Stickman Readers' Submissions July 27th, 2004

My Thoughts On Spending The Rest Of My Life In Thailand

By Cheeky Bastard

My thoughts on spending the rest of my life and money in Thailand, calculated on a day to day basis, excluding all the little extras like insurances, beer, cigarettes and the like. (Everybody’s spending on this will be incalculable)

Scenario (1) – Become a full time tourist in a farang dominated environment.

He Clinic Bangkok
Mid class hotel (1500 per night) 45,000 per calendar month 540,000 per annum
Laundry 1,500 18,000
Food 10,000 120,000
"Friendly company" 12 – 15 times per month 25,000 300,000
Transport (taxi, buses, trains) 1,500 18,000
TOTAL 83,000 996,000

With this scenario, I’m fed, watered, have clean clothes and have “company” when I want. A very simplistic lifestyle with no utility bills etc, but have a few goodies like UBC, maid service, air-con, swimming pool etc. (But nearly
a million baht a year)

Scenario (2) – Apartment rental close to all tourist amenities etc.

Apartment / House 30,000 per calendar month 360,000 per annum
Laundry 1,500 18,000
Food 10,000 120,000
"Friendly company" 12 – 15 times per month 25,000 300,000
Transport (taxi, buses, trains) 1,500 18,000
Utility bills 3,000 36,000
UBC cable TV 1,500 18,000
Maid service 1,500 18,000
TOTAL 73,000 888,000

This scenario is much as above, but I have better accommodation, but only save about 100k baht a year. If you take the average cost of the 2 scenarios this cost will be 942,000 baht per annum for a fairly nice life style, BUT I will still be alone and
stand the chance of getting bored on the days without “company” so the cost may spiral.

CBD bangkok

Scenario (3) – Find a Thai lady, and build a house on her land.

Laundry 0 0
Housekeeping for food etc 10,000 120,000
"Friendly company" 24 / 7 0 0
Transport 3,000 36,000
Utility bills 3,000 36,000
UBC cable TV 1,500 18,000
Allowance 5,000 60,000
House upkeep 5,000 60,000
Maid service 0 0
TOTAL 41,000 492,000

If I live in scenario 1 or 2 my average annual spend would be 942,000 baht per annum. If I live in scenario 3 I would save 450,000 baht per year and have a far better life style. This makes my
thought process very easy. Get a decent woman and build her a house.

HORROR I hear you cry. NEVER NEVER build a house in Thailand because we can never own it, only put in what you can afford to walk away from.

My solution is simple,

wonderland clinic

You can build a nice house for 2,000,000 (2 million) and furnish it nicely for 500,000. So for a total of 2.5 million you can have a place your lady can be proud of. She will care for you 24
/ 7 and treat you like a lord, providing you get a good one, (you pay your money, you take a chance with every thing in life)

Now look at it like this,

Upfront money spent 2,500,000 (2.5 million) divided by your annual saving of 450,000 = 5.55 (which in turn means stay with her for 5 years 5 months and 21 days you have lost nothing) and like many farangs that live in Thailand they stay with their lovelies
a lot longer than 5 ½ years. So I conclude living a decent life will save me LOADS for the extra nice things in life, and my money will last me well past my appointment in the local crematorium.

Of course, if you get bored after the 5.5 years move on, but never whinge about how you lost a house to a Thai, it was of your choosing to change to a different model.

So if any nice Thai ladies want a nice house, just email me with the promise of 5.5 years care and love,


Remember this is a basic costing scenario, and does not include all your beer and extra activities you enjoy currently.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Food for thought.

nana plaza