Stickman Readers' Submissions July 3rd, 2004

Excerpts – Wilt The Stud

I have to thank Dana for encouraging me to plow through my journals and submit stuff. This one was buried from my trip on May 2003. Wilt is a reference to a certain Basketball Legend who claims to have slept with 30,000 ladies <which equals 1,000 ladies a year, for 30 years…..hmmmmStick>.

I met Wilt a couple of times while getting my massage at the Ambassador Square from Xiomara (30/9/2003 What is the Thai Woman, 8/4/2004 How much does that Thai Woman Make). He is a white kid from Northern California and speaks Thai. He apparently sold his business and moved to Thailand to the Isaan region. At least that is what he told me. He did not know where he was going to live yet as he is looking to buy a place. My guess is he is in his late 20’s or early 30’s and is a trust fund baby and never had a business. A WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) or a WBSD (White Boy Surfer Dude).

He Clinic Bangkok

To start the story off, Wilt claims to have 4 women pregnant within months of each other and seems proud about it! I can see why, he looks like someone who could be the in between brother of Sean and Chris Penn! Little bigger than Sean and skinnier than Chris! He tells a really convincing story and had my ears glued with attention. He was not aware that my friend Lewellyn the 19-year-old receptionist there speaks fluent English and can understand every word he said even though he spoke as fast as possible. Lewellyn has a Canadian boyfriend living in Bangkok who put her thru English School since she was 15. She kept smiling at me as I ask for more detail to the stories and cringing after hearing his pompous answers.

Since these are girls that I never met, I will not edit their real names!

Wilt asks me for advice on which girl to shack up with. Nung (19) from Khorat who he met at the MBK. She is a student and her parents does not know yet about the Willy Mcintosh or is it McIntyre look alike that she will bring into this earth. So much for the university studies when the baby arrives.

CBD bangkok

Tuk (20) who Wilt will not tell me what she does (I assume bargirl right away) from Bangkok. Jenny (21), yes it is her real name, is actually I think adopted by westerners but is pure Thai! And Toon (18) who he claims to one nightstand after meeting her at Chatuchak market with her friends. Toon has her own car! Jenny and Toon are also both University students. Wilt shows me all their pictures and I believe none of them look like a bargirl. Not even Tuk! Then again, to me I do not know what the qualifications are for the bar girl look! Even Now!

When I inquired as to how he intends to support them. Wilt claims that aside from Nung, he does not see any problems as they are all well off and come from well to do families. Isn’t he worried that the parents might run after him I asked? Well actually, none of the parents know and all the girls live on their own. He knows sooner or later it is going to come out as none of them has expressed the abortion route. None of them know of the other either! Oh Boy, I want to see this when it all comes down to the wire. I don’t know. Stick, what do you think can happen to him? <He has fucked up BIG TIMEStick>

I can see why he is leaning on Nung besides the fact that she probably has the least money, she also looks the most like having jai dee. I ask Wilt how he ended up in this situation.

Wilt is a good looking guy and never had an Asian girlfriend even though coming from Northern California. His first trip to Asia was after graduating college and it has called him back since. He did not go to Thailand though; He went to Japan and China. He said he was engaged to be married back home in the USA when the girl had cold feet and moved to San Francisco and broke it off and confessed that she is a lesbian. Yes she was white and beautiful. Distraught, he came back to Asia and for some reason wanted to just learn about culture and languages. He had a choice between learning Japanese or Thai. He picked Thai and moved to Thailand just to go to school and learn the Thai culture. Now I see how he can speak fluent Thai. I also see he how met the girls. This is also where I suspected trust fund baby because he never mentioned what kind of business he was in. He says it is refreshing to speak English once in a while and I caught him in a good mood. I asked if he was planning on Marrying Nung. In Thailand marriage does not mean as much as America, he says! He plans on going back and forth between all the girls to get his self-esteem and manhood back! I said sorry but just because your fiancé confessed of liking to munch carpet than having hot dogs does not mean you were a disease that caused her to be that way and now what if your girls decides they like girls too? Long Pause.

wonderland clinic

Wilt says he never thought of it that way, we had a laugh and Lewellyn gives me the eye. You know the Guys are full of toleh mak ma look! I told her afterwards that I was just having fun opening up this complete stranger. She claims I do that to Thai girls too but that is another story.

Now Wilt after his second Heineken (45 baht) at the Ambassador Square massage places gets into telling all his other shenanigans. He said he stopped counting at about 500! I asked how long have you been in Thailand? Five years off and on and average 6-months a year, I am surprised he only has 4 girls pregnant, what happened to condoms! He said each time he forgot to use one the girl got pregnant. Yes sir he only didn’t use a condom 4 times! I asked how many of them were bar girls? Believe it or not he said NONE. ZERO as in NADA! Said it me exactly that way! Okay, How many did you pay then and the answer was NONE, ZERO as in NADA! Okay how many paid you? That shut him up and we had another laugh. So where do you meet all this girls besides from the obvious university you went in. Actually hardly any from the school he said as they all talk and you can get busted rather easily. Mostly from private parties that he goes to with some of the students and they are held in homes and not public venues. He said you would be surprised what goes on in some girl’s rooms. It seems that they blossom as soon as they leave home and get in this wild sex thing. I asked him to explain “Wild Sex Thing”. He said he is not looked upon as a farang because of his perfect Thai diction, With this he breaks into speaking fluent Thai to Lewellyn and Xiomara just to show off to me. Not only does he have manhood, he speaks fluent Thai too. Lewellyn and Xiomara look at me cringing again.

Wild Sex Thing! Okay, Wilt says these girls get drunk for the first time and loose their inhibitions. He speaks romantic Thai to them and they are silly putty in his hands! He goes on and on and on blah, blah, blah,

After he left, Xiomara asked me if I am a friend with him now. I asked why. Her and Lewellyn cannot stand him and everyone at the Ambassador square know of him. He is put mak ma (Talk to much) and toleh. They said if I talk to him again or gets seen with him walking around, no girl will treat me with respect. He is so bad that bar girls don’t even talk to him much less go with him! I asked is it true that he has had so many girls. Mai roo (don’t know) according to Xiomara but Wilt no have money and Kienaw but many girl think he Loh (handsome) I asked them what will happen to Wilt when the parents of the girls find out about him and their pending grandchild to be. They both motioned to me the hand slit the throat across the neck sign.

Stick, I admit I would love to be there for that one! In fact, I will help them!

My comment and food for thought: For all the damage bargirls inflict upon Farangs, look at the damage one farang is doing to these nice Thai girls!

Stickman’s thoughts:

This farang is really sad. Worse than a lot of the really bad girls, actually.

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