Stickman Readers' Submissions June 12th, 2004

Women Are Women Everywhere Yup

One, two, three and to the four, here we go. I am a 23 year old male from U.S.A. Texas ego be exact and I represent it 'till I die. The home of BUSH and where everything is bigger. Ok now that I got the American ego out the way for those of you that don't like it. I am originally from Venezuela actually 'till I was 13. For those of you who don't know where that is. Where the most beautiful women in the world come from and still a third world country just like Thailand.

He Clinic Bangkok

The reason you should say I'm writing is due to my overdue trip coming soon (OCT. 15 and counting straight to LOS) and just to get on some of these old gizzards that frequent your site and know damn well there's nothing different about Thai women than women from any part of the world. I've been there and done it. No, I haven't been to Thailand yet, and yes I am 24 (sounds young for a lot of you probably). But I've been from Brazil to the Philippines to Tokyo to Colombia and Cuba and I do admit that from every visit to any of these countries I could write thousand of stories about the fake love..the scams..the whole story about mom being sick, or someone in the family for that matter. Them wanting to marry you just 'cause they make you think you are their Knight in shining armour, a prince and you'll solve all their problems. And always the westerner hopes to offer a helping hand and save them from their 3rd world country way of life. Who you think this is?

If I was inclined to charity I would've joined Green Peace to save manatees. I've heard it all first hand and I haven set foot in Thailand.. Yet. Most of my trips are business deals but there have always been breaks for a little sex tourism to be done from my part. But I must add that the biggest girl scammers come from where I live now, U.S.A. I am not going much into detail of what I do but my father owns a couple of bars and a Titty Joint (Strip bar for those of you who ain't down with the lingo). While managing for my father at one of his strip joints I think I've seen it all. Girls get cars…apartments paid for, houses, diamonds and things the whole nine yards and then some. And always the same procedure – they drop these old gizzards just like a bad habit. The funniest thing is that these cats are not foreigners, they're your common local rich guy which probably ain't been out of the state of Texas. Wish they would run into Stickman's site.

Ohh I got to add this, If you're cheap like Dana, try Cuba where girls will fuck your brains out for you buying them bra and panties or a can of tuna. Talk about being poor. .I'm thinking I am going to be in paradise when I hit LOS.

CBD bangkok

Brazil. Great women, the best girlfriend experience in the WORLD with some of the escort agencies it is always fairly easy. The only thing is crime. Never and I mean never ever lose sight of your belongings.

Venezuela the same with a lot less crime. Same quality of women. Colombia as well.

I'm thinking these guys that frequent your site have never been outside their house and local pubs in whatever land or wherever they are from and all of a sudden they go to Thailand and the fact that there's not that level of prostitution wherever they are from hits them to hard when they go somewhere the opposite like LOS. And it's so odd that these guys consider marrying a prostitute. Go there, live there, learn the culture and the language and marry someone with a background and a future. For damn sure you are not marrying a working girl from your country? So why fly 10,000 thousand miles to marry one who you can't understand. They screw you better, probably not, but the fact that they make you feel wanted! Just because they want a better quality of life makes them do an illusion in your head the she treats you better than women in your own country.

Be a Thai Guy for a split second and come to America. Go to any strip bar, prostitution is not legal in the United States of America except in the sate of Nevada. That's where Las Vegas is but you always find your black sheep in any strip bar that are even willing to give you a blow job in the club for the right price. How do I know this? I've busted girls doing more than a friendly lap dance when I managed one of my father's bars. Anyways even if you offered any of these low class prep school drop out junkies to go back to your country and marry you? She's going to laugh in your face. Why would she flight halfway around the world to do what? When she makes what a Doctor probably earns in a year in Thailand 4 times over just by rubbing mans laps and occasionally blowing or going with a man for a night.

wonderland clinic

Why would she go somewhere to ride around in a scooter or a tuk-tuk when she makes enough to afford herself a Corvette or a Benz?! Or her sugar daddy pays for it? But twist the tables and you got a girl who is not guilty of wanting to live a better life and some lonely souls who can't probably make a right match or the quality of girls they can match, is not nearly the beautiful and petite shape of little things from S.E Asia.

True confession. I almost married a Thai girl. Her parents are Cambodian but she was born in Thailand and eventually moved to the States when she was 7. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever been with and the most damn near perfect but we parted ways and while I was heartbroken I asked my best friend where would I find a girl like that. He said in Thailand. I never really knew that Thailand was hot on sex tourism. Where have I been? But Get ready and keep an eye out for 2 farangs from TEXAS coming to wreck it like it should be done in October. Ohh and DANA buddy you're American you know what PROZAC is. Start taking it.

10-4 Hollar at your boy.

Stickman's thoughts:

This is another of those submissions where I really don't know what to say.

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