Stickman Readers' Submissions June 26th, 2004

Pattaya Medicine

Hi all, most of you will find this story boring, but it is my experience of a small town that has changed my life forever.

My name is Tim, 30 years old I am your average Joe, job, daughter, wife, house and dog.. Until not so long ago my wife came home from work and tells me, hey I'm not happy with my life "I'm too young to be tied down". Well that was only 4 or 5 months ago. In that short space of time my life has gone from having a direction and confidence, to being turned into a blob of shit on the ground. I can't eat, sleep, work and well I can't think about anything important for more than 3 seconds without feeling like I want to cry. It got so bad that 6 weeks ago my mother had to bath me and dress me so I could go to work… I am a grown man for fuck's sake so why can't I manage this situation. I wanted to die, every second of the day I wanted to die…

He Clinic Bangkok

I have a close friend at work whom has visited Thailand 3 or 4 times. He was fortunate enough to find love and is since happily married to a Thai lady. They have two gorgeous little girls. Well my friend didn't tell me too much of Thailand. He only suggested to me that the pain I was feeling would soon be managed and tolerable after the "Pattaya experience". So off I went with one little bag in my hand and a suitcase of miserable pain on my shoulders. I arrived in Pattaya at 3 AM.

I will not go into bargirl theories or ethics or morals. Who knows more or less, but what I found was people, Thai women, who all had stories like mine. I felt like I loved every girl I touched and kissed. I actually laughed for the first time in months. These wonderful people showed me a life that can never be possible where I come from. These angels called bar girls Yes they are sex workers but what I got in return so warm and caring their hearts are magic. I did not fall in love with any particular angel, but they changed me I feel I am now ready for the long divorce battle ahead.

If any of you have friends experiencing difficulties in their life get them to Thailand, give them the Pattaya medicine. They will be as indebted to you as I am to my friend for the rest of their life. I have made it my vow to one day emigrate to Thailand, maybe not a full on town like Pattaya but perhaps a quiet little fishing village along the coast. My door will always be open if you see me drop in for a beer. This is my second day home, my next trip back to Thailand will be in 2 months September.. Time will now go slow for me, I think.

CBD Bangkok

Just a quick note to Stickman, you have created a masterpiece this web site is changing lives and it is because of you that so many people have the opportunity to express and learn of others.. Thanks mate.

Stickman’s thoughts:

I hate to piss on your parade, but be careful… Coming to Thailand with unresolved issues is a recipe for disaster. While I am no shrink, it sounds like you suffered a bit of depression and Thailand helped you forget that for a while. Life in Thailand is not perfect and while it can provide temporary relief, it can just as easily screw you up. Whatever happens, good luck.

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