Stickman Readers' Submissions June 14th, 2004

Thai Adult Entertainment : A Revisit And Some Thoughts

Why do I bring this up? I guess sharing my observations from my own experiences and some thoughts to Stickman's readers may be a good thing to do. The article is probably intended to adult tourists who frequent Thailand because of their attachments to Thai women of the night, the week, or the whole trip. I am sincerely happy for couples with success stories, but still want to say something for the not so lucky ones out there. One aspect of developing the bar-girl immunization is what I am conveying here.

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I can point out to the very famous adult establishment in Thailand, the soapy massage, bath and then boom boom! It is a comparatively up-scale service due to the high price 1,500-2,000 baht or more for each engagement which lasts about an hour or two. I have never tried one yet due to my commitment to the love between my girlfriend and me. Nonetheless, I've visited these places just to accompany friends who are capable of paying the high fee and love the actions. I just sit there waiting for them to finish while having fun with my Mekong, Sangsom, Singha, Chang etc.. With over 100 girls sitting in a fish bowl for you to pick, it feels like a big meat market, but nonetheless very attractive and persuasive for me to try. I smoke like crazy trying to get my mind off the attempt to try.

If you are in Bangkok and wander a bit off the usual Patpong or Sukhumvit road to Ratchada road (take a taxi), you will be in the heart of this adult entertainment in Thailand. My impression is they tend to cater to Thais and Asian tourists more than Farangs. Some Farangs such as Belgian boys, who posted his adventure of this kind on Stickman's site a while ago, was an exception, though. The reason for not engaging in this entertainment sector for Farangs seems to be that there is not enough communication before doing the deed and Farangs really want to talk. I would argue that if you want to exercise your horny brothers, sons, or Godzillas (as Cent always uses this word), why don't you make it like doing a business. Pick the one that you like, pay the fee and do the action done!. No strings attached, just like a one-night stand, which I assume that many of you have exercised in your own countries before. This will save you from falling in love with your lady of the hour.

My Thai friends and the majority of Thai and Asian punters always carry their business this way, so they don't fall in love with the engaging ladies as often as the Farang counterparts. Is my view making sense at all? I guess you have to think a bit about it, then you perhaps agree with me. I realize that you don' t fly across the world just to do this business in this fashion (without much talking, learning about your ladies of the trip), but it will save you at the end, I believe. Another point is your feeling of loneliness. I bet it can be healed by making friends, who sincerely care about you. You can make friends with bar girls and many of them will be happy to be ones. If you ask for love, beware of the possibility of paying back in some forms, mostly finance, but broken hearts are quite normal in this situation.

I've written for a while without telling you that I'm Thai and living abroad in a U.S. city. I miss home very much. Reading Stickman's site gives me a lot of pleasure and I learn more about the night-life in my home country from a different angle. Now, I have a more moderate view about sex tourists than before, which was quite negative. Well, my first experience of dealing with two particular sex tourists was a bad one. It was back in the early 1990s in the touristic city of Chiang Mai where I went to high school. You know that school kids in Thailand all wear uniforms with white shirts and blue or black skirts (for girls), right? I can' t deny that it can somewhat turn you on sexually, but please keep that dirty imagination of shaking the young girl in uniform with yourselves. To say it out loud can guarantee multiple ass-kicks from the Thais on the scene who see you, hear you, and understand your intentions. It's highly rude and stupid to do this no matter where you say in the world. You don't want your teenage daughters or nieces to hear this from anyone, so keep it to yourselves. You can't assume that Thailand can accept such behaviors. We are very proud of our culture and we welcome all tourists as long as the behave themselves properly regarding our culture and the common sense, period!

A good female friend of mine who, was about 15 years old at that time, told me a story one morning in school that she was approached by two tourists the day before. They were first asking for a direction to an open market or something. She tried very hard to give them a help despite her limited English (well, we were all like that when we were 15). After they received the direction from her, they insisted to talk to her longer. She mentioned another question asked by these two assholes as follows,

The assholes: I wonder if I can see and lick your pussy? Will you help me?

She was lost due to her lack of knowing many English slang words. She probably knew the word vagina, but pussy was not in our school vocabulary. She politely asked them to repeat the vulgar question, and they did over and over again accompanied with their grins. She ended up saying, I'm sorry that I don't understand your question, then she walked away feeling very shy and dissatisfied. I'm sure that she kept thinking about the meaning of this sentence, I wonder if I can see and lick your pussy? many times before asking me.

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Well, I told her what was they saying. I can still remember her face turning red with a shock. It was the first time for anyone to say such a bad and sexual thing to her in public. She is a very nice and lovely girl, and I couldn't help feeling very angry towards those assholes. If I were there, these two would have had my assault and perhaps others will join me if they knew the whole story. It was definitely justified to beat the shit out of those low-life assholes. Several years after that, I asked her again how she felt about this incident, she laughed, then told me that she wrote about it in her college essay and sent it with her college applications. She got in Cornell University in New York,
went there, and she is now doing her Ph D. at UCLA.. I'm pretty happy to know that she was not affected too much with it at all.

I have to end my first submission now. I only make two points here. One is my suggestion to try to conduct your adventure like doing business when dealing with your ladies of the night. Don't create illusions for yourselves. It's quite risky that you will get hurt at the end. Nobody wants to be like Pete in Private Dancer, I believe. The other is an example of stupid behaviors which can cause you great troubles. If you behave like those assholes that I talked about, we will make sure that you get the worst experience out
of Thailand, perhaps we will offer you some quality times at the infamous Bangkok Hilton. Ciao.

Stickman's thoughts:

Always great to get thoughts from Thai readers.

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