Stickman Readers' Submissions August 5th, 2004

At The Rail

Do you remember the first time you saw the Thai ladies of the night?? I do, they were from out of this world, beautiful.

I am sitting at the rail of Lucky Lukes. It is five o’clock. They will be pouring in. It is going to be a long night again so I start off with a coke. Seeing the first ones come in, you start to realize why they work at night. The
faces are worn, tired. The truck bringing the ice is standing in front of me. The young guy is working his ass off. The older guy (the boss) is busy looking around. More girls go to work. Some are exceptionally big, ladyboys. In this light they
look more like boys than like ladies. Still, I have to give the man Dana credit, they will be fun to sit with later. They will even give me the test again, which I will fail miserably … again. My favorite hostesses walk past. One will disappear
really fast with a customer. Her sister will tell me that she is on holiday. Years ago I cared about the lying. Now I know the score, I’m in on the game, no more surprises.

He Clinic Bangkok

The next truck comes in to view. This one is carrying stuff that can easily explode and would turn the entrance to the NEP into a death trap. This truck is in front of me. I start to sweat a little bit, but I stay seated. Half an hour later
it will go. There weren’t any suicide bombers this time.

The shoeshine girl has got a brand new phone. It is better than the one I have at home, so I gather it must be a good job.

It is getting darker. The girls start to look prettier and prettier. Some really knock me off my stool. I am getting worried about the night ahead. One hour ago there wasn’t a girl in the house that could me make pay the barfine. All
of a sudden they are coming from everywhere, damn.

CBD bangkok

At seven I go to eat at Took Lae Dee in Foodland. Good food, cheap price, English menu and this year as an extra the cutest and the slowest trainee ever seen in Bangkok. After that back to the hotel, getting ready for the test.


Are you secure about your own sexuality?? Can you stand the pressure?? You don’t know what pressure is.

I challenge you to go by yourself to Casanova. You only want to watch the show.

wonderland clinic

The great thing about the Thai nightlife is that it changes every man into a predator. Suddenly you’ve got choices beyond your wildest dreams. Gorgeous ladies fight over you. You have climbed the social ladder by stepping on that plane.
You are the man.

You’ve got the mindset?? Okay let’s get in.

You remember the Star Wars quote: “there is always a bigger fish”. This is it. This is where the biggest fish from Thailand have gathered. And these fish work in pairs. They smell the prey when he gets in. Two of them zone in.
They guide you to a seat and they will not leave. No sir, they are there to stay. They don’t go for the throat, which would be an easy way out. They go below the waist where all your valuables (including your money) are hidden. You have
to protect yourself, so you buy them a drink. Not because these are the two that you like, but because they are there. When they are getting the drinks you have a minute to look around. See the others. Some are really frightening and you count
yourself lucky that she was busy somewhere else when you got in. They come back. Say chockdee and start rubbing the goodies again. I am not a coward, I will come out of this the way I came in. then and only then will I have passed the test. They
want me to feel what they have to offer. They don’t ask, they just grab your hand. The hand that was protecting the family jewels is suddenly feeling something else. The last thing they hear is a quick kep tang check bin, and I run out.
Failed again. The emperor had no clothes.

Stickman's thoughts:

There is a distinct katoey flavour to today’s submissions…

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