Stickman Readers' Submissions August 10th, 2004

That Interview

First of all, I have to say that I am a Thai woman and I am well aware of the sad facts of life that some people don't have too many choices in their lives. Bargirl type and non-bargirl type have different experiences in life, so they see things
from different points of view.

So here we go..

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I also found the interview interesting – even though it sounded like she was leading such a complex life. I am trying very hard not to judge her or anyone here. She lives her life. You live yours. I live mine. I am all for new points of view
that are different from mine. What got me going this time is her advises at the bottom of the interview.

JO: Do you have any advice for other couples? What would you tell a Farang guy in a relationship with a Thai woman?

Gina: Don’t trust a Thai woman. Or, at least, think about it before you do trust her. You will have to know each other well for three or four years, and really try to know if she loves you or your money. And, don’t fall for their old trick of when she tells you that you can go fuck around with another girl. It’s just a trick to make you feel guilty to her, and she will use this to control you. Thai girls want money.

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Being a manager of a private company in Bangkok, I find this paragraph irritating. Gross generalisation. And to make it worse, it came from a Thai woman. I've always said there are good and bad people everywhere. I've got a few friends
who earn less than they deserve. They (me included) don't have money rolling in every month / week from overseas from different guys. But yet, they don't go out and scam naive foreigners out there.

In every relationship, the two have to take time to get to know each other. No matter who they are or where they come from. Simple as that. I don't think I can say how many years to be taken. It might take more time if one is full of
shite. But well, basically, we just have to take time.

And that old trick… I'm afraid this statement is valid only in some certain societies. Not mine. I've only made it clear to my boyfriend that; if we get all serious and are exclusive, try to shag other people and the duck will
be well fed.

As for wanting money, now I have to admit that money does make life easier. But it's not everything. And I do believe everyone on this planet would rather have more money. Not only Thai women. American, British, German, Italian, French, Australian,
Japanese, you name it. We only have different ways to get money we all want. This such generalisation was actually one of the very few motivations for me to initiate this awkward conversation with my boyfriend – pre-nuptial agreements. The conversation
went very well and we both are up for it – if we get married at all. So, yes, pre-nuptial agreements are enforceable in Thailand.

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One thing I've heard from a few fellow members of an expat forum is : Never venture what you cannot afford to lose. There usually are some signs if something is dodgy. And if all those signs fall on deaf ear, then don't whine, my

JO: What about advice for a Thai woman in a relationship with a Farang man?

Gina: Be honest to him. Some Farangs don’t care about honesty, though. If you really want to have a family with him, you can’t love money more than anything else. Also, a lot of Farangs, especially ones who live in Asia, can’t be trusted either. Usually there’s not enough honesty between the two to have a true relationship. Communication is so important for a couple, and there’s so much language difference where Thais and Farangs can mis-understand so much.

Indeed if we are to live with someone for the rest of our live, apart from a good shag, honesty and communication are essential. I couldn't agree more with this part. But really, reading this paragraph, it felt as if Thai women were nothing
but gold diggers / bitches / money suckers / scammers. I mean.. give me a break. Yes, we have heard shit loads of horrible stories, but there are nice people as well. Money is never supposed to be factor number 1 to be considered when it comes
to relationship / marriage. The world would be a horrible, horrible place if we were that shallow.

Wait a minute, is the term "Thai girls" meant to be "Thai prostitutes"? If so, my apologies, I shall put a sock in it.

Stickman's thoughts:

Nice second to last paragraph.

It should be noted that usually I do not like to include replies to previous submissions and would rather see people right something which would stand alone as a submission, I included this because it is the perspective of a Thai woman, something that I think most of us find interesting.

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