Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2004

Prostitution – The Thai Myth

There are lots of myths about Thai prostitutes. When we mix those myths (that they are “angels”, that they work for a man with a “good heart”, that they are very smart/bright) with the realities that are too obvious to ignore
(that they do lie for money, that they often hate their “work”, that they are usually uneducated), many of the self-delusional and naïve begin wondering how it can be apparently contradictory. The truth is that there is no confusion
at all —- one of the two “facts” in conflict is actually a flat out lie (myth).

Yet, there is one overall prevailing myth we often overlook, perhaps because it is so obvious. But perhaps even the most cynical, experienced, and jaded of Thai whoremongers overlook it, because it is the one thing the whole myth of the Thai
hooker rests upon. It is this central myth that leads us to often demand Thai whores be called Thai “bargirls” and customers to call themselves “sanukars” and not whoremongers.

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What is this myth?


That the difference between a Western whore and a Thai “kali (hooker)” is like that between a Western crack whore and a sweet Asian “good girl” (despite the fact she is clearly selling sex for money).

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That Thai bargirls are so much more like a normal Western girlfriend than any Western call girl, streetwalker, or crack whore.

These are myths that were never really true!!! It is just a myth the girls play out for money. Anyone that has exposed his heart as openly in American strip joints, to Western call girls, or even to streetwalkers can attest to Western sex
workers playing the same games. Yet, most of us have never played emotionally with Western whores, then we end up in Asia, in a place named Siam, and we so often open our hearts to these apparently innocent and friendly women.

Well, it’s a myth. The Western whore and the Thai hooker are the same in the end (in motivations, technique, and intentions).

I just watched a story about prostitution in the old West. It was like watching a documentary on Patpong and Nana bargirls. Here are some things they literally said about those Old West era whores.

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1. The Western hookers of old were usually young, uneducated, and had visions of hitting it rich in that enticing and glamorous trade of prostitution.

2. They believed in the myth of finding a good man of wealth who would sweep them away from the brothels.

3. They usually didn’t make that much money, despite the myth they got rich.

4. They usually drank and used drugs to forget the sobering and numbing reality of being a whore.

5. An army officer commented on the whores and whoremongers as thus —- “They, both man and woman, were the most ghastly and beastly beings I had ever seen [in the human race].”

6. The kind of men the whores usually married were gamblers, thieves, drunkards….the kind of men who “believed” in the institution of prostitution and didn’t mind their wife having worked as a prostitute….or (my theory)
that these were the kind of men who would give the time of day to a prostitute as a wife (myself included).

7. The Western prostitutes would often use the opportunity of a sleeping customer to steal from the man.

Need I go on?

There are exceptions, in both the American Old West and present day Siam —- they are EXCEPTIONS. Thais are often “honest” on the surface, so by extension many Thai bargirls don’t steal “directly” or “in the beginning”. However, counter that with all the stories of punters who did have bargirls steal from them. On my first trip, my friend had 3 bargirls steal $200 USD from him. I left money out for almost all the years and trips I traveled to LOS, never having had the same unfortunate experience of thievery. Personal experiences often disprove one man’s vision of Thai prostitute’s being honest, smart, “good”, or even decent. Whores can and do steal, though not all do. Whores do drink and use drugs, though not all do. Bargirls are whores, and every single one of them is just that.

There are some cultural differences and some “apparent” differences, due to Western men being blinded by the confusion of an exotic/foreign Siamese culture, but in the end, a Western and Eastern prostitute is usually only different in the color of their face, the shape of their body, and the size of their pussies!

Stickman's thoughts:

I just love point #6. Made me laugh out loud!

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