Stickman Readers' Submissions July 3rd, 2004

You Don’t Have To Go To Asia To Get Ripped Off

You Don't Need To Live In Asia To Get Ripped Off

Well ladies and gents have you ever tried to help someone and ended up feeling that you have been taken for a right sucker?

I'm a middle aged guy, consider myself street-wise and aware of the all the latest scams, but boy do I feel a right fool tonight and in need of some reassurance of the goodness of the human race.

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I got talking to this Philipino girl on the internet at It's one of those sites where the women will put on a private show for you, for a fee of course, but I never availed of that service and instead sort of built up a chatty relationship quickly over a few days. It's surprising how a pretty girl can turn a man weak at the knees sometimes. Well she asked me a number of times whether I'd want to take her private on the site, but I turned that offer down. Well she then explained about her family circumstances and how she had surgery on her neck, that her family were 10,000 pesos rent money in debt, that’s about $US 177, and how if they didn't come up with the money they would be homeless without any address from the government. Well I reckoned I better send $30 or so but she build up such a good deserving case for herself that I thought that for once in my life I would do the decent thing and help her out completely (as I was never a great person contributing to worthy causes, always liked to keep that comfortably at the distance but here it was staring me straight in the face and I better respond accordingly). She also explained that she had an US boyfriend but for one reason or other he had disappeared off the scene after 5 months giving her no reason, which seemed greatly to upset her.

Well as I am not at all familiar with money transfer procedures I went to great trouble to find out a safe way to send, but she wisely pointed me in the direction of Western Union and the $177 was duly dispatched to her.

After picking up the money she arranged to speak to me on Yahoo again, and of course thanked me very much for the money and wait for it….would it be possible to maybe send her on another $40 or $60 a week!!!

CBD bangkok

Well of course when I said a very firm NO. Her reply was "Oh, I see" then "okies" she disappeared off the scene. Of course I have sent a few offline messages asking her if she thought that money grows on trees in the US and that mow I understand why the former US boyfriend disappeared, but sure that is all a waste of time!!

I blame myself a lot as I let myself be taken in by her charms and good looks (even though I have a partner) who I am too embarrassed to tell about this. I think I must be having a mid-life But boy do I feel a right sucker tonight. I am tempted to enter the chatroom and if she is still the same yahoo ID, create another one of my own and tell her that I am a businessman and lead her up the garden path promising her the earth which of course this time around will never happen!!

So why am I telling this story on the stickmanbangkok website probably so that someone can ease my hurt feelings which I don't deserve as I got myself into it.


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Well surprise, surprise, she has got back to me in an offline message on yahoo saying that she is very grateful for it, and she doesn't understand why I was mad at her i.e. as soon as she got the once only gift of dollars I sent she was looking for a weekly allowance as well.

Well I replied saying that it was a one time only gift to help her and her family. Funny thing is if I was certain that it was genuine help she needed I wouldn't have minded sending it

Do you think she has realised that maybe she is killing the goose that lays the golden egg…lol. Actually I think its quite a common thing that a lot of Asian ladies have US boyfriends on the internet and that these guys send on a regular allowance to them even though they are thousands of miles away …hey …sure I must actually be talking about myself here, but absolutely no way will I fall into that trap, although you could argue that I have already done so, and I would have to agree.

Now the difference between an US boy and one who they really love is that boyfriends are only guys that send money on a regular basis, and a gal can have any number of them, all the guys kept happy with the occasional webcam smile and "I'll wait for you" one liner.

Stickman’s thoughts:

I never cease to be amazed.

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