Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2004

Tales From Thailand But Written In England (Part 1 Bangkok)

Tales From Thailand But Written In England 3 (Part 1 Bangkok)

Well it was my third trip to Thailand and here is more or less a diary of what we got up to and my thoughts and feelings of everything that happened. Some of the names have been changed. For those of you that have read my previous submissions, then you
will know my style, but I will try and keep things a little shorter this time. Everything will still be in here but with much less detail.

Day 1

He Clinic Bangkok

Neil and his girlfriend Niki called round to pick me up around 3.30pm; we had a quick cup of tea, said our goodbyes and were on our way. We wanted to get to Manchester airport 2 hours before our flight like last year because of the problem
we faced with a cancelled flight.

Got to Manchester about 5pm and checked in and we were asked if we wanted an earlier flight but as Niki was with us and Neil wanted to say goodbye to her, we declined the offer and as we could book in for our flight for London, we asked for
good seats at the back of the plane, we got them so we were happy. I was missing my girlfriend as she flew to China to see her family a few days earlier and I wanted to see her before we left.

Once we checked in and got our tickets, we went to a bar for a drink before our flight to London. We met a lad and his dad who practically lived on Koh Samui. They seemed like nice people and the dad was talking about retiring in Thailand.

CBD bangkok

Our flight to London was for 7.20pm and at around 6.30pm we said our goodbyes to Niki. Neil and Niki went to one of those photo booths to have a picture taken before we went through the security check. We all said goodbye and we made our
way to the departure lounge, only to be told that our flight was delayed by about 40 minutes. We got a little nervous because we thought we would miss our flight to Bangkok. Eventually we got on the plane and after a 35 minute journey to London,
we had to be taken to the terminal because we were running late for the flight, only to be told again that the flight to Bangkok was delayed by 2 ½ hours.

So instead of 10pm, we flew out of Heathrow at 12.30am. The pilot told us they had extra fuel in the plane so the journey would be a quicker 10 hours 50 minutes.

The flight itself wasn’t too bad. We watched a couple of films, had a bit of sleep and something to eat and before we knew it, we landed in Bangkok in the middle of a storm, we got a little worried that the plane wouldn’t stop,
we even heard the stewardess, who was sat behind us, say the same thing. We touched down at around 5.15pm Thailand time.

After having a well needed cigarette, we went through immigration and went to get our bags. Mine, yet again, was more or less last off. We made our way out of the airport to meet our driver and rep, going the wrong way at first and then turning
back round and we found her. What surprised us was that it was the same rep as the previous year, she recognised us straight away. She told us she wouldn’t bother trying to get us to go on any trips as we’d seen everything anyway.

wonderland clinic

Getting outside into that hot steamy Bangkok air brought it all home once again, we were in Thailand; there was no mistaking that heat and that smell. We set off and got to the hotel around 6pm. After checking in, our rep said goodbye and
we made our way to our room. We were in the same hotel as last year and it was great seeing it again. After getting to our room, getting our cases and changing our clothes, we decided to go out to the 7/11 to get some water and a little snack.
I sent a couple of text messages to the people I knew to say we had arrived.

Got to the shop, bought some stuff and went back to the hotel. The girl I met last year T sent me a text and I spoke to her on the hotel phone. I just asked how she was, if she was doing ok. She knew I was back in Thailand and asked if I
wanted to meet her that night, I said no as we were going to see the Thai Beatles at O’Reileys on Silom road. I said we’d catch up at some point. She knew I had a girlfriend now and if I did see her it would be innocent and just
a case of playing catch up. We said our goodbyes and 5 minutes later the hotel phone went again, this time it was K, the girl Neil met the previous year. Neil didn’t like her and told her in a nice way that he wasn’t interested in
seeing her as he had a girlfriend now. She said she understood and they said their goodbyes.

After chilling out for a couple of hours, and after speaking to A, a girl I knew who worked in Bangkok, we talked about meeting up, we got showered, changed and went out to see the Beatles. Got a taxi and arrived at O’Reiley’s
at around 9.30pm.

They didn’t let us down; they were just as good as we remembered. We got them on video. We had a few beers in there and something to eat, a 50 year old Thai woman tried chatting me up, but her lack of zero English didn’t do
her any favours. Three girls were just sat near us who kept on looking in our direction, we smiled, we finished our beers and we left. I couldn’t resist running up to the three girls and shaking their hands. I’m sure 50 year old
woman wasn’t too impressed, but at least she couldn’t tell me that in English.

We decided to hit a few bars in Patpong. We walked past a go go bar and decided to have a quick drink in there. The girls were ultra pushy asking for lady drinks, touching us up and it got on our nerves a little. We were surrounded by about
6 girls all asking the usual questions. I looked around and saw there were a few guys in there without any female attention and wondered why we had so many around us and these guys didn’t. From the looks of these guys they certainly weren’t
ugly, but they were 40 and 50’s, so maybe that had something to do with it and these girls decided to stick with us because we were under 30? We drank up fast and left. We found a bar and sat outside with a few of the girls. There were
about 5 of them and we all had a laugh. I got a little restless and decided to stand on the street with one of the girls and I tried to get people walking past to come in the bar. After a few shouts of ting tong, I gave up and Neil and I paid
up and went to another bar further down the street. The girls said goodbye and we went. The next bar had a live band on, they weren’t much good and we just sat outside again and did some people watching. By this time we were both feeling
the beer and decided to have some water. We filmed a little, talked a little and drank a little. I kept on getting up and running around the streets with the camcorder.

By 2am the bars were closing and we paid up and moved on. Saw a few lady boys, got some video footage of them and as we walked past a bar that was still open, we decided to go inside, well, we were more or less dragged inside. We both decided
on water again and I got talking to a stunning ladyboy. The only thing giving this one away was the voice. She was really nice though, very pleasant and chatty. She showed us a picture of her American boyfriend. One of the pictures was of her
and him together with their arms around each other. I had to laugh really, either this guy didn’t know or he just fell in love with a lady boy.

At around 3am we decided to leave and go to a 7/11, grab something to eat and head off to our hotel. We paid up, said our goodbyes and I told the lady boy we would be back because I wanted a picture of her, she was very pretty. I had run
out of cigs at this point and stopped a lady boy on the street and asked her for a smoke, she said no, I said thanks, and we went to the 7/11. Neil got a few snacks, I got some smokes and we got a taxi back to the hotel. I was seeing double, Neil
was seeing double. In fact, Neil in his seeing double state thought he also had two bags of snacks, and decided he didn’t need one and left it in the cab. We got to the room, Neil’s vision came back and he realised he only had one
bag not two so now Mr Taxi man was a happy man and having something to eat for free. We decided to go back out to the 7/11 just near the hotel to get something to eat.

When we got back we had our food, did a little filming, I couldn’t speak, Neil couldn’t speak and we called it a night. It was about 5am.

All in all it was a great first night in Bangkok and one that started off with a bang. I had this nagging feeling inside me though as I was falling asleep, a feeling that something big was going to happen on this holiday. I had no idea what
it was or whether it was true, but still that feeling wouldn’t leave me.

Day 2

I woke up around 9pm. I’d only had about 4 hours sleep and I felt rough, very rough. I had to get an aspirin. I could only manage one and I felt like I was going to throw up. I fell back asleep.

At around 1pm the phone went, it was Neil’s girlfriend. They talked for a little while and we got up, got changed and decided to head off to MBK to get something to eat, see N and I also wanted to buy an England football shirt for
the match that was playing that night. When we were going home the previous night, we went past the world trade centre shopping centre and they had a massive screen playing the matches, so we decided we’d go there and watch the match.

We got a taxi to MBK and went to Mc Donald’s for a quick fix. After eating we went to see N. She saw me straight away and said hello, we had a chat, she gave us both something to eat and drink, we took some pictures and we arranged
to go and see her on the Saturday at 5pm which would be our last day in Bangkok. We said our goodbyes and left.

We walked around Siam Discovery and I got a real England top and not a cheap fake. It cost a staggering 3200 Baht, but I was happy. Neil also had a slack arse so we went into Boots and he got some tablets. We walked around a little more getting
some video footage, filled in some survey for the Tai Pan hotel and got entered into a prize draw. While all this was going on A and I were sending text messages to each other and we arranged to meet that night at 9.30pm at O’Reileys. We’d
get something to eat and go to a few bars.

We headed back to the hotel and it was a nightmare getting a taxi. It took us about an hour to get back to our hotel.

We chilled out for a couple of hours, got changed and headed out to meet A, both of us in our England colours for the match which started at 1.45am. We got to the bar on time and looked for A who said she would be outside. We saw a few people
and as I’d only seen one photo, I wasn’t sure who she was. A had read my Thailand stories, she liked them and we got to be friends that way. I was about to send her a text when someone said my name, we turned round and there she
was. We all shook hands, did the introductions and we ordered some food and drinks. A had bought me a friendship book as a gift and I thought it was really sweet of her to do it. The previous night A had gone to Cabbages and Condoms which is a
Thai restaurant with her friends and brought me back a souvenir, the souvenir being two condoms. We had a laugh over it and I said if they were Thai size then they would be too small.

After we ate we went around Patpong market, Neil bought a couple of DVD’s and we walked through Patpong. A then suggested taking us to a bar she went to the previous night with her friends. I think it was called Witches Tavern. The
first taxi we got in, he wouldn’t turn the metre on so we got out and tried the next taxi. He switched it on and we were on our way.

We got to the bar about 20 minutes later and there was a live band on. It was quite quiet but it seemed ok. I ordered a vodka redbull and they gave me whisky. The toilets in the place were quite funny, if you manage to go there, check them
out for yourselves and you will know what I mean. We talked for a while and we decided to move on to another bar. I had a present for A at the hotel so we went back there first; I also got a couple of my mixes for her. We left and made a quick
visit to the world trade centre to have a look around. It was already getting pretty busy and it was only around 12am. We left after about 10 minutes and went to a bar called Gulliver's. I’d heard about this bar before but I’ve
never been. A got searched at the door but Neil and I were let in without any hassle. I have to say the bar was very good, great atmosphere. It was pretty quiet but still a really nice place. We found a table, ordered some drinks and also had
a little snack.

We left around 1am and went back to the world trade centre. A had work in the morning and she had to go, but you could tell she wanted to stay out with us, and both Neil and I wanted her to. Meeting her was great, she was very sweet, very
pleasant and a joy to be around, we were sorry to see her go. She left around 1.30am. I said I’d keep in touch.

The match started and we took our seats, on the floor. The place was packed, there were easily 3000+ people there and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was chanting England, England. It was amazing. During half time, a Thai TV crew came
over and focused the camera on Neil and me. I got up and went over to talk to them, I said where I was from, shouted “come on England” and went to sit back down. So anyone in Thailand who is reading this, if you saw a guy in an England
shirt making a fool of himself on TV, you now know who it was. Neil and I needed the toilet so it was a case of going to the back of some car park which was a make shift toilet, everyone else was using it so we did as well. We went back and got
ourselves some drinks from one of the street sellers. Two bottles of water and two cans of Heineken for only 80 Baht, bargain.

When the match went to extra time, things turned a little ugly. The giant screen went off for a few moments and we moved to the other screen that was just to the left of it. Someone threw a bottle which smashed and hit my foot. I later realised
that a shard of glass had cut my leg. I also had my hat stolen. It was my own fault really. In the confusion of what was going on, I left it on the floor and it was taken straight away.

England lost at the penalty stage and when it was over, everyone watching spilled out onto the streets and made their way home. We walked a little while with all the crowds and got ourselves a taxi back to the hotel. It was about 6am when
we got back and as we walked through the hotel lobby, the night guys were shaking our hands telling us how sorry they were that England lost. We got to the room and Neil spoke to his girlfriend and we then went to sleep.

It really was a great day, meeting N again and meeting A for the first time and although England lost, it was great to be part of the big party atmosphere at the world trade centre and watching the football match on this giant screen, it
will stay in my memory for a very long time.

Before sleep took me I had that feeling again, the feeling that something big was going to happen.

Day 3

The phone rang at 9am. It was a guy with a Scottish accent saying that I had entered a prize draw the previous day and I’d won the top prize which was a free holiday for 5 people anywhere in Asia. It took me a few moments to gather
my thoughts and I asked him to explain a little more. He told me he was from the Tai Pan Hotel and I filled in a survey the previous day and that they had the draw that morning and my name was pulled out first. He said he would get someone to
pick me up at the hotel and they would drive me to the Tai Pan to collect the prize. I couldn’t believe it, was I dreaming. He asked me what time would be ok and I said 2pm. He said he would call my room when the car was here. I said goodbye
and he said “goodbye Neil”

Damn, it was Neil who had been drawn out, not me. I woke Neil up and told him about it, but I think we were both thinking it was too good to be true. We fell back asleep and around 11pm, someone else rang saying they had found our lost luggage, I said
we hadn’t lost any luggage and they said sorry and that they had the wrong room. I fell back asleep.

At 1pm, Neil’s girlfriend rang. They had a quick conversation and when it was over, we got showered, changed and waited for the phone call. Just after 2pm it came and we went downstairs and outside to wait for our ride. We said as
long as we didn’t hand any money over or sign our lives away, we would be ok.

The person who came to pick us up turned out to be a very feminine guy with long nails. We all jumped in a taxi and got taken to the Tai Pan. We went inside, spoke to a couple of girls, Neil filled out a form, we were introduced to an English
guy who asked us if we wanted a drink, we said tea and coffee. We went over to a table, he told us we could buy into this hotel for around £7000, we said whatever, he said ok, thanks for your time and he took us back to the girls who gave
Neil a voucher for a holiday. We never got our tea and coffee.

We wanted something to eat and decided to walk. It was very hot; we got lost and walked for what seemed like an eternity. We were gasping for a drink of water and we found a 7/11. We got our water and decided walking around was a mugs game
and as we were also lost, it was best to get a taxi back to the hotel where we could cool down and then get another taxi to get something to eat. We found a taxi and it was very nice being in there with the air con switched on.

We got back to the hotel, cooled off in our room and went back out to get a taxi. We told him to take us to a Burger King. He dropped us off at a KFC not too far away from the hotel. We had our food. Neil had some spicy KFC dish which was,
well, very spicy. We finished our food and headed off back to the hotel. We got in a taxi and the traffic was a nightmare. After 20 minutes and only moving about 10 metres, we decided to walk. It wasn’t too far and a nice guy helped us
across the roads like we were a couple of old lady’s.

We got back to the hotel with sweat pouring of us and just decided to chill out. Neil bought a couple of postcards from a gift shop so we sat outside in the sun while he wrote them out. When he had finished we went back to our room and then decided to get something to eat in the hotel. We had a voucher for a free meal. We got to the restaurant and sat down and gave them our voucher. We waited for a menu and waited and waited and waited. It was only after 20 minutes we were told it was a buffet and we had to help ourselves. The meal was ok though and it was free after all. We then went back to our room again and just chilled out for a couple of hours before we got ready to go out. I spoke to A at her office. She said she was flying to Chiang Mai on Saturday morning for business reasons.

Neil and I talked about where we wanted to go that night. We decided we wanted to see Soi Cowboy as neither of us had been there and after that, maybe Nana Plaza. We got changed and headed out.

We got to Soi Cowboy and found a bar about half way up the street; while we walked up the street a group of western guys in their 40’s barged into us without saying a word or saying sorry. I stopped, turned around and was about to say something then decided it wasn’t worth it. Pricks like that are never worth it. The bar itself was directly opposite Suzi Wong’s. It was just a small bar; we just wanted a quiet drink.

Soi Cowboy itself wasn’t anything to write home about in my opinion. We stayed for one drink then left and got a taxi to Nana plaza. I’m sure we could have walked but after getting lost earlier in the day, we didn’t fancy going through that again.

We got to NEP and went into a bar. It was only when we sat down that we realized it was the bar we had met T and K in the previous year. We ordered a vodka redbull each. A couple of girls tried to talk to us but there’s only so many times you can say where your from and what your name is and after a while you feel like either holding a sign above your head or recording a message on a dictation machine and playing it when ever someone comes near you.

As we sat there someone put their hands over my eyes, I removed them and turned around. It was T. I was in shock. Stood behind Neil was K. I couldn’t speak. Looking at her just brought it all back. She looked beautiful, she had lost quite a bit of weight, not that she was fat in the first place but she had lost weight. I couldn’t believe how stunning she looked. I tried talking but nothing was really coming out. I went into a shell. Neil looked uncomfortable so I said to him that we would drink up and leave. We bought them both a drink, paid, said goodbye and left.

We went to another bar in NEP and we met a nice girl called P. She was very funny and Neil and I instantly liked her. Not in that way, just in a way that we felt at ease with her, she made us laugh. The lady behind the bar spoke Chinese and as my girlfriend is Chinese, I tried saying the words I knew. We had a couple of drinks in there; we all saw a rat and then left. We decided on the go go bar on the third floor, the one we went to the previous year, the one that I was speechless in.

We found it and went inside. We sat near the back wall and a few girls came over and talked to us. One of them had fangs, another one called me gay because of the way I was drinking my drink, another one stole my hat. It was fun, we had a laugh and a joke with the girls and we enjoyed ourselves in there. We then moved on to a go go bar I thought I’d heard about, but I got my wires crossed and it turned out to be a ladyboy go go bar. The least we could do was have a quick drink in there. We sat down, ordered a drink and a stunning lady boy sat next to Neil, lucky Neil. I wasn’t so lucky. Sat next to me was a monster who was modelling herself on Beyonce. She said to me “you like” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she looked like something hell wouldn’t even take. She kept on touching my leg and I kept on telling her no. I have never drunk a vodka redbull so fast in all my life. After 2 minutes I was telling Neil it was time to go. He drank up and we went downstairs to a few more bars. We met some friendly girls. I got a go go dancers badge with a number on it and went around all the bars with it on, asking when it was my turn. We went in more bars and go go bars and in one I did get up on stage with the girls. Once I was up there I froze. A Canadian guy in a corner shouted for me to get down. I decided it was good advice. One of the girls gave me a glow in the dark bracelet. While all this was going on, T and I were sending texts to each other. At the time it seemed the right thing to do. We went to a couple more bars, said hello to P again who was playing pool and had another drink there. At 2am we left and stood across the street just near the Nana Hotel car park. I sent T a text telling her where I was. At around 2.30am she came to see me. We sat and talked, it was very strange to see her again, I didn’t know what I felt. Neil was sat across the other side of the street having something to eat and speaking to an idiot American guy (Neil later told me about him) who called all the girls whores and just pieces of meat for him to play with.

After about an hour Neil came over and said he was going to go back to the hotel. I said I’d see him when I got back. He left and T and I went to a petrol station for water. We walked down the road talking about what we’d been doing with ourselves for the past year and how we felt. We sat outside a big building on some steps and just talked and talked. My feelings for her were coming back, I’d never really let go of her even after a year. At one point I even said I loved her, what an idiot I was, but in the heat of the moment we often say things we later regret. It may feel right at the time but we know deep down it’s not. But what’s done is done, what’s said is said.

It got to about 5.30am and T wanted me to stay with her. She had her head on my shoulder; she was also crying and holding my hand. I told her it was best I went back to my hotel. We got up and walked across the street and we got in a taxi. She was dropped off at her place and gave me a kiss and told me to text her. She went. It was the last time I saw her in person.

I got dropped off at my hotel and went to my room. Neil was snoring loudly so I didn’t want to wake him. My head was all over the place, so many thoughts were running through my mind. I had a smoke in the bathroom and I sent a text to T telling her again that I loved her. Yet again, what an idiot I was. My only excuse is that I was in a mess, as I said, my head was in bits, I didn’t know what I felt.

I finished my smoke and went to get into bed. Neil was now awake and asked me what happened. I told him all that there was to tell. He told me about the prick American guy and he also said he had trouble with the taxi driver. He switched his metre on but when they got across the street from the hotel, he stopped the car and asked for 800 baht. Neil said he didn’t have it and again he asked for 800 baht. Neil got a little scared and said all he had was 100 baht. The driver took it, Neil got out and that was that. I felt bad because Neil had to go without me. If I’d gone with him it wouldn’t have happened, or if it did, I wouldn’t have stood for it, there would have been no way I would have paid the driver that money. I told him I was sorry for him having to go back alone, I think he was ok with it.

We talked for a little while longer and went to sleep. Just before sleeping, I sent a text to A to wish her luck on her journey to Chiang Mai.

As sleep took hold I thought of T, but again that feeling of something big was going to happen came to me again.

Day 4

It was our final day and night in Bangkok. The last few days had gone so quickly. We’d met some great people, had a great time and a good laugh with everybody we had met. We were awoken at 1pm, it was Neil’s girlfriend. They talked for a little while and then said their goodbyes.

We talked a little about the previous night and talked about what we would do that night. We had to meet N at 5pm so we decided to wait to eat until we went to see her and to kill a little time, we would lounge around the pool. We got changed and left our room for the pool area. We found a couple of seats and sat there and got some water each. Christ it was hot. At around 3.30pm we left the pool area and went back to our room to get showered and changed and go and meet N.

We left at about 4.15 thinking it would give us enough time to get something to eat before meeting N. The traffic was awful and we ended up getting to MBK at around 4.50pm.

We got to where N worked and we told her we just wanted something to eat first and we said we would just go to Mc Donald’s. We went inside and ordered our food, ate and went back to see N. She finished work and we went around MBK with her looking at DVD’s and music. Neil bought some cheesy Thai dance music and a couple of Thai CD’s N recommended. Neil wanted a photo of his girlfriend drawn as he’s seen a shop which did it. We got to the shop and it cost him 1500baht but he was told it wouldn’t be ready for a few days. N stepped in and said she would post it for him and get it to Phuket for him.

We walked around a little more and N was hungry so we went into a Chinese place for N to get something to eat. She ordered a few things and we ordered some drinks. We shared some of the food and took some pictures of us all. N had brought out her camera as well as us. She shown us a picture of her boyfriend and I had to laugh when I said to her he was a handsome guy and she looked at me and said “no he’s not, but he has a good heart and makes me laugh” After we finished the food, N insisted on paying for the food and Neil and I paid for the drinks. N had to go back to work but I told N that I had a present for her and Neil and I would go back to the hotel and get it for her and bring it back. N walked to the Taxi stand with us, we said our goodbyes and went back to the Hotel.

We got the present for N which was another kit like the one I gave to A. They were limited edition kit’s only available from the UK. We then left and went back to MBK to see N and say goodbye to her.

I gave the present to N and we took a couple more pictures until a security guard told us to stop taking photos. We said our goodbyes to N. She seemed a little sad that we were leaving and she wanted to stay out with us but work got in the way. Like last year, N was a star, she really is a great friend and it’s always a pleasure being in her company.

We decided to go to Patpong and say goodbye to the people we had met there. We started in O’Reillys bar and met a couple from Australia who seemed really nice. After a drink in there we went on to the bars we went in the first night and had a drink with the girls we had met. We took some pictures and got some camera footage and then said our goodbyes and moved onto the bar we had met the lady boy in, we had to get a picture of her. She was there and we had a drink with her and she shown me her showgirl photos. We took some pictures, wished her good luck and that it was nice meeting her and then we left for NEP. Getting a taxi was pretty tough as two drivers wouldn’t turn on the metre, but eventually we found one who would.

We got to NEP and went to some of the bars where we had met some people, avoiding the bar T and K worked in. We went to the bar where P was and she gave me her email address and we bought her a vodka redbull. We were messing around and she called me ting tong again. We also went into the Go Go bar on the third floor again and some of the girls in there recognised us and sat with us for a while. We said our goodbyes to them and ventured into the lady boy bar again. There was some kind of show on which was kind of freaky. We stayed for one drink and as we were leaving, my hat was stolen. I asked for it back and at first they wouldn’t give it back. After a few minutes they gave it back and we left and went back downstairs and saw a few more girls we had met. They all said goodbye and wished us luck. I also saw the flower seller from the previous year, a young lad who went and bought me some Wrigley’s extra chewing gum. He didn’t recognise me but I got a picture of him. We then went back in to the bar P worked in and was told that she had gone across the road to the Nana Disco. We’d never been in there before so we decided to have a look and see if we could see her. We said goodbye to the girls behind the bar and made our way to the Nana disco.

What a freak show it was. It was pretty funny to watch. There were old men with young girls, the old men trying to dance to the very fast paced dance music and looking like idiots. There were younger guys who looked like they hated the music and preferred RnB trying to slow dance with the girls. Trying to slow dance to 60bpm music is impossible, but still they tried. We got a drink each and we saw P. She waved to us and we went over to see her. She asked us what we were doing in there and we said we wanted to see her before we left for Phuket.

After about 20 minutes we somehow managed to get separated and we didn’t see her after that. At 2am we left and went out onto the street and captured some of the atmosphere. A girl who I met the previous year, a girl whose palm I read, saw me and said hello. We chatted for a little while and as this was going on, T and I were also texting each other. The girl and I said our goodbyes and Neil and I got a drink in a bar across the road from NEP. T and I were still texting each other and my head was becoming more and more cloudy. I asked her to meet me, I told her where I was but she wouldn’t come, she said it was best if she didn’t. Neil and I finished our drinks and decided to leave. I told T I was going back to the hotel and I told her what time I was leaving in the morning, she said she was going to bed.

We got a taxi back to the hotel and on the way there I was still texting T. I was getting more and more screwed up. Neil asked me what I was going to do about my girlfriend and I said something I will always regret. My exact words were “I couldn’t give a shit” the moment I said it I hated myself. My head was so messed up because of T and because I’d let it get messed up by T.

We got back to the hotel and went to our room. Neil and I were being picked up at 5.50am and we decided as it was 4am, that we might as well stay up all night. Neil asked me if I was alright and that’s when it happened. I broke down. I missed my girlfriend so much, I’d said I couldn’t give a shit and that wasn’t true, my head was just so messed up and it all came to a head and I cried like a baby. I needed my girlfriend; I needed her there to hold me and to tell me she loved me. I needed to tell her I loved her. I would have done anything to have her there at that moment. Neil tried his best to comfort me and after a while I calmed down and we talked. I told him how my head was messed up, T had brought it all home. I needed to let go, to have some closure and I think that night, crying, talking to Neil and eventually having a laugh with Neil and listening to some music, I was getting that closure, I was slowly letting go.

We were both hungry and thirsty so we went to the 7/11 to get something to eat and drink and when we got back we talked about our time in Bangkok and both of us looked forward to getting to Phuket. We would be picked up in less than an hour. We did our packing and sat on our beds talking and waiting for the time to come around when we would leave our room, check out and make our way to Phuket.

What would Phuket bring this year I thought? Only time would tell.

To be continued…

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