Stickman Readers' Submissions July 2nd, 2004

Thai Times Down Under

It’s about time I wrote a piece for this fine site. I’m a 23 year old Aussie guy that’s addicted to Thailand. The girls, culture, language, food and dare I say it the unpredictable Thai way of doing things. In my short time on the earth I have traveled to each country in South East Asia and to Thailand 5 times.

Upon returning to the western suburbs of Sydney from a trip to LOS I had the urge to visit a Thai lady. I soon realized that there was an establishment around the corner. After visiting a few times was hooked and became a routine client but each time wanting to see a different lady. One night I met a young lady who took my mind back to a Pattaya hotel. After seeing Nid once we became friends and I helped her with her studies.

He Clinic Bangkok

In the following months I felt my addiction getting its daily fix which was great. Our friendship grew and we had a great time together outside of her work. I soon found out that her mother who had re-married an Aussie guy owns the knock shop, to add to the story her sister also works there and I had banged her on a few occasions. Now I understand why Nid always questions about her co-worker's performance.

I soon moved to a remote central Australian town but still remained in close contact by email and telephone. I have just returned back home to central Australia from a trip back home in Sydney. I now have a lot more information on Nid, the family and the Thai working girls of Sydney. I found out the Nid has a paid marriage with a Thai guy for only $Aust 20,000 who is currently in Thailand working out some visa problems. She has only eight months until her “contract” is up, she also wants to speed this up because she had just returned from a trip to LOS and met some guy who she wants to marry for real.

I also have found out there is another sister in the loop who does not work in the industry and the one that does work at the shop with Nid has a boyfriend here in Australia and he does not know she is married to a Thai man back home in Thailand. When she visits Thailand she shags her husband that she apparently wants to leave all while the Thai guy is cheating on his new girlfriend. I hope you can understand all of this because is fucking hard to write.

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Nid's mother who owns the shop tells me she is from a quite an influential family back home and can help me with my visas when I decide to move there <If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that….. – Stick>. She had moved to Australia 18 years ago with an Aussie guy, the marriage failed and she re-married.

After hanging around at the shop with the family and the working ladies I learned a lot of things about Thailand and Thai culture. I became their Stickman for all things farang, I was asked questions about money, clothes, Australian laws and re-marrying. All of this information was passed with half Thai half English whilst they were between cooking food or servicing customers. These girls have a grand old time with me, I give them answers to their questions and they cook me Thai food and teach me to cook some myself. I found out all of them have had failed marriages with farang and all currently have boyfriends that they are not really happy with; all 15 ladies in the room are in the same situation. Some of these girls are taking home big dollars and are still in debt, I think this is just the Thai in them. Spend it all now and earn more tomorrow.

I also visited 7 other houses of happy endings while I was in town. Some of the ladies met where young hotties, I mean 8s or 9s that got very attached to me. One bird stood next to me in the wall mirror and started to cry, so I hugged her and told her that all will be ok, when I started to get dressed she started to pull me back onto the bed. My bedroom Thai is getting better but I didn’t think it was that good. It’s always funny when the girl introduces herself in the reception and I give her a blast of the Thai that makes them smile, and then they disappear until the next girl enters the room. I think that’s what I’m addicted to, the “Smile”.

More adventures took me to the swanky eastern suburbs of Sydney. In one shop I was shown 5 absolute horrors, it was like it this was the veteran’s home of Pattaya hookers. I asked if there were any younger ladies in the house, the Thai Chinese mamasan then let out a scream and a much younger lady appeared with a mouthful of food. The first question I am always asked is “you have Thai girlfriend”, “you have Thailand wife” I just give them a story that they can be my mia noi and guess what, more smiles. We are banging away and she asks me if I want to meet her friend, she asks me if I want to meet her 32 year old Thai friend that is the head of all the Thai consulates in Australia and owns some brothels up in Brisbane <Do they expect someone to believe this? – Stick>.

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Three days later I visited another establishment about 2 km away. I knocked on the door and a 30 something Thai lady opens “hello Mr. you want massage”. I told her that I wanted something a little more than that, she tells me that she is only the massage girl. I show her some of my basic Thai and all of a sudden she is a full service girl, bonus. She tells me the prices and she can do the full service only if I am gentle with her. I soon find out that we are the only ones in the building and everybody else has gone out for a party. What the fuck is this place doing, she tells me that if I did not speak some Thai she would have shut the door in my face. We soon got talking and she is currently separated with an older Aussie gentleman that likes to play around. He bought her an apartment in the CBD which she lives in and has a boyfriend that lives with her that smokes ganja all day. I ended up staying with her for about 3 hours alone with her upstairs; I got my money worth alright. I can tell you that she told me a lie that I had to be gentle!!

I am now back home far away from the lights of civilization. I do believe that my adventures were by far stronger because I had a small insight to there language and culture. For them being far from their homeland this is what they are looking for. So for the people out that want a little tip to get the edge on the others is learn some of the language, it works for me. I always get what my addiction craves “Thai Smiles”.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Sucked in a a young age.

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