Stickman Readers' Submissions June 28th, 2004

Good News Bargirl Story

By Puma

Let’s call her Noi. I was walking through a little shopping street – stores, bars, massage places – in Chaweng, Koh Samui. Noi ran out and pinched me on the butt. I turned around ready to be mad, but her smile was too joyful and her tank top just too full. “You want massage?” I said I might. “You come in, we talk.”

Let me tell you about Noi. Tall by LOS standards. I’d say, about 5’7’’. Twenty-seven years old she told me and that seemed about right. Filled her C-cup bra very nicely. Pretty face and only a couple of motorbike scars.

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She took me upstairs to a big room with mats on the floor and a few curtains. Mid-day, I was the only customer. She helped me out of my clothes, placed me on my back and sat between my legs. Let’s say the massage was localized… focused on a particular part of my anatomy. She asked me, “Boom boom?” and seemed truly disappointed when I said no. We talked a bit afterwards, her English was passable. She decided I had Jai Dee (good heart).

Did I mention her breasts?

Next day, I went back. Barfined her and took her to my bungalow on the beach. She was not shy. Invited me into her pre-shower. Seemed completely at ease. She was a very generous lover and seemed to genuinely enjoyed herself. Always ready for more. She stayed a week. Took what I gave her at the end of the week with only gratitude, a smile and a big wai.

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I learned she had a son living with her mother on the mainland, in a new house, Noi owned. She bought her mother a pick-up. She drove a new motor-bike. She doesn’t smoke, do drugs, drink or gamble. She loves sex and performs like the pro she is. And the boobs!

About a year later, I showed up unannounced at her shop. She screamed, hugged me and then got angry. “Why you not call to tell me you come?” She explained she often goes to Europe to stay with regular customers in Germany and England. And she might not be there, if I come without calling. We had a delightful week on the beach.

A year later, I showed up again. I never called or e-mailed, because I’m very cautious about my personal information. I got the same treatment as before… “Why you not call?” But that didn’t spoil our time together. I ran out of money to give her and said she would have to go. She asked if I would like to stay at her place. She had a nice little room on her own, just a short songtaew ride out of town. Modern place with satellite TV and a western bathroom. I stayed a few days. She’d go to work and I’d go to the beach. She’d come in later than me and we’d have sex in the morning (my favorite anyway).

I’ve been all over Thailand in the ensuing years. Met a lot of nice Thai ladies. Been scammed and disappointed a few times. But I’ve never met anyone like Noi. This year I went back to Chaweng and looked for Noi. At the shop she had worked in, a new girl didn’t know her. Another girl came along and said Noi had her own shop, now, just a few doors down. I walked to the new place with a big new sign over the door… “Noi’s Bar and Massage”. They told me Noi was in England but would be back in a few days.

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I walked away with a big smile on my face – so happy that Noi is doing well.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Everyone has their Noi.

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