Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2004

Guest Friendly

By Mr Anonymous

The success or failure of a vacation in LOS may, at times, be strongly affected by an element most Stickman readers worldwide do not begin to envision and, therefore, keeping with this website’s spirit of providing information for averting any
slip-ups I shall devote this posting to that issue, namely:

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Choosing the right (i.e. girl-friendly) hotel and club.

Being an experienced (business) traveler I was quite aware of the need to ensure that my reservation specifically mentioned the arrival of two and, accordingly, always booked a double room while providing two names. What can be simpler, folks? Nothing,
really, but this is Thailand, let’s not forget.

My first encounter with this problem emerged in Phuket. When I came with my barfined lady the hotel guard directed me to reception:

“Sir, you must pay 500 baht”.

“But, why, I reserved for two”.

“Sorry, you must pay”.

I was in no mood for a fight and signed the commitment. It really did not matter because as my short-time lady did not stay for the night, the hotel reversed the charge.

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My real problem surfaced a few dates later in Phuket.

I barfined this lovely, 25-year-old newly arrived gal and took her back to my Karon Beach resort. This being my first trip to LOS I was not aware that hotels are so cheap in the Kingdom and when seeing this beautiful resort on the internet at $80 I was
turned on (just for comparison, folks – the same room at a lovely hotel in the center of Phuket cost me a year later $32).

Anyway, I arrive with the gal and the guard (by now I realized their job was not to guard against the hazard of a bin Laden “visit” but rather enforce an extra buck for the hotel) directs me to reception.

Again I hear that tune: ”You must pay 900 baht for the lady”.

“But my reservation is for two”.


The floor manager was called and he maintained this stand. I was angry but signed again.

Following a memorable night and a lovely breakfast on the side of the pool the girl left and I asked to see the manager (who was absent the night before).

“Listen, sir” I told him angrily while presenting to him my breakfast coupons received upon arrival and clearly indicating meals for two: ”I booked for two and I expect you to reverse the charge. Otherwise, and that’s a promise,
I will write to the Minister of Tourist Authority”.

I was really mad and my face expressed the willingness to fight this issue (as I sure intended to). He checked my reservation and confirmed my two-breakfast tickets.

“Look” he smiled nervously “pay this time and when you bring that same girl again you won’t have to pay”.

“No, sir; you reverse the charge and if I bring her again then I will pay”.

The man submitted in no time and reversed the charge.

This incident somewhat marred my enjoyment yet taught me a few things that I wish now to share with the Stickman readers.

If you plan on strictly visiting the palace and the country’s museums then go ahead and book any hotel you like. However (and I feel that Stickman readers are up to “other” adventures) then you must first become acquainted with an
essential term:

“Guest friendly”.

Almost all hotels in Thailand charge for “guests” and, at times, as demonstrated above, the amount can be quite steep (like the 900 baht – or $23 – per night). Therefore, it is indeed crucial to do our homework prior to departure.

Now, the same applies to bars and clubs.

Tourists are often ripped off in a zillion of ways, either by enormous unfair charges (like the 900 baht I was charged on my first night in Bangkok for three drinks, instead of 300) or by providing you with a girl from whom you are bound to hear “uncooperative”
sounds: “Oh…I no do that…no time…you finish? I go now…how much tip you give?”

I’m quite a cautious guy by nature and really get angry when someone tries to take me for a ride; accordingly, I did extensive research on the bars and clubs scene in Bangkok. Strangely, I discovered only a single place that literally gives you
the following guarantee:

“If you are unhappy with this service – you do not pay”.

Yes, I was also surprised at first but after getting to know the place (Eden Club on Sukhumvit Road 7/1) and its (French) manager, Marc, I understood the rationale behind it all. Indeed, it’s really simple: you get the right girls, train them and
doctrinate them that the money paid by the customers is hard-earned cash for which they are expected to provide honest service. This guy Marc translates “honesty” to mean: ”Leaving the place with a smile on your face”.

My upcoming trip is already booked, with (guest-friendly) hotels and Eden girls to booth. These two ingredients are essential for a lovely and happy vacation in the Land of Smiles.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great advice!

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