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Excerpts – Thai Male Friends

Excerpts – Thai Male Point Of View

This is a tricky topic and I do not want to report it with my point of view so I will just write it like a reporter piece so that some of my Thai friends who may end up reading this don’t chew me out. I am replacing everyone’s names with
characters’ names from the Soprano’s. But that is the only similarity you will notice as I describe each Thai male’s background. This report took place in my evenings with them in a fancy Thai restaurant hangout owned by one
of my Thai male friend and an out of this world overpriced almost exclusive Thai night hang out where there was one farang in there and the ugliest female was comparable to the prettiest girl at the Hollywood Dance Fever Disco. Yes this place
(The X Club) only had 8 to 10 scale type girls and none of whom were bar fineable! I guess everyone has a price and we just do not know what his or her asking prices are! The shtick there is all the girls have University day time schools and this
job is just a way to supplement their school! Right! I said! Well maybe it’s true!

A five minute walk from Sala Daeng station my Thai friend Tony in his 50’s has an interest in an Isaan Thai Restaurant. It is huge compared to his restaurant here in the USA. With outside seating and a club inside where a band is playing.

He Clinic Bangkok

Tony has lived in the States for over 20 years and is considering moving back to his native Thailand to retire. Can you blame him!

Pauly is also retiring in Bangkok and lived in New York City since the late ‘70. He is proud to say he saw the Talking Heads and the Police when they played in a bar there. He is a film director here in Bangkok and has decided while
coming home for vacation that he has had enough of the States and is retiring here but decided to continue directing for fun. He also is in his 50’s.

Nicholas is our local guy who has never lived in the states. All his life he has lived in Bangkok managing bars and restaurants.

CBD bangkok

Ritchie in his early ‘30s is a hot shot DJ near the Patpong area in a posh club and has an American Girlfriend who he originally met in the states. She followed him here after he broke up with his rich Thai stockbroker girlfriend!
He came back home to Bangkok after the collapse in the states.

All I know about Pete is that he is always making fay jokes. About in his 40’s and slightly effeminate, he is going to kill me if he finds out about this!

Of note* When we are together and they have their girlfriends in tow and the subject was about their thoughts of Thai women, I notice the hushed tones and almost cryptic way they start conversing in and how they make sure the girls do not
hear them! I think one of them is married and he has his wife in tow. Just can’t remember whom!

I am the one who started the topic as they are all wondering why I am alone and staying in Bangkok so long. They all seem to try and keep an eye on me and make sure I do not fall into the wrong hands. None of these guys can ever be spotted
in the Farang night area’s like Patpong, NEP, Soi Cowboy and none of them even has stepped in the Thermae. They do know about these places but are the snooty types who wonder how Farang find these girls pretty and by their point of view
and from where they hang out, I can see why! I can honestly report that Thais know where all the most beautiful girls are in Bangkok.

wonderland clinic

So there is the set up.

Tony “ So AD (Asian Diver) who is coming over tonight?” Me “Angie (from 8/4/2004 submission) is coming by with her friend.” “They are driving here from their job at the university!” Note* rather than
having myself grilled as to what and how I met the girl, I volunteer it right away and wait for a nod of approval as we all know how Elitist they can get so even the company I bring gets that eye brow look as to her background and judged right
away. I may not be Thai but I am learning!

I do not ask them about how they met their girls though and have no idea, as I do not want to offend anyone! So I do not have any background on the ladies that they brought to the table.

Pauly chats up some opportunities as an investor in the film industry here in Bangkok and I inquired as to how do we get to meet the actresses and how much money do they make anyway. A good actress makes close to 500,000 to 1 million baht
a year. Wow I said “Kamisha 8/4/2004 makes more than that” Of course I said that only to myself. He said as a potential investor he will take me to all the hob knobbing parties I can handle. I went to one actually at the Bangkok
Club I believe which was in the tower of one of those classy business office buildings on Sathorn Road. Yes it was a wine tasting event! Almost fell asleep with all the fake farang conversations as I long for the Isaan bargirl bullshit talk. Anyway,
Pauly’s take on the Thai woman that Tony whole-heartedly agrees with.

“Thai women are great girlfriends! Temporary ones” Every one nods smiling! “Once they start to control you, you get another one! Look around you, it is not that hard! You can never show them that they are the only girl
in town and can never let them feel like they are irreplaceable! If you do that, they will start trying to own you! They start doing crazy things like constantly try to see where you are and where you are going and why they are not coming with
you. They only allow you so much freedom! Who the heck do they think they are!” This is as close to a word for word explanation from Pauly that Tony and the rest of the guys agree with!

What I noticed is none of them have more than one girlfriend at a time! I inquire about this and the answer I get is “Well why would you want one! It is difficult enough to keep one happy. If you just want to have sex, just pay for
one and never let her find out. But if you have to pay for one then you are better off changing girlfriends. They cost a lot already as it is. Do not ever mess with this Tony adds, “If they find out and their family finds out and you are
doing business with them then you have a total mess. It is not worth it. Remember a girlfriend here is not the same in America where she can sleep around the same way you can. Here a girlfriend is the same as a wife as she dedicates herself to
you so you are expected to do the same and when a family business is involved like with us which is all the time then you have to be a good boy”. Now I see why they take me to clubs where you cannot bar fine the girls!

But the temptation, how can they resist it! Nicholas adds, “I never said we don’t cheat on them! Pauly said never get caught with another girl!” Everybody laughs in unison! “It’s just when you are paying,
you do not repeat with the same girl! Besides, why would you want to? Look around you, so many to choose from, you have to give every one of these girls a chance!” I think he meant a chance to make money!

Makes sense to me. How about when arguments happen, I notice a lot of fighting in Thai TV shows. Pauly answers “Thais like good entertainment and fighting is good entertainment. They cannot relate to an American TV show like “Friends”.
I know I can’t but I am 50 years old so what do I know”. Tony adds “I don’t watch those TV shows because the acting is bad and everything is done in one take so they can save money on the productions. You cannot compare
it to American TV shows where they have the budget. A Thai TV episode cost what 1 million to 2 million baht tops!” Pete interjects “You walk out on the girl if you have brains as you only make her more mad and she does not make sense
anyway. Once you are gone then she either cools off or forgets it and dump her. Look around you?”

I noticed that with all my Thai friends, none of them have differing opinions from the other and when one guy talks all the others just agree in unison. They also have this high esteem and opinion of themselves that they can easily get another
girlfriend when they want to any time. This is so different from what I notice. They actually do bend over backward for the girl until they get her and then get bored afterwards. I think that when you get them in a group setting, you will not
get an honest opinion but more of a macho one! It’s like they just try to impress one another all thru the night.

Ritchie the DJ is different though as because maybe he is so much younger than the others. He is very westernized and has high regard for women and does not talk sexist about them. He never told me why he broke up with his Thai girlfriend
who I met 2 years ago. But his American girlfriend is definitely a find. Not just physically as she is very beautiful but spiritually as she definitely has a good head on her shoulders. If I find her Thai equivalent I would marry her in a second.

The “X Club” Report continued.

I think this exclusive Thai club is deep into Soi 30 by Sukhumvit Road. There was another club 50 meters away from it where it was strictly all Thai and you had to go through a metal detector to get in! The total bill for 8 guys was 30,000
baht! No bar fines included. Each girl that sat with us to chat cost 1,500 baht! That is for just sitting with you and chatting. My girl goes to a university and when I invited her out she declined and walked me to the door and gave me a Thai
goodbye! Every girl in there looks like the type of girl you would love to bring home to meet your parents! I left at closing time and none of the other guys left with a girl either though my farang friend told me he gave his cell number to a
girl who called him the following day after closing time at around 3 AM and came over with her girlfriend to party at his place! No details given. I think the conversations about what they think about a Thai woman taking place in a venue like
this puts them in a very self confident mood so I don’t know if this report is actually indicative of how they really feel.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Interesting stuff.

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