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Another Point

  • Written by Been There
  • September 17th, 2004
  • 2 min read

I would like you to graciously remind humble westerner that historically YES a very big YES there was a time that the Thais were truly in NEED of Westerners and their western ways and there superior western values and superior technology and their superior
thinking and their superior mentality.

IT was known as a thing called …..WORLD WAR 2 !!!!! All those big, ugly, superior and obnoxious Americans and Australians and New Zealanders and British and other westerners, came to the rescue of South East Asia between the years of 1942
and 1945 ….and had they not …..the Thai ways, as we know them, would have been effectively altered for the worse and or possibly suppressed into near non existence by a Nation Called …..JAPAN.

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Damn right we have a say in what Thailand should and should not do seeing as we WESTERNERS sacrificed our life's for something that we knew was undeniably WRONG…… READ YOUR HISTORY!!!!!

Humble westerner will probably have a clever retort to that sad and undeniable part of Thai History.

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The Thais could hardly lift a finger as a nation to defend their country in 1942 / 43 and they suffered unimaginable hardships and atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese Military and their ASIAN MENTALITY. Furthermore it needs to be pointed
out to humble westerner that the Thais colluded with the brutal Japanese administration and profited from the hardships of their fellow country men. Great mentality that is!!!!


And YES Humble westerner if World War 3 was ever to evolve in that part of the world (and it may very well be that part of the world where the battle ground takes place) Thailand WILL, once again, be overwhelmed with big, superior, obnoxious
ugly Americans and other Westerners coming to save their asses, ONCE AGAIN, all the while sacrificing their lives for a superior standard of living called DEMOCRACY and the mentality that comes with it!!!!

Prior to WORLD WAR 2 Thailand was not that much different than Japan in the way that the Thai system or Thai way operated…read the history books….and WORLD WAR 2 was a blessing in some respects because it changed the Thai ways and the Thai system
of administration. In part it FORCED the Thais to change and they adopted many of our western values and some of our western ways while retaining the essence of Thailand.


Yes ….Americans and westerners showed and / or educated the Thais and the Japanese about "another way" of conducting themselves and effectively nurtured Thailand into the 20th century.

That was the sweet reward…glorious in it's design.

Then, basically, the heathen Americans left Thailand and went home…..home to democracy…ever so smug in the thought of justice administered in a most benevolent way!! Confident in the belief Thailand would prosper now, now that a better
system called democracy had been introduced to them.

But history shows they did not really get the point……and Thailand suffers on as a poor nation.

I dare say I am confident the Thais would not come to the rescue of anyone but themselves in a similar situation.

That is open to debate but I will be persuaded by the history books rather than allowing individual opinions to move me!!!

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