Stickman Readers' Submissions August 4th, 2004

Appearances – The Way It Is

I would be classified as a cynic, when it comes to Thai women and the "paradise" so many farangs consider them to be. In the same way, I have tended to highly doubt the objectivity of farang who frequent Thailand for the women, and the common claims that Thai women are better across the board to the average, non-working (non-bargirl) Western woman. It is obvious to me, being a man who has and does frequently travel to LOS, that men who visit Thailand regularly obviously having fallen for the place and it's women. This does not mean that the women in Thailand are necessarily better than Western women, just that the men that go to Siam frequently think this.

However, if we look at only the appearance of the average Western woman "in the West" and compare her to the average Thai woman "living in Thailand", and we cast aside any preferences of what body type (voluptuous, shapely, thin, flat, etc.) is the best, there is still a very very very sad reality in America.

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American women are just plain fat, generally unattractive, and THEY DON'T SEEM TO KNOW THIS REALITY!!! It is like the naked king in the story "The Emperor's New Clothes" who is convinced he is clothed.

I found myself reminded of this atrocious reality when I went out to 6 clubs over the course of 5 drunk-filled hours last weekend. I was accompanied by my Thai woman and an ex-fraternity buddy. I found myself putting aside my obvious prejudice for small, thin women, just to give the American girls as much benefit of the doubt as possible. Even then, the parade of farang cows that went by us in the 30-someting bar that was once a fraternity man's paradise totally shocked me. Have white women actually gotten fatter in the last 3 years?

We then went to an upscale club. Yes, the women there were much more attractive. Some were even considered beautiful. Yet, there was definitely something amiss….they were dressed nice, they were not ugly, but few were attractive like my Thai girl. Now, I am not talking up or down about her, when I say that in Thailand, she is attractive but not unusual.

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As she puts it, "I look good, but in Thailand I am nothing special. In America, I am beautiful." She is completely on target there. Nothing makes me appreciate how hot she is more than watching the cellulite on a drunk farang woman doing the "jiggly" with her butt! In Thailand, men would insult such women or just walk away. Such women would not even try such eye blinding motions. In America, you will see thinner men, who are often younger and usually more educated/wealthier (than the sad fatty) pursuing the fatty.

Why is that?

I came to one conclusion. Desperation and lack of knowledge of better opportunity have led to this. They simply don't know better.

What's my analysis of the future. As more and more men know about the better opportunities in terms of looks, more and more Eastern European, Russian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, and South American women will be migrating to the States as fiances and wives. This won't become a majority of wives for American men, but it will be a growing minority.

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In the beginning, and even now, the Western women will respond with insults, put downs, and other basic "cat fighting tactics". However, hopefully, in the long run, it will force the Western women (from fat white cows, to Spanish girls who've eaten too many beans, to Asian women who've had one too many bowls of rice) to get back to basics in taking care of themselves, being more feminine, and to even pick up on the idea that it's a 50/50 world once again in terms of power during courtship.

I've never agreed that Western women are actually "man haters". They are not, any more than most Western men are "woman haters". However, the system in the West has created a strange world. It is a world where fat/ugly women have a time finding a relationship, but can easily find sex. It is a world where the average woman is overweight (like the average man), yet she can act, dance, and behave like she is "sexy" simply because she isn't among the "relatively fat" or "relatively ugly". It is a world, where the average man appears to be 1-3 points higher in the appearance scale compared to their woman. Personality aside, this is just plain unappealing.

Am I shallow? Well, I'm not fat, not ugly, and the fear of both keeps me and my Thai girl from falling into said visual disasters. Maybe the shallow ones are the women that are so egotistical they think shaking their fat asses is actually attractive! Is such behaviour any better than aging Western men with growing guts claiming that young foreign women in far-away lands (like Thailand) actually find their stomachs and balding heads "sexy"?

Natural selection is not working in America! (LOL). Joking aside, it isn't working in the UK, Australia, or most of Western Europe either.

Stickman's thoughts:

Chuckle, chuckle!

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