Stickman Readers' Submissions July 20th, 2004

Finding Out The Hard Way

I’d dated several Ozi women I’d met via Internet dating service and had universally bad experiences, so I decided to look further afield and chose Thailand because of my Buddhist leanings. Also the fact that there were TESOL English teaching
certificate courses available for less than the price of the same course in Oz. Prompted me to book in for a 4 week certificate course.

So got myself a selection of Internet Chat Thai women of a similar age to myself and narrowed it down to 3 of them.

He Clinic Bangkok

Booked TESOL course in Ban Phe and flew over to be met by my favourite Thai Chat buddy at the airport, who subsequently decided to take me straight home after previously saying she’d take me to a nearby Hotel for starters! So happily
we went to her Bkk apartment and she took several days off from her Government job, where she has a management position of high status.

A week together of romance and bliss and then to my English language course, where my darling came along to join me for the first few days. I became desperately sick, from food poisoning and ended up in the Rayong public hospital on an IV
drip for several days and my darling stayed with me and took care of me till I discharged myself. She subsequently came to stay with me every weekend after work! Bliss.

It was back to Bkk after the course ended and we lived and travelled together for 3 months and agreed to marry and share our lives together, but the Oz Embassy rejected her application for a holiday visa, in spite of her having been in a
management position with Thai Government for 15 years?! So I promised to get a marriage visa for her and on my return to Oz. This I did with the help of an immigration solicitor and lots of $s. I also gave the lass around 120,000 baht to assist
with airfares and expenses.

CBD bangkok

The nature of my business allows me to have a 3 to 4 month break every year, so we would have been in a perfect position to spend that time in Thailand, or anywhere else in the world for that matter!

My darling came over for 3 weeks of her annual leave and we had a fantastic time together. She then returned home having promised to return shortly and marry me. The months dragged on with a dozen excuses for delaying her return until I finally
decided for my sanity’s sake, to put a deadline on her arrival date. Her response as the deadline draws ever nearer, is to vanish, phone off the hook, internet either blocked or off, nothing! I can fairly confidently say that it is all
over as far as this little exercise is concerned and the 300,000 B or so I’ve spent would seem to have not been wisely invested.

However, the thing about this that is really the most painful, is that the Australian Government has cracked down heavily on Fiance Visas to the point where one is now only ever allowed to apply twice in a lifetime for a wife from overseas!
There is also a five year waiting time before I’m allowed a second and final chance to bring over a wife. So my girlfriends actions have not only denied some other worthy Thai woman an opportunity to have a clean and prosperous life, but
my ability to try this stunt again, is now denied for the next five long years.

Stickman’s thoughts:

wonderland clinic

My understanding is that the New Zealand government has exactly the same policy. Sorry to hear that she has disappeared. I wonder what happened.

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