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Degeneration Of A Bargirl

About 4 years ago when I finally got to Thailand after a considerable weight was lifted off my shoulders (got divorced) I met this bar girl named “M”. This girl was absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever met before in my life. And
I know, thanks to this site, what bar girls are up to and what most of the games they play are. My friend and I were on business in Thailand when I met “M”. After all that talk about “Don’t do it” and “Don’t
fall in love” it was too late. BAM! Like a knife through the heart!

Well “M” stayed with me for about 8 days and we did everything together, you know the typical farang/bar girl exercises (Mall, movies, clubs, etc…). “M” was perfect in every way. I would work for 14 hours
that day, come back to the hotel and she would be there looking lovely. Now I am not terribly old (36) and I think I am ok looking but “M” took care of me like no other woman in the world. Sex was awesome. She never asked for a dime…
blah blah blah…..

billboard bangkok

The night before I left for Vietnam she asked for some outrageous amount of money, she had originally said 1500 baht for the night and 8 times 1500 does not equal have of what she asked. I unfortunately did the typical farang response and
said “ You must be f***ing kidding me!” to which she started yelling and screaming and crying. She rolls over in the bed and BAM! She is out like a light, I don’t know how they can do that, I guess narcolepsy runs rampant
in Thailand. I laid awake for a time and finally thought “Sure, it was great, I will pay her for her time.” Next morning, no girl is to be found.

After a week in Laos and a week in Vietnam (Laotian women are the best looking women, period, and I know that statement will generate me a lot of email) I was back in BKK for one night. Sure enough she was there. Said she was sorry for everything,
and I paid her what she wanted, not because I felt bad about it but I was in love with this girl.

Well I get back to Hawaii and at the start of things I get a call everyday from “M”, sometimes twice a day. I think to myself that this is truly real love and how can I get her over her to Hawaii. Well a good friend laughed
at me and said I was making a very bad mistake and that if she truly loved me that I should ask her for password to her hotmail account. I said fine. I asked her and she gave it to me. Nothing in there. SUSPICION NUMBER 1.

butterflies bangkok

About 4 months later after nothing but great conversations, she told me she quit the bar to help mom and wanted money to support her family, and could I provide it. SUSPICION NUMBER 2. I said point blank, nope! That was it, no calls, nothing. Over the next year I would get an email about once every 3 months, one in perfect English and one that looked like they were written by 3rd graders (I hope it wasn’t one of your students Stick!). Just kidding. I would reply to the “I still love you” letters that she sent but it was apparent that it was over. Fine, no sweat off my back.

One day I found myself flying back to Laos and had a one night stop over in BKK. I get to my hotel around 1 am, and walk over to one of those beer bars next to Nana, I had no intention of picking up any girls, and I was just flat tired. Well the lady brings over my Kloster and I get one swallow down when I here this “Oh my God, John!” It is “M’s best friend, crying running across the busy street to see me. Short story, 38.6 seconds later there was “M”. Looking stunning as ever. And yes, I took her back to the hotel. Well we get back to the hotel and she pulls out some kind of drug that you smoke, don’t know what it is. They put it in cigarettes I guess. So, I kicked her out of my room screaming, it was quite a site.

Well, to get to the end of this very boring and bloviated letter, “M” sends me this email that she is going to Europe for 3 months with friends and when she gets back she will get in touch with me. Fine. 3 months? Hum?? So I am sitting around one night, drinking, and I wondered if she ever changed her email password. I tried it and BAM, it worked. Now this is the crux of my problem.

There are lots of letters to guys in Europe, Australia and from America but one particularly stuck out. A guy is bringing her to Europe I guess on a fiancé visa, big problems, this girl is now into drugs who knows what else not to mention she now had a tattoo, cell, etc. So, I look in her sent items and there were probably 5 or 6 “I will be back in 3 months and will get into contact with you” letters to different guys. Now do I contact this gent in Europe and tell him of his potential problems or do I let him go on with his normal daily life? I hope someone would do it for me if I was in his shoes, but I open this up for your interpretations.


Stickman’s thoughts:

Your damned if you do or damned if you don't. Personally, I think people deserve to know. If it was you, I'd contact the girl and tell her that Europe is very expensive and that you strongly suspect she is lying about the reason for going there and that you are sure that the trip is being financed by another man. I would not contact the man ion question who plans to take her there, but would let the others go *if* they are sending her money.

That she has become hardened and is into drugs and what not is very sad indeed, but that is always the risk for girls who enter the profession.

In my humble opinion, what she is doing is very clearly wrong and constitutes planned deception for pecuniary advantage. Someone might say that it is wrong to interfere in others' business but I just don't agree. Blow the whistle.

I am sure you’ll get a lot of feedback on what to do!