations later I organized for a girl to meet me at a restaurant on soi 7 around midnight. She turned up promptly and off we headed to Soi 22. When we get there I look around quite sheepishly and thank the stars that a new shift of people is working there and I am anonymous to them. Straight away security guides us to the night desk where I get asked for 1000 baht. I told them I booked a double and that I’m allowed one girl in my room. She looks at me and says, “you are booked for ten days and you want this girl”, with a distasteful look on her face. That made me cringe when I saw the sad insecure look the BG gave. I said, “it is none of your fucking business who I take into the room and I’m only staying here one night”. “No you are staying ten days” was her reply, believing the computer and not the person standing in front of her getting redder by the second. “Don’t you fucking think I know how long I am staying, this place is full of morons” I said getting louder. Then the security guy is saying something about 400 Baht and no problem into my ear. My reply was that I wouldn’t give him 10 Baht, even if my life depended on it. By this time the night manager (or whoever she was) came over and I exaggerated by acting a bit dumb and saying why I had to pay this girl 1000 and also this wanker (luckily it went over his head – he could have had me in two seconds) wants 1000 as well.

She gave them one look and they never said another word. She looked at the computer and got the ID off the girl and got my room card within seconds and melted my heart with that bloody smile and bow. Even the two morons gave us one, less the smile as we went to the room.

The next night, in the new, old hotel I headed out for more of the same. I went to a few different places and ended up in Nana about 1am. I had a couple of ales, and around 2.30 am, decided to head back to the hotel alone, due to this woman in her mid to high forties, who was pestering me for the last half hour to buy her for the rest of the night for a couple of hundred baht. A real annoying bitch. As I left, she kept on following me, I tried politely to explain we were not going to happen, but she kept on right behind me, so I decided to ignore her. This is the last clear thought I had that night.

My next moment of clarity, apart from snapshots, was 7pm that night. What happened to me was quite simple. That bitch must have put something in my drink as I was leaving Nana and after I collapsed on the pavement, about 50 metres past the Majestic Suites, went through my pockets. She took everything out of my pockets which included cigarettes, lighter and a few thousand Baht. In the end I was just glad I was still alive. Two days later, with my brain putting the snapshots together and talking to the people who looked after me while I was out, I came to the following conclusion.

After the bitch went through my pockets, (I recalled trying to push her off, but my arms wouldn’t work) I collapsed. I was laying on the pavement for at least an hour, until a girl working in an inn nearby got me taken up to their reception, then laid me on a bench where she looked after me, thinking I was just a lost drunk. Around seven hours later she finally got out of me where I was staying. (My memory of these seven hours is about two seconds, her face leaning over me and her mouth moving is all I recall). Around midday my hotel sent someone over to get me and I got taken to see a doctor, where he checked me out, gave me an injection of adrenaline and prescriptions to take. (All I remember is the injection, totally blank otherwise). My memory is slightly clearer around 2pm where I remember jelly legs and getting dragged up to my room to sleep. When I woke up I felt fantastic, no hangover whatsoever and was jumping out of my skin. Two hours later I slept for twelve hours.

I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think that is the gist of what happened. I am just left with the feeling of relief that nothing worse happened to me and appreciative of all the kindness I received from both the strangers at the inn and the hotel I was staying at.

My last week in Bangkok went as good, if not better than the first two weeks and am returning in March for two or three weeks.

Yep, I’m addicted.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Wow, even after being drugged you wanna come back. Yeah, you are addicted.