Stickman Readers' Submissions June 2nd, 2004

Get Yourself A Good Wife

Anonymous submission

He Clinic Bangkok

For all you guys having bad experiences with Asian ladies or looking for a mate I'd like to share why I think I have the best wife in the world:

. She's Thai and not western.

. She changed my opinion of never getting married.

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. She prepared a traditional Thai wedding ONLY (no hotel party afterwards for showing off).

. We put together both our finances to pay for the wedding and her parents returned the money afterwards.

. She followed me to my home country and started her life again, leaving her family behind.

. She speaks English very well and speaks my mother language pretty well.

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. She has integrated very well in my home country and has lots of friends there (many of them are not Thai).

. She has only four years of age difference with me.

. She's got the same level of education (bachelors degree).

. She doesn't spend too much money, but saves most of it.

. She has very tough negotiation skills.

. She doesn't insist on sending money on regular basis to the family, but only when we visit we donate whatever we want (decision is made together). Most important is that we pay for their health insurance to protect ourselves when somebody gets really sick.

. She used to have several high positioned jobs and earned her part of our income together.

. She is a princess in the kitchen (aroy theesud).

. Together we have the best sex I have ever had, as well in quality (we did the most crazy things so I don't have too many fantasies left that I still had with former girlfriends) as in quantity (at least once per day).

. She lets me have other women (and also sometimes participates with it).

. She refuses to have other men (other women is the exception).

. She shows respect to any other person she meets, no matter from which background.

. She practices Buddhism in a genuine way (as well as by praying as by action in daily life).

. When she was young she never had any toys except a handkerchief of which she made a doll. Thus she learned the value of small things.

. She persuades me to visit older persons in my family ("you will not regret that you did not visit them before they died", which is true).

. She can handle her life by herself and can live independent of me when I am on a business trip, though she not wishes to.

. She is working wonderfully on controlling her aggression when things tend to get really nasty. I must say that she now understands completely that communicating is the right way and she is really calming down.

. She doesn't have a buffalo.

. She prepares my clothes for me every day again and again.

. She looks like a photo model.

To be honest, I've been many times to Thailand and other countries, but I have never seen a woman like this anywhere. I still cannot understand why so many people get fooled. Good women are still available, just don't get stuck with the first one that gives you attention and observe their action in many kinds of situations. Whatever you do make sure that both partners communicate, make decisions together and both agree on it.

The best chance for a good woman is to look for them in the provinces, not in the big cities. The women who work in food shops or cleaners tend to be hard working, though you must communicate with them in their mother language. For receptionists in hotels they normally have the same working attitude, but they also have more education and can speak English.

If you want to have fun go to Nana, Cowboy, Pattaya or these kind of places. Good women for relationships should be found elsewhere, good luck!

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, I think you just made half the world green with envy.

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